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  1. PVS

    Did Hexen-Plus break savegames?

    I don’t remember any problems with savegames in HeXen under DOS and Win9x. In Hexen-Plus I remember that sometimes (or always) he could not correctly load savegame in the first time in one work session, but if try load it again, then - it always load normally. ETTiNGRiNDER I tested Hexen-Plus it according to your scenario - and have the same thing as I wrote above: any first load in work session - is fails, but second load and further - always normal. Main savegames Hexen-Plus create correctly for me, but in the first load he does not correctly copy savegames in working slots 6 and 7 and for some reason uses them? Which is not clear. This may be a consequence of the undocumented fix in Hexen-Plus (or this is happen by accident): fix the original HeXen -warp command. When, for example, you use -warp 07 -skill 4 -class 0 and die on this map07, then HeXen do reborn always on map01 and skill-1, because forgot create a working savegame slot for -warp command. If use -warp 01 -skill 4 on unknown map and die on this first map - possible even not notice, that game now on skill-1, after reborn, heh In any case, need to ask Hexen-Plus author, of course, what exactly he changed regarding savegames, but I doubt he remembers anything about this.
  2. I have all files that you indicated, but thanks for your attention anyway. No need to bother Danij, I doubt he can have the old sources that I'm interested in, he joined in project later.
  3. Redneckerz My late reply. It's always sad when something comes to the end, to tell the truth - I didn't follow that site with Doom Compet-N, but I kind of was sure that it was all right and active, but it turned out that he wasn't. I also didn’t know that in recent years on Compet-N site there is a copy of the Heretic-N base, and thanks guys for keeping it available. Heretic-N also ended a few years ago, because there is no separate base for it. The last Heretic-N archive was supported by JCD, if I remember correctly, it is somewhere from 2014 to 2017, and him database was a little newer than on current Compet-N site. In my opinion, Heretic-N should be left in memory in this form, recording according to those rules - only Vanilla and vvHeretic, any source ports (even DOS ports) are not allowed. All my public speedruns are recorded on source port, so they can't refer to Heretic-N base. If somewhere it is indicated that my demo is vanilla, then this is just a mistake, because in all my txt files I indicate - what demo is recorded on port.
  4. If anything requires PM - of course, you are welcome! After Doomsday 0.99.6: there were about 3 test versions marked as '1.0 pre, DTest2', the last one was from December 29, 2000 - I have this sources (and you already gave links to them, above). Doomsday 1.7.6 and above - I found, these are not needed. But for release Doomsday 1.0 (2001) - up to version 1.7.5 (2002) - I could not find any sources. In any case, if you found something old and rare for this project (sources/releases), so that you do not waste your time - you can just send it to me, I'll take a look myself and figure out if there is something interesting. Heretic128/Hexen128 - interesting marking, why 128? heh. I looked, by readme - it was compiled with increased main constants only.
  5. Hey, I don't do anything for support newer Windows, you are mistaken, if you think, that my versions will work better on modern systems, I'm work on old PC - for old PC, only. jDoom 0.82: not have DeHacked, this parser was developed later, you can orientated on dpDehRead.dll in Doomsday packages. Publish a copy of the 22 year old original project, just because I rebuilt it - it's not right, I won't do it. If I make any my own changes, new functional vs original, not just changed 2 lines of code, then, I can show it, even if it still remains - an old program for old PCs. I hope you understand me correctly. I did not quite understand your attention to this: "separate binaries" or "turn into dll's". From the beginning, Doomsday project had the same structure: the main engine Doomsday.exe (which provides interaction with OS) and auxiliary modules, including the games themselves. SkyJake started with Hexen, maybe the very first jHexen versions, from 1999, was a separate exe, not sure, but by then he added Heretic and the last one Doom, it was this project structure - the main engine and dll's. For several years he published games separately jDoom/jHeretic/jHexen, but in fact, these releases differed only in game dll inside, everything else was the same. These releases were labeled by game dll version, not the main engine version, for example: jHeretic 0.93 release had 0.93 jHeretic.dll version, but main engine was 0.99.6. After was developed a new launcher, that could launch all three games by choice - releases included 3 games inside, and they were marked according to the Doomsday.exe version, not game dlls inside. This has always confused people, I know, heh. In any case, you gave an interesting excavation of Doomsday project history, very specific. If in your searches you will find old project sources, starting from version 1.0 (2001) to 1.7 (2002) - I would be grateful, I did not find it myself, Internet did not save them, heh
  6. PVS

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    sounds great, but now there is only a text file in the archive, DSDA can playback this? You do not rush, check what you are sending at least, heh
  7. PVS

