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  1. tomthecrazzy

    Looking for a mapping Job

    ok why not a library???? could be neat.......maybe.
  2. tomthecrazzy

    Need voice actors

    my sister is good at it too and can imitate high pitched voices and i bet given time i could do a good eggman and she happens to like involving herself in things artistically (she can draw really well)
  3. tomthecrazzy

    doom needs swords!!!!!

    ok well i didnt know how far this would go but ok maybe axes and swords "per-say" wouldn't be doom like but what if you could use those torches all over some maps not only for light but as an awesome melee weapon and maybe a tech sword of some type with an electric effect that stuns some enimies and you could also fight a hell knight and maybe stand a chance
  4. tomthecrazzy

    doom needs swords!!!!!

    hey i dont know if there are any addons for d/d2 that have swords or axes bows or spears (bow aside i know about ghouls forest) i would love to make a few maps using this type of weapon format
  5. tomthecrazzy

    Your Favourite Map Style

    has any one used the brutal doom with maps made with Nazis? it could be fun to make a wolfendoom with a good story.
  6. tomthecrazzy

    Need voice actors

    lol!!! i totally blanked on that one....
  7. tomthecrazzy

    Resident DooM

    also you may have to change up some weapons like the chain-gun (i would like to see a flamethrower in its place!!!) and add the second pistol being the colt python....
  8. tomthecrazzy

    Weirdest Stuff You've Ever Made.

    void was weird in its own way, and by its own i mean good
  9. tomthecrazzy

    Need voice actors

    i can do impressions and funny voices like Arnold Schwarzenegger cartman from southpark and Mr garrison, macky the crusty the clown hu hu hu ha ha!!! cristifer walken (cant for the life of me spell his name right) and doctor rockso the rock and roll clown!!!!
  10. tomthecrazzy

    Resident DooM

    gotta say good idea i had the thought of making a doom survival horror and may i suggest the use of photo realistic sprites for the zombies using costumes with a green screen or clay models/plasticine molds and don't forget the classic music score!!!!!
  11. tomthecrazzy

    [Gzdoom]Daydream Hell - WIP

    you should find a way to have a far away shot of the castle as to see it before you enter. and i must say great work we need more castles
  12. tomthecrazzy

    Looking for a silly wad

    the SKYMAYBE is crazzy good (trust me i know crazzy!)
  13. tomthecrazzy

    Your Favourite Map Style

    is it just me or does me think that there needs to be another SKYMAYBE style maps (maybe just me) but more playable........
  14. tomthecrazzy

    What are you playing now?

    holy crap i played the duke nukem addon and that same night whats on the tv d n forever WOOOOOOTTTTSSSS!!!!!!!
  15. tomthecrazzy

    doom and fear

    true strength and speed must be modified in order to have the corresponding effect for example scare the crap out of you and give the feeling of suspense....