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  1. Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    It's interesting, more than 23 years after game release, someone finds something new for me, new trick-bug in my favorite Heretic! I watched this demo and I understood how this happens and that this is the original engine error, another one :) I've never seen information about such wings trick and never paid attention to myself, something like - it is possible to leave "one wings" for the next map (in certain circumstances) in movie runs/demos, it's really interesting... Xindage, did you find this trick yourself or this information written somewhere? I counted your demo time - it turns out to be 6:19 (without E1M8), not 6:16, right? What game engine (or game exe) did you use to record this demo? If by "WR" you mean "world record" - then yes, your time is the fastest at this moment, for E1 speed movie run on Smite-Meister (Skill-4). I don't see the reason - do not allow this demo for Heretic-N and DSDA databases, in my opinion - this is a new trick-bug in the original game engine. In any case, if someone does not agree, then let them say their opinion.
  2. If I remember correctly, D64 Absolution based on Doomsday 1.7.xx versions, where "-maxzone" parameter means how much RAM will be allocated for the port. For example, a later Doomsday 1.8.6 version can use no more than 256MB RAM, for this reason, it makes no sense to set more memory with the -maxzone command. Try this command syntax for 128MB allocated for the port: -maxzone 128m If it does not help, and you again crash: add "-verbose" parameter to your command line, it will give a more detailed log, after crash find Doomsday.out (or Absolution.out) in your D64 Absolution folder, look at it, maybe there you will find a solution to your problem. Or attach this log file here, may be I can help.
  3. Project MAD:Map A Day

    I thought that you would add more maps to the current four, but I understand, of course, that not many people will be interested in this topic. My personal interest here is that this is vanilla Heretic maps, I never liked to play Heretic/Hexen on Z/GZDoom. In your previous wad version I noticed a problem with vanilla engines only on E1M1, but now I see that you have corrected these minor bugs with textures and tags. Also, now I see what did you mean with D'Sparil on E1M4, in the previous version his role on the map was completely unclear. As a result, you've got compact maps with good Heretic gameplay, not very easy skill level (for me at least), in any case, I had a good time playing, thanks! If suddenly you decide to continue - let me know, I have small ideas for such maps, it would be good to make a full episode. But again, I do not think that you will get many feedback for this work... Attaching Max movie demo record in vanilla format for current wad version, maybe someone will be interested. I think it's luck, but for playback this demo do not need limit-removing port, vvHeretic4 or Chocolate Heretic 2.3.0 can be used. But I think, that limit-removing needs a minimum for E1M2 in this wad, where sometimes in the usual situation it is possible to catch the excess for visplanes. hpmPMAD2.zip
  4. Project MAD:Map A Day

    SOSU, I correctly understood that you are work on the one map - one day? Or are you uploading one map per day and the work with one map takes longer? Do you plan that these maps will be fully compatible with vanilla engines (or vanilla + limit removing) or it is not necessary for you?
  5. Misfit demos

