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  1. Silikone

    Redundant palette entries?

    Any examples of optimized custom Doom palettes?
  2. Silikone

    Redundant palette entries?

    I've noticed that there are a few indexes in the Doom palette that are identical. This is ostensibly wasteful, and there could have been more room for diversity of color without them. Is there a particular reason for this, like some kind of performance optimization for accessing adjacent bytes during rendering?
  3. Silikone

    gif of e1m1 rendering?

    This makes me want to compare the frame rates directly between Doom and Heretic, and see how consistently this 10-15% performance gain applies.
  4. Silikone

    Shotgun minimum damage and RNG

    I made a small program and can confirm that I get the same results with the set amount of calls. It should be easy to check how many calls are actually made in-game. Compare the RNG index inside the A_FireShotgun function before and after each P_GunShot call, and then dump those numbers somewhere. I'd try it, but I don't know how to set up Linux Doom, and I don't know if a nice sourceport like Zdoom follows the same RNG rules.
  5. Silikone

    Shotgun minimum damage and RNG

    If that's the case, I wonder if a schutzstaffel can survive a point blank shot.
  6. Silikone

    Shotgun minimum damage and RNG

    Very interesting. But the 45 being for non-foes (or is it?) only makes it pointless, so why is it in the Doom wiki graph? when exactly are the different amount of calls made when you hit an ordinary enemy?
  7. Silikone

    Shotgun minimum damage and RNG

    So the shotgun's damage can vary a lot due to the randomness of each individual pellet, but as the RNG in Doom is very limited with its single byte array, the actual total damage is probably far higher than what would be the minimum had the RNG been perfect. If I am not mistaken, the engine would shift the array by one for each pellet in the shotgun and assign them damage calculated by the entry in the array, unless there are some things in between like trajectories. With this in mind, it should be possible to determine what the lowest possible damage by one blast is. Any clues?
  8. Silikone

    gif of e1m1 rendering?

    So what was the benefit of using triple buffering in Doom? Why did they go back to mode 0x13 in Heretic?
  9. Silikone

    Doom UAC Edition

    Why 5 different Doom games?
  10. Silikone

    Multiplayer pack retail

    Is there a way to identify Doom retail packages that include the pre-order bonus? I know that RAGE had the pre-order edition of the game on the shelves long after its release, so maybe the same could happen with Doom?
  11. Silikone

    Not enough love for id Tech 6

    Id Tech 5 ran perfectly fine on my 8800, but DOOM struggles on my GTX 760.
  12. Silikone

    Id Tech 4 VS Starbreeze

    Looking at the console, it even has variables that look like something straight out of Id Tech. It's a shame that the engine is so poorly documented. I would so much put Riddick assets in Doom 3 and vice versa to see exactly how the graphics pipelines differ.
  13. Silikone

    Id Tech 4 VS Starbreeze

    How are they inferior? They pretty much work the same way with the exception of self shadowing characters in Riddick. It's true that this causes artifacts, and shadow mapping suffers from a similar problem with flickering edges on steep angles, but no self shadowing at all has its own ugly moments.
  14. Silikone

    Id Tech 4 VS Starbreeze

    It is. This is from the original 2004 release, which honestly looks better due to the lack of post-processing.
  15. Silikone

    Id Tech 4 VS Starbreeze

    I always liked the engine of Doom 3 and the things it did that are still considered novel today. However, after playing the 2004 version of Riddick, I can now easily see the shortcomings of Doom 3. Both games look very similar, and they were released around the same time. Riddick came first, though its PC version arrived later. Both games are powered by engines that almost appear identical. Indeed, they use many of the same algorithms, and they both run on OpenGL. However, comparing both, Riddick seems to have quite an edge. Characters are less blocky, self shadowing is enabled on everything, textures are sharper at the cost of being compressed, it has dynamic bloom, corpses don't disappear, and there is even soft stencil shadowing that had a way larger hit on performance than it was worth. Was Id Tech 4 really inferior? I certainly don't doubt that John Carmack did a lot of optimization magic. What is the secret behind Starbreeze's development?