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    LadyMistDragon In your archive Skill-3 max on 7:17, attached the wrong demo? Black Plague - this is Skill-5. In any case - not bad!
  8. Thanks to Yandex, that still keeps my files and screenshots, although they are not available to me with my old PC, they remain available to people, heh My jHeretic Infine and Bias Lighting examples do not required special engine builds, they are for original Doomsday. Infine demo-base script worked since version 1.7.11 (2003) (if I remember correctly) up to 1.10.4 (2013), but after 1.8.6 - demo recording/playback in Doomsday was broken, in later versions - blocked for this reason, and use this demo base script example in newer versions - does not make sense. If Bias Lighting is dropped in 1.12.x means, that this my definitions may work from 1.9.0 Beta1 (2005) to 1.12.x (201?). Why did these 2 little addons catch your attention? Much more serious mods/addons has been done for Doomsday 1 than these, heh. As I said above - "Doomsday time machine" not available even for me, these couple of screenshots with her launcher - that's all that's left, but you already found this yourself. I did not erase it of course, a lot of my time was invested there, I hope that folder with this "Doomsday time machine" is alive on one of my archive disk, but I have not been interested in that for a long time. jHeretic 0.93(se5) I have nothing to show there yet and don’t even have a CHANGE LOG, what are you asking about. There only "programmer side changes", I don't remember what is there "user side changes" at all, last year I worked only with Hexen. When I make new "user side changes" in Heretic, I will show this version, for your collection. I didn’t say anything about old jDoom, I meant this old Doomsday 0.99.6 project in general, it includes main engine (Doomsday.exe) and all child modules, including game dll's: jHeretic 0.93/jHexen 0.99.6/jDoom 0.82, this was the structure of this old project. jDoom 0.82 could be of interest to me if it was compatible with original Doom, but in fact it is not, a lot of desync's when playback demos. I spent a lot of time trying to find incompatibilities for this old jHeretic/jHexen, but for jDoom this is not necessary for me. I compile jDoom 0.82 sometimes, just to make sure I don't lost forever this child dll, to keep it compatible with the updated main engine, for which small changes are required in jDoom part, but this is again - only "programmer side changes", not "user side".
  9. You're an archaeologist, how did you manage to find this?! heh. Answer your main question: this was my hobby modding for Doomsday, which I did just for myself for many years, and simply because it was interesting. I never planned it as a project that someone needs and is interested in, I never completed it, even to the stage that I planned. I haven't seen these screenshots for many years, and I'm not sure if I still have the folder with this hobby. I didn’t upload this anywhere, it’s just not necessary, you look at least by the numbers - screenshots from 2013 with 2003 engines versions! heh What it was: I called it "Doomsday time machine", it was a collection of all versions of the engine (really, lots of), from ~2002 to 2013, that worked together with the same addons packs. There were also many addons, old and new, that I collected. Everything was controlled by this launcher, where you select the engine to start and possible options for this engine, everything was automatic. A lot of addons had to be reworked, mostly scripts, to isolate conflicts between new addons and old engines, and even vice versa - old addons with new engines, for this reason there are a lot of these labels - edition, PVS, etc. I rebuilt some old engine versions for myself, yes, in order to fix some errors there that have tormented me for many years, but it really was a couple of small fixes, I don’t even remember which ones. JHeretic Infine, 1.0: it was internal engine base (used Doomsday Infine script feature) for my demos in Doomsday format, where was some primitive menu, sections, pages with categories, info, etc. You pressed the navigation buttons, chose the desired demo and push "play", all demo dependencies (pwads, modes) were written in the script, nothing need to be remembered how to play this demo, everything was automatic. If you search on youtube by JHeretic Infine - you can find my video, how it worked, half a year ago - video was still available. Bias Lighting: a very interesting thing that I found in the engine by accident, sorting through the console commands, although this feature has been in the engine for a long time. After start Doomsday, you can go to the internal light editor, turn off all map sectors lighting and in realtime in game - make your own, new and colored lights, save this mini-mod in ded-file and then use it as an external addon. In fact, such lighting turned out to be very dependent from engine version, engine settings and addons, all this is arranged differently for each user. When I saw what guys have with my Bias Lighting examples, I realized that it was bad, not nice, but it remains possible to make such map lights for yourself individually, which I showed in those old screenshots. Bias Lighting appeared in DoomsDay 1.9 Beta 1, remained working in 1.10.4 (2013), what is the situation with this functionality in newer versions and in the modern Doomsday 2 engine - I don't know at all. Vanilla compatible Doomsday 0.99(se) - remains my main hobby so far, but I don't working with it regularly, quite rarely. jHeretic 0.93(se5) - I just up version, after I gave you se4, so that they differ, there are not many changes and I don’t remember it, to be honest. jHexen(se) - still not ready to show even for you, if we are all, will still be here - you will be the first to know about my super version for Win95-XP. I hope, I have answered all your questions. But in any case, thanks for these screenshots, for me they have not been available for a long time and even cause nostalgia, heh
  10. Nomo - very clean, speed - very fast, max - hm... Mikolah made the highest whirlwind-jump I've seen, kmc made 600 attempts (I noticed that Iron Lich from E3M1 died, he was very old for such intense action). Thanks for the good demos guys and happy birthday Heretic!
  11. I knew that you would solve this question, thanks for watching and helped! Sometimes I record test demos on the original exe's and always suffer, because often, this 10 minutes limit is not enough to reproduce all details and behaviors which I need. At the moment I need this for Hexen Retail Beta, where I found this demobuffer on offset 587BA, 02 replaced by 0F, which will be about 960K or ~1h20m (if I'm not mistaken), which is more than enough. Recorded 2 demos in 30 and 40 minutes long, everything works fine, heh. About Hexen -nomonsters: I was hoping that you would understand my example, but maybe - this is a little deep in Hexen mapping. I tried to say, what to make the normal -nomonsters mode in Hexen - it was necessary to spend additional time on this task when developing the maps themselves, which was not done in IWAD maps. I also did not see this in pwads, many of which are also not possible to finish in -nomonsters mode. But this is easy enough, which I tried to show with this small example.
  12. NY00123 Stupid question: in Heretic/Hexen demo recording is limited in 128K, in G_RecordDemo hardcoded demobuffer as 0x20000 size. I'm wondering - it is possible to find this hex value in exe and increase it? I'm looking for an easy way to increase the recording time for DOS exe, unsuccessful at the moment, heh About Hexen -nomonsters mode, what we talked in demo topic. Under "IWAD maps not have normal -nomonsters" I meant - that this is not a problem of Hexen engine, as in Doom/Heretic, this is a map design problem, i.e. only the map authors. In Hexen possible provide -nomonsters support very simply - through ACS scripts, even not need modify map in the editor, but the author must take care about this, what didn't happen for IWAD maps. If you are interested - look at this small example: one room, one monster and a closed exit. Monster (Ettin) contain a special action - lower the floor (open the exit), which is executed when he dies. In normal game you kill this monster, he executed its special action and you can exit from map. I'm care about -nomonsters on skill 1-3, but ignore it on purpose for skill 4-5, to simulate the situation, as it sometimes happens on IWAD maps. With -nomonsters on skill 1-3 - you can exit from this map, on skill 4-5 - your fate is stuck here forever, heh HexNoMo.zip
  13. PVS