    veovisRC, it's just crazy demos, it's just incredible, what you're doing here with Hexen, all on 10 min, oh :) I like many interesting moments: when you can ride on Afrit, spawn Maulotaur and turn him into a pig, also I see, you now easily pass through any bars, threw off a pair of pounds? :) I understand - it's speed, speed with tricks, ok, but how about normal records, in which it was shown progress on each map, you are not interested in it? Cleric and Mage demos it would also be interesting, the situation will be different for these characters. Deathkings of the Dark Citadel addon have good 3 hubs, do not forget about him. In any case, these are very rare demos, I'm glad that this demos in vanilla format. I know that you know - almost no one will watch them, but be sure - I always watch, because I'm interested. Thank you for this material, for your rare interest and time!
  6. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Of course guys, I know well that this project is oriented on ZDoom's ports, but for my personal reasons I use vanilla engines for play this maps, which of them is possible for vanilla or limit removing ports. HexenMapper About 'During the Ceremony' we talked with BeeWen some time ago, but then this map was in E1M1 slot. Now, when map used E2M8 slot we get an interesting and unusual situation for vanilla engines: main boss on the map is the Maulotaur, not D'Sparil. If player kill all Maulotaur's - he also kill all rest monsters and 1/2 D'Sparil (Serpent), heh. Further, if fight with D'Sparil, he can spawn Disciple's and then D'Sparil die - all his Disciple's die too. Then this map in E2M8 slot it generates something like a double boss kills for rest monsters, it's fun and interesting, in my opinion, I do not see here any problems with gameplay, even vice versa - for player possible different strategies, which is good. BeeWen not used 666 tag here, for this reason, there is no confusion with too early opening the exit if Maulotaur's die. I do not know how ZDoom's works with this map, but I'm sure that you know this better.
  7. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    I see that E1M6 by Jon is not working now on vanilla engines, in the alpha version this map worked normally on Heretic+ and Crispy. Noticed the mention about tag 666 in txt, I'm not sure if you still need this information, but in original Heretic - tag 666 works only on ExM8 maps and depends from the episode. Iron Lich can be the boss with working tag 666 on E1M8, E4M8; Maulotaur on E2M8, E5M8; D'Sparil on E3M8 (as in the original iwad). It's easy to check, if you move E1M6 to E1M8 slot - the exit sector will normally down to the floor after the all Lich'es death. Death of Iron Lich bosses on E1M8 not kill the rest monsters, on E4M8 - kill. Doomsday works correctly as the original game in this part, for this reason, this problem is obtained for this port.
  8. Misfit demos

    Heh, how did you find this place? I'm wondering - what is this, a map or game engine error? Some time ago I was able to watch a coop demo by JCD & Ch0wW, where they do many similar tricks and go through the whole 5 game hubs in 16 minutes. I understand, find such places on maps and use them - probably interesting and fun, but I do not know - what are you guys doing? Why so mock our game? :) You record this demo on Chocolate Hexen 2.3.0? If this is important information for you - Chocolate Hexen is not fully compatible with the original game, sometimes you can record a demo which can only be played on Chocolate Hexen. It is better to use Hexen-Plus for movies and lengthy records. Another, seven years old example, where Andrey Budko passes the third hub in 2 minutes. Oh, poor Hexen ... hub3_AndreyBudko_147.zip
  9. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    In this place you can omit the column, so that the player does not get stuck. Use 'kitty' is not necessary for E2M4.
  10. Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    In this txt's you're also too lazy to write your nickname completely? In previous EP1,3 you wrote - veovis, in this - veo. For any database is bad, if one person has a different nickname. How it will be correct? :) Now, record table for SM speed movies - full by veovis! It's hard work, I know it. Periodically I also try record speed movie for EP5, not yet successfully at the moment. Just like an idea: according to the Heretic-N rules - movies can contain a minimum of 2 completed maps, so far no one has recorded a EP6 movie, I wonder why? E6M1 and E6M2 completed maps, E6M3 does not contain exit, then, for first 2 maps - possible record a small EP6 movie! heh... Also, if you record SM speed demos for 5 secret maps - it will be full SM speed Heretic by veovis! Only E6M3 will remain, where possible record only Max with savegame tic in demo. I watched this demos and noticed one interesting technical detail on E5M7: veovis slightly thicker than JCD! See for yourself - JCD it easily passes through the bars to the blue key, but to veovis needs to help himself with a Phoenix! For me remains a mystery - from where the Heretic engine can know about it? I searched in source code and did not find anything about 'thickness of players' :) Great records, thanks for uploading!
  11. Misfit demos

