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  1. PVS

    Chocolate Doom

    kb1 We have been sitting for almost 20 years now, drinking coffee and quietly analyzing each variable and line of code and sometimes we say - here it's bad and there was something strange, right? Of course, for iD it was a job that needs to be done as quickly as possible and make money. Similar hard-coded limits, as here, if sum it all together and wish the stable work of the whole engine - this may well be needed for the hardware of the 90s, not? Chocolate Hexen 1. Sometimes there show funny screenshots, I will also offer a small puzzle game for Hexen guys :) The question is which of the choco screenshots below are not correct? Hint: there is only one correct screenshot and this is the original game bug. You can see it yourself if you run the game and just watch 3 demos in the main menu demo loop. 1 2 3 2. In Chocolate Hexen 2.3.0 added suppot multi-levels demo recording resulting in the following problem, which noticed and suggested to me by Opulent. It can be reproduced very quickly, it takes 2 minutes, start record demo with the following line: chocolate-hexen -warp 11 -skill 4 -class 0 -record DieTest -demoextend After appearing on map11 the teleport will immediately be behind you - enter in it, after the teleporting to map7 - stop recording a demo. Now repeat the record with the same parameters, after the teleporting to map7 - engine kill you? Further, it will kill you constantly, with any number of attempts to record demo with these parameters. In this example, I use the map11 specifically, because here the teleport is nearby and you can test very quickly. But it will happen on any map and it needs to be fixed. I think, this kills happens because the engine did not delete the needed reborn/base slots from last session in savegame folder at the beginning of a new game session and at the following starts - engine tries to use these savegame files, which is not correct. Also, this only happens for recording and timedemo processes and never happens when start a new game or playback multi-levels demos. To fix this possible if call G_StartNewInit() before G_InitNew() in G_RecordDemo() and G_TimeDemo() functions in G_game.c, ie do the same as now doing G_DoPlayDemo(). This will force the cleaning old savegame files in the save folder. I tested, for me now everything works correctly.
  2. Guys, map E2M5 does not work on Heretic 1.3. Any hidden construction: when copy of the player object is placed, the floor under it is scrolling - do not work on the original game, because actually the player object does not move anywhere and does not activate the necessary linedefs, this is Heretic ZDoom trick only. For this reason, the pyramid puzzle on this map will not work on any vanilla engine, player is stuck there. But this is not the main problem with this map - it also leads to the engine crash in one place, and static limit removing does not save this map, because it also crashes Crispy Heretic version. Crash without visible errors, but I think - it's something with the renderer side. SOSU, can Skeletonpatch optimize his map for the vanilla game? I'm pretty sure that he tested it only on ZDoom.
  3. PVS

    Chocolate Doom

    I noticed that this is a modified Heretic function, which removes the original 20 sectors limit. I've already tested the options: if add simple condition if(!h) or full copy of P_FindNextHighestFloor from Chocolate Doom - in both cases the function works equally well and returns 'currentheight' for such non-standard situations, which are associated with small errors in the mapping, of course. But I see such situation already on 2 maps now, where Chocolate Heretic works incorrectly while Heretic 1.3 no have problems. It is absolutely incredible coincidence, but today when testing something else on another engine - I saw a warning from Heretic P_FindNextHighestFloor about 21 sectors in floor raise action, I remember the comment in your Doom source that the critical number of sectors is 22, if more - original engine crash. It became interesting to check this, I started to add sectors in the editor and check the work on the vanilla Heretic. My result for this map is 24 sectors, the engine is working fine, 25 or more - crash. Maybe someone will be interested in this information.
  4. PVS

    Seeking Heretic gameplay collaborator

    If your goal is vanilla Heretic maps or vanilla + limit removing - I could try to help, if there is still a need. In any case, I hope that you can finish this project, it will be a sadly if the vanilla Heretic episode will not reach the release.
  5. PVS