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Hi NY00123 HeXen demo topic is here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/94942-misc-heretic-hexen-demos/ I'm not sure if I understood you correctly on github, but you think - that the most used DOS HeXen 1.1 version was an old 1.1-1? Why do you think so? I think the new and latest 1.1-2 version has been used more. Anyway, this A_SoAExplode error in 1.1-1 HeXen - is a very specific, I do not think that someone caught this moment in -nomonsters mode before. The source ports are based on the original Raven sources and cannot contain this error, but even if someone recorded -nomonsters demo on old 1.1-1 DOS exe and catch this moment - he will definitely notice that something is wrong, because monsters should not appear. In any case, I'm sure, -nomonsters demos with monsters are not allowed, such demos cannot be in the database, they don't have sense, we have latest and fixed 1.1-2 HeXen version for speedruns. HeXen not very suitable for demorecording at all, because has a completely different game and maps logic vs Doom and Heretic. For example, IWAD maps not have normal -nomonsters, because many actions such as open/close/lower doors/walls etc. - activated by monsters itself and not executed. For this reason, in IWAD not possible finish no one hub in -nomonsters mode in normal way, somewhere player gets stuck and cannot go further. Most likely, the only one HeXen -nomonsters demo with monsters - was recorded by me and attached in your thread as a demonstration of this error in old game versions, heh
  14. PVS

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Archi Good maps and Max'es, I really like staff Tyson on Arena, unusual strategy, thanks!
  15. PVS

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Kokrovan According to the old Heretic-N rules by Vincent Catalaa for E6M3: "Speed demos are not accepted for this map. Nonetheless, demos are accepted for this map on the following categories: Smite-Meister Max and Black Plague Max. As it does not have an exit, it is required to save the game when you think you have killed all monsters. The save game tic will be the valid exit time." I don't think that today there is a need for a save tick in demo on this map, especially since it is dangerous to overwrite important player saves when playback demos with save tick inside (this behavior should be blocked by engine, additionally). If Crispy/DSDA Heretic can timing the unfinished demo without exit (I cannot test it in practice on these ports, so I don't know, if they can or not do this) - I agree to use the end time of the demo itself for MAX'es on E6M3. But in any case, we must have something definite and that can be measured in demo file, i.e. save tick in demo or full demo time. But thanks for E6M3 run anyway, my log for your demo: