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  1. PVS

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    All the best times! Very high quality records, thanks. Now ZeroMaster in Heretic demo-table, it seems to me what skill-4 too easy for you, maybe skill-5 it would be more interesting? heh There has never been much difference in ExM1-ExM7 vs ExM1-ExM8 routes, just until last year there was not a source port or lmp utility that could accurately show the time on Heretic M8 maps, for this reason time was taken only for ExM1-ExM7 and M8 was optional. This is the same tradition as measuring movies time without milliseconds, which sometimes gives a difference in 5-7 seconds for 8-9 episode maps, I'm not sure - is it still used in Doom movies? It seems to me that in D2all for 32 maps the difference can reach 20 or more seconds, which is already a lot.
  2. PVS

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    I read your comments in demo txt, of course, I just gave my little opinion about UnBeliever maps. Vanilla Heretic maps - this is easily, for example, here is a small initial list, by author's: Ken Phipps '98 - '00: Dark Mountain, Dark Mountain II, Desert Crypt, The Forgotten Portals, Shadowy Forest, Burial Ground https://www.doomworld.com/idgames//index.php?search=1&field=author&word=Ken+Phipps&sort=time&order=asc&page=1 Jeff Weisend: GULAG '97 (E1M1-E1M5) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/heretic/g-i/gulag Jeff Lillie: The Master's Domain '97 (episode) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/heretic/m-o/mdomain1 Stephen Clark: Shadowcaster '02 (episode) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/heretic/s-u/shadow ETTiNGRiNDER '12 - '18: Coven, Valley of Saints, Mountain King's Domain, Tyrant https://www.doomworld.com/idgames//index.php?search=1&field=author&word=ETTiNGRiNDER&sort=time&order=asc&page=1 Also, you can watch this still unfinished episode, several authors: ENDQUEST https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/119871-endquest-episode-for-heretic-beta-v2-now-available In the third post you can find ENDQSTv.7z, finished vanilla + limit removing version of this maps, archive also contains my vanilla demos for this episode, maxes, although these are not speedruns, but not slow either. There are big and not easy maps, some demos are an hour long, heh Some maps in this list required limit removing, but I'm sure this won't be a problem for your port.
  3. PVS

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    More vanilla Heretic/HeXen demos are always good! heh But in my opinion, if demos recorded for pwad's - we can talk about this maps, a little, at the same time.
  4. PVS

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Sure, this is the right place for Heretic pwad's/misc/etc demos, also for all Hexen demos, but it is better - if also give a link to pwad, so that it is easier to find it. I remember - I looked at these maps before and I didn't really like them, sometimes maps very short and nothing interesting happens, sometimes they just teach how to play the game, use artifacts, etc. 'layer: Eric Claus' - hm?...
  5. PVS

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    You are working on Heretic episode? This is interesting, if your goal is vanilla compat or limit removing - then of course, I can help, but more on the tech part, let me know, if needed. We are not alone, why? Most of the guys can be found in the 'WADs & Mods' section, not many people are interested in demo recording, not many interesting in original map's format, but many are interested in modern game mod's, I mean, what Heretic/HeXen guys are here, you can find them, if you want. HeXen demos in DSDA already have Fighter/Cleric/Mage class marks, don't you see? In my opinion this is enough, there won't be many HeXen demos even in comparison with Heretic, because the game hub-system is not friendly to demo recording according to the classic rules, it needs its own/additional rules. Fingers of one hand will be enough to count those who record vanilla HeXen demos seriously, so it's good that we have this section in DSDA archive at all.
  6. PVS

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    I haven't looked yet, but I'll try to guess, what - wing-trick used, heh Anyway, 7 minutes of real time gameplay - this is good, I like long demos, thanks
  7. PVS