    Chocolate Doom

    Chocolate Heretic Function P_FindNextHighestFloor in p_spec.c contains an error: in an unusual situation, when other->floorheight == height or other->floorheight < height - the taged floor starts to move high into space, trying to reach the defined value INT_MAX. In vanilla Heretic floor in this unusual situation remains at current height and does not move anywhere. I found this moment when recorded a vanilla demo on another engine and tried playback it on Chocolate Heretic 2.3.0, demo go to desync on Chocolate Heretic precisely because of an error in this function. As an option, it is possible to add this condition from Chocolate Doom: I think this will fix the situation, but I'm not sure, it's probably better to use a full copy of P_FindNextHighestFloor from Chocolate Doom or another solution. I can not use github guys, for me it is possible to give information only here, if it is necessary for project.
  6. I'm glad to see that such a large number of people decided to participate in vanilla Heretic project. I hope, that each will get your own satisfaction from this process, even if there are few feedback, as always. riderr3 You got a good Heretic map, but I have real problems with it - I can not learn it! I spent a lot of time on this map, reached more than once to the exit and on the idea - I should know it well, but it does not happen for me. Every time, after the beginning and some progress the same thing starts for me - where am I? where do I go next? Where did I come from? Oh... This is only my problem, of course, but this is some kind of magic map :) For a long time I could not find the secret in the rock, I hated this, but after I found it - I liked the map more, heh Map have good gameplay, lights, mechanics, midi track, I did not notice any technical problems. Couple of funny moments, like a dancing Warrior on teleport and strange appearance Weredragons near the blue key, I noticed this and smiled, thanks for that. I'm attaching a couple of my max demos in vanilla format, maybe you'll find it interesting. Also guys, if somewhere in another place, maybe on Discord or elsewhere, you recorded demos in vanilla format, if possible - give links here too, I would like to see any Heretic demo records in vanilla format. prsmelt-max.zip
  7. PVS

    Chocolate Doom

    Of course, Hexen 1.1 is checked first, although I remember it well. I realized that this: in choco Hexen now works by default the map development mode. As far as I can see, the DevMaps command itself and this mode was thrown out from the choco Hexen source, but in mn_menu.c -> MN_Responder() - check F12 key has remained as part of this function, therefore it now works in all modes except the netgame. It is necessary to remove F12 check from MN_Responder(), it is not needed at all, in my opinion. F12 spy key should work only in netgame coop / coop demos, that now works normally, in single player / demo modes - spy key should not work completely.
  8. PVS

    Chocolate Doom

    Chocolate Hexen Strange behavior when press F12 spy key: in a single player game and when playback/recording single player demo - engine resets the player to the beginning of the map, only in netgame modes F12 work correctly. I see this problem on the Chocolate Hexen 2.3.0 and also on a very old version from 2010. Need check the operation of F12 spy key on the current version of the engine, I can not check it myself.
  9. galileo31dos01, all original Heretic demo recording limits (128Kb limit, multi-levels, dies, etc.) have been expanded in Chocolate Heretic 2.3.0 (2016) and higher, need add -demoextend command line parameter, example: chocolate-heretic -file Tyrant.wad -warp 1 1 -skill 4 -record MyDemo -demoextend Thanks for pacifist demo: your time 2:11.11, this is magic, because I have exactly the same time in one of my demos! What Chocolate Heretic version did you use here?
  10. In vanilla Heretic, the Firemace always has a 75% chance of spawning. Like a lot of things in the Raven games, this was done Because Reasons. Of course, but if you working in editor over your map - you can control some points from this "75% chance" for firemace in one constant for game engine situation - when map started for the first time. Further need a more deeper technical conversation, which will be a problem for my bad English, but if you're interested - I can try. In any case, you will need to spend your time to test this moments and see it yourself, not relying solely on someone's words. If I work on my map and add firemace - I want the player to get it, this can be easy controlled by changing the number of things on the map, this will change the overall map random factor. When map is almost finished I always check that firemace appear on all skill levels (easy, medium, hard) when map started. When player dies, press space and reborn - this is other situation and it is impossible to control map random factor in this case. For this "Tyrant's Tomb" map I add around 10 wall torches and firemace began always normally appear on skill-4,5 when map started for the first time, as well as on easy and medium skills. In any case, this is not a very important moment, but only a small technical question, and of course, I'm talking only about original game and fully vanilla compatible engines in this case. I see, that ETTiNGRiNDER have some small optimizations for the cooperative mode on this map. I'm ready to test this on Chocolate Heretic 2.3.0 if someone makes me a company. Also, we can record some vanilla coop demos, this is my personal interest :)
  11. ETTiNGRiNDER, thanks for vanilla Heretic map! Like other your maps - this one also I liked, the map itself and some new textures are good. Gameplay on skill 4: as before, your strategy is to complicate the life of the player - to deprive him of ammo and artifacts, well... I personally never realized why the maps authors are so worried about complexity and are trying to reach it in this way. In Heretic I need my weapons, ammo and artifacts, I need this all at once to destroy these bastards monsters from all sides, this is a game, not a sniper school. Many times I read how the people say that in Heretic is bad: that monsters drop ammo, that Mage drop tome, Lich drop egg, etc, - all this breaks them (the map authors) - balance. When the Mage gives me a book - I'm smiling, I understand, that game engine is trying to help me, I take this book and beat these monsters on your map, I'm happy as a child at this moment! I do not understand why it's bad - it's good, I'm playing a Heretic game! But when I do not have ammo, because I missed a couple of times and did not hit, there are no artifacts - it's a sadly gameplay... Balance on the map is always important, but not through player limit strategy, this is just my opinion, I understand, that many Heretic guys will disagree with me. A few small moments that I noticed on this map: - secret area with chaos device contain 2 secret sectors (2in1 secrets); - some wall torches far from walls; - areas near green key very dark; - firemace does not appear on its spots on skill-4,5 if map started for the first time. Possible try changing things quantity in steps of about 5-10 (any things: monsters, ammo, lights, decorations, etc). It would be good if map P_Random allowed to appear firemace on any skill levels if map start for the first time. Also, there are very few ammo for firemace, why? I'm not sure, that this my demo records in vanilla format will be interest to someone, but I recorded them for myself, in attachment: first attempt, speed (skill4,5), pacifist, max (skill4), nomonsters. I would be glad to see any demos in vanilla format for this map from other Heretic guys! ETTiNGRiNDER, you made another good map, I played some interesting hours on it, thanks! Tyrant-PVS.zip
  12. PVS