    I agree that for Hexen 'Skill 4 Speed + Class' will be better than 'WL speed' etc., otherwise it will be really a lot of obscure categories. Hexen is not very suitable for recording speed demos for single maps, from the original iwad's there are literally several maps suitable for this, but for hub's movies, PWAD's speedruns, etc. - the situation is much better. In any case, Hexen demos will be rare, even compared with Heretic. In 2014 Opulent recorded demo-pack for Hexen, I've been watching these demos on Hexen+ since then - he did an excellent and difficult job, also very rare! Some time ago, Opulent also sent me more complete archive with Hexen demos, I looked at their, this collection motivated me and now I have one more hobby project :) I looked all Hexen demos from this collection and in general I represent the situation, if you need any help about these demos - maybe I can help, now I have some information.
  12. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    Impie, Reject this is not a marker: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Reject You can find enough information about Reject lump, if you're interested. Many modern source ports do not use it, but Reject is important if you are making a map for the vanilla game or for vanilla-oriented ports like Chocolate/Crispy Heretic or old source ports. If you remove Reject lump completely - vanilla/chocolate/crispy Heretic will not be able to work with this map. Your latest version of the map compatible with vanilla or Chocolate/Crispy Heretic? Because if not and you focus only on ZDoom, then Reject lump is not important for you.
  13. Chocolate Doom

    Chocolate Hexen 2.3.0 (Win32): 1) Deathkings of the Dark Citadel. For me not possible to launch DM map 36, Chocolate go to quiet crash without visible errors in stderr.txt or stdout.txt. Vanilla Hexen normal open this map. 2) I discovered for myself the problem of the original game and Chocolate Hexen. For example: I'm -warp on Map 7 and Skill 3 from command line -> if I die on first map (without passing the first teleport) -> player always reborn on Map 1 and Skill 1. If I'm -warp on Map 1 and Skill 3 from command line, die on first map -> player always reborn on Skill 1. This is happens only for startup from command line, because if run game on skill 3 from main menu and die on first map -> player normally reborn on Skill 3. In my opinion, for this reason, two bad situations are possible for Chocolate Hexen: - player warp on Map 1 and Skill 3 (any skill > 1) from command line (used some PWAD's, for example) -> if he die on first map, player may simply not notice that he continues to play on skill 1; - not possible record correct first attempts demos (FDA), where the deaths of a player is common, including deaths on the first map. I see that Hexen+ resolve this situation, if warp on map from command line -> Hexen+ always forces creation of temp save game (base and reborn slot) and if player die on first map -> engine will use this reborn slot automatically and player always reborn on correct map and skill. In my opinion, it would be good to fix this moment in Chocolate Hexen.
  14. Heretic Upstart Mapping Project [RELEASED]

    In 2 maps by BeeWen and in map by Impie I see zero length REJECT lump. I would like to know - for what purposes is it necessary or any of the source ports it requires? Which map editor creates such map files? Zero length REJECT lump will be a problem for the original Heretic engine + limit removing, especially for demo recording/playback. BeeWen, about an hour I tried to survive on the 'During the ceremony' and I succeeded. I like this map, thanks.
  15. Misfit demos

    Hexen 1.1, Map01, Mage, vanilla demo format: No monsters - 0:52 Pacifist - 1:07 Speed (skill-4) - 1:00 Speed (skill-5) - 1:03 Max (skill-4) - 3:11 Max (skill-5) - 3:24 For file names I use the classification from Heretic-N, well suited for Hexen too. kraflab, how do you think? But Hexen have 3 players classes, each class has its own skills names, for this reason I'm not sure how to name speed and Max categories for the database? For NoMo and Pacifist fits good, but other categories - need to think... If try to name it the same way, then for Mage: skill-4 'Warlock' and skill-5 'ArchiMage', then the names can be: WL speed/Max and AM speed/Max :) It's not very important of course, but it's good to come up with a classification for Hexen too. Respawn/Nightmare category will be empty, I think, because of Hexen specificity. As well as Max - a very conventional category is obtained, because Hexen is constantly respawn monsters during the game. Hexen01Mage.zip