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    An interesting version of the Phoenix-jump, but what happened at the end? It looks like you go to drink coffee and forgot to stop recording demo, heh
  8. Thank you, for this hobby, not many good vanilla maps for Hexen exist, in recent years - this is quite a rarity. Small question - what parameters did you use for ZokumBSP for this Hexen maps? I was interested in this nodebuilder, as an alternative to my current ZenNode. On LoLu0, LoLu3 I recorded vanilla demos with a total duration of about 10 hours, did not notice any problems with compatibility, all demos are played normally on DOS exe's and vanilla Win ports (maybe this information will be interesting to someone). P.S. NaNoHexen 2019: I'm stuck during the transition from 18 to 19 map, I see funny messages about map re-init by F12 key in single game, but nothing helps, heh. Map init by F12 key individual behavior of Chocolate Hexen, I'm pretty sure what this is a bug. Original engine does not knows nothing about this behavior and I do not see options for reset player's inventory in this way. If you are interested in this moment, check it on vanilla game.
  9. Sure, especially since the "perfect" for each person is different. Also, you can add more monsters in coop, replace the weak with stronger ones (since at least 2 players in game), add more weapons points, even more action and drive, as a result - you can get a completely different gameplay vs single version, will have 2in1 in your wad, decide youself, heh Do not forget 'Mystic Ambit', this artifact is special for coop.
  10. Coop, I can only advise on the basis of my experience: main - several players need more ammunition and artifacts, possible add them on maps with coop flag individually to isolate them from single game, also people play coop for fun (as optional) and often die foolishly, after reborn map does not reload and need that players able to pick up something and not run empty. HeXen coop not very optimized even in iwad, initially does not imply the normal ability to start coop (also as a single game) somewhere in the middle of the hub, normal gameplay is possible only from hub beginning, there is nothing we can do. Puzzles moments even in iwad maps sometimes provoke players to act only together, which sometimes turns out funny and stupid, this is "normal", heh. More optimized coop is only possible if it is planned as soon as the maps begins developed, so don't waste a lot of time on it now, when your maps are ready, just let it be possible to try coop as it is. Also, I never paid attention to what the nodebuilder thinks about more quantity of things, pay attention to this, especially for map-2, where you are close to the 65K blockmap limit. Map-4: I still can't get into this Defender area, don't see anywhere where you change sectors height with tag 34, only switch that you already have in this area and only serves to exit from it works with this tag. But okay, since you are sure, then I don’t see something somewhere, but it seems to me that this area is not available on this map.
  11. Stuck? Need to climb on the blue key pillar and jump out in window from this pillar, not need ever Chaos Device! This is interesting and funny author idea , I like it, heh. Before, when this map was in M3 slot (if I remember it right) - this small puzzle (which makes you think) it looked fine, but now for M1 - this is maybe a bit unclear, I agree. Egregor Give me specific maps and things numbers, where Chaos Device (and also - Mace? as far as I understand) represent problems in your opinion, I do not remember any problems there at all. I will look at these maps again, will give my opinion more precisely and, if necessary, I will help. Maybe I just forgot the details, because it was for me over a year ago. In my opinion, Chaos Device should not be used as the only and obligatory option for the player's movement, this is not a correct mapping. It should be used only as an auxiliary option for player: quickly move to beginning of the map, return from the end to the start, but only if player want it. In my version - no one Chaos Device is required to complete map, I don't remember this, it would be not correct.
  12. For me, Chocolate 2.3 go in crash with 'Bad V_DrawPatch' error after your last finale screen, for you - Chocolate 3.x not crash? This is strange. I think you can try to cut a little piece from your custom FINALE3 image (2x2, 8x8, experimentally) and use it for CHESSC, CHESSM, CHESSALL, no one will notice this dot, heh. Engine place CHESSALL on x=20 y=0, CHESSC & CHESSM on x=60 y=0 in 320x200 coord's, but I have not tested this option on practice, but it should work. Better leave CHESSALL, because I wanted to ask you - why you decided not to do coop? Add coop starts, weapons and a little more ammo and artifacts on maps, with coop flag individually - this is one evening of work, but I think, your wad will play interesting in coop, why deprive him of that? Or is it because, projectiles from several players start to exceed engine limits on this maps? For limits, there are Hexen-Plus (DOS), Crispy/Russian Hexen with limit removing/risings, this is not a problem, in my opinion. Map-4: how to get in area with Defender artifact? This is sector 890 in version 3, I can't figure it out looking into the editor and ACS, reveal this secret. Maybe you lost this area? Last question - why hub zero? hehe
  13. For me it was a very unusual and long journey, played it three evenings in a row, I don't know how the guys here went through it in a couple of hours, I played more than 6, without hurry, hehe. In my opinion - this is more a puzzle wad than an intense action, but it created its own atmosphere, I really like it. Most memorable map in the night forest 'Haunted Overgrowth'. There are also many interesting and funny scripting moments: how a large gem is stamped into a small one just made me laugh, puzzle with light on map-3, with big gems on map-6 and final lift scripting effect turned out very unusual. Alper002, as far as I understand, you set a goal not to exceed the limits of the original engine? I can't even imagine how long it took, I have never seen such large sectors and areas in vanilla HeXen. I specifically tested the first 3 maps on a DOS engine, it was playback my 1.5 hour vanilla demo record on CHexen, which no has limit removing/risings - everything went without crashes, impressive, I was sure that on map-2 a crash should occur, heh Also, I used the first LoLu0 version on a fully vanilla compatible port and did not notice any technical problems, all maps works fine. Some small errors with key door on map-4 and big gems puzzle on map-6 you have already corrected in next version, as far as I can see. But you still have one bad moment, if you're interested: image replacement CHESSC, CHESSM, CHESSALL is not correct, vanilla engine checks and tries to load them as images, they cannot be zero-sized, which leads to the crash with error 'Bad V_DrawPatch' on the final screen. If you really need to replace FINALE3 image, then you need to replace these CHESSC, CHESSM, CHESSALL also with your images, I don't see any other options, because this moment is hardcoded in vanilla engine. Thanks for your hobby and time spent on this wad, I'm glad what vanilla HeXen now has these interesting and long journey!
  14. PVS

    Heretic demos (non-demopack and NM)

    Like M8 beginning with 1HP in E1 movie, and with this 1HP - you jumping on lava? You're crazy lucky! heh. Some of single demos - you got with smoother turns, that's good. Yes, you have chosen a difficult task, with this category ... JCD, what rules do you use for NM100S? Single level demos - have normal/secret exit slots? In movies - secret map required necessarily? And - where is E2M1, forget it? heh
  15. What's wrong with chaos devices and firemace? I don't know, but this absolutely normal original things. Mace can shoot from around the corner, I like Mace for this, where else can be found such weapon! heh Two boats at the beginning - it was an atmospheric episode start, if now this map go in M4 slot - ok, but it would be interesting now, if copy this boats in M3, where at the end player must sit into these boats and sail to M4 on them. Even better, make these boats as a feature of the entire episode, where player will cross between maps using these boats, and maybe at the end of M8 - he will find a large ship, and this will be the ending quest? he-he, just a couple of ideas. M9: I remember, when I played this map for the first time - I hated it (with a smile, of course, not seriously), I understood, that map author had set a task for me and I just couldn't complete it, heh. But in general, here you have an interesting idea, the whole map is built on these wings, this is unusual. When I was able to complete your task - I was satisfied. I recommend - do not touch the current M9 wings balance for hard, possible add some more wings for medium and easy skills, it will be ok.