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    It's interesting, more than 23 years after game release, someone finds something new for me, new trick-bug in my favorite Heretic! I watched this demo and I understood how this happens and that this is the original engine error, another one :) I've never seen information about such wings trick and never paid attention to myself, something like - it is possible to leave "one wings" for the next map (in certain circumstances) in movie runs/demos, it's really interesting... Xindage, did you find this trick yourself or this information written somewhere? I counted your demo time - it turns out to be 6:19 (without E1M8), not 6:16, right? What game engine (or game exe) did you use to record this demo? If by "WR" you mean "world record" - then yes, your time is the fastest at this moment, for E1 speed movie run on Smite-Meister (Skill-4). I don't see the reason - do not allow this demo for Heretic-N and DSDA databases, in my opinion - this is a new trick-bug in the original game engine. In any case, if someone does not agree, then let them say their opinion.
  13. If I remember correctly, D64 Absolution based on Doomsday 1.7.xx versions, where "-maxzone" parameter means how much RAM will be allocated for the port. For example, a later Doomsday 1.8.6 version can use no more than 256MB RAM, for this reason, it makes no sense to set more memory with the -maxzone command. Try this command syntax for 128MB allocated for the port: -maxzone 128m If it does not help, and you again crash: add "-verbose" parameter to your command line, it will give a more detailed log, after crash find Doomsday.out (or Absolution.out) in your D64 Absolution folder, look at it, maybe there you will find a solution to your problem. Or attach this log file here, may be I can help.
  14. PVS

    Project MAD:Map A Day

    I thought that you would add more maps to the current four, but I understand, of course, that not many people will be interested in this topic. My personal interest here is that this is vanilla Heretic maps, I never liked to play Heretic/Hexen on Z/GZDoom. In your previous wad version I noticed a problem with vanilla engines only on E1M1, but now I see that you have corrected these minor bugs with textures and tags. Also, now I see what did you mean with D'Sparil on E1M4, in the previous version his role on the map was completely unclear. As a result, you've got compact maps with good Heretic gameplay, not very easy skill level (for me at least), in any case, I had a good time playing, thanks! If suddenly you decide to continue - let me know, I have small ideas for such maps, it would be good to make a full episode. But again, I do not think that you will get many feedback for this work... Attaching Max movie demo record in vanilla format for current wad version, maybe someone will be interested. I think it's luck, but for playback this demo do not need limit-removing port, vvHeretic4 or Chocolate Heretic 2.3.0 can be used. But I think, that limit-removing needs a minimum for E1M2 in this wad, where sometimes in the usual situation it is possible to catch the excess for visplanes. hpmPMAD2.zip
  15. PVS

    Project MAD:Map A Day

    SOSU, I correctly understood that you are work on the one map - one day? Or are you uploading one map per day and the work with one map takes longer? Do you plan that these maps will be fully compatible with vanilla engines (or vanilla + limit removing) or it is not necessary for you?