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  1. If the camera thingie was left on the map, wouldn't that trigger a P_SpawnMapThing: Unknown type %i at (%i, %i) error in vanilla Doom?
  2. Doom without visplanes
  3. In a demo from the Doom 1.6 Shareware where John Romero plays cooperative with someone, you can see a rare bug where a demon gets a direct hit from a rocket and takes no damage at all. I forgot to say you can even wallrun against some diagonal walls in vanilla. Since Doom's P_SlideMove is buggy, you bump erratically against most diagonal walls when you try to slide along them, like if the wall was made of small orthogonal walls, so it remains rare because it's not really noticeable since it only works at specific angles. IIRC, I was able to fix orthogonal wallrunning by removing the check for things that move too fast in P_XYMovement, but it made the player glide smoothly against diagonal walls, so diagonal wallrunning became more noticeable as it worked everywhere. The bug is in P_SlideMove, it moves the player twice for some reason.
  4. Some images in the Doom Movement Bible don't load. Thread: Link to broken pictures: grab.gif ... A directory seems to have been moved.
  5. I just found out that PrBoom Plus (latest version has worse wallrunning than vanilla Doom. You can wallrun in both direction against a wall that's straight on the Y axis or X axis. In vanilla Doom, you could only wallrun toward the negative direction of the axis.
  6. On TNT map29 - River Styx, the lava doesn't damage you. It's the first time I ever notice this. I though my IWAD was corrupted at first, because it was so unexpected.
  7. Yes, unless someone finds an issue with it, but it all seems good. Please use the version attached here (I made some changes to the exit room and also corrected wrong textures on the rocks):
  8. There is a French Wikipedia page about Paul Radek. (no other languages)
  9. Amazing, it sounds so good in the YT video, but how exactly do you set DMXOPTION?
  10. Paul Radek was contacted and he agreed to release DMX under the GPL after he's cleanup the sources. Hope this will actually happen.
  11. Interesting... That's a weird sound to choose for a temporary Lost Soul death sound. Seems like it was forgotten while Doom was in development. When modding for Doom, I found out that DSOOF is used when trying to open a key locked door, but DSNOWAY seems more appropriate. DSOOF is for when the player falls.
  12. The HOM could be a node builder error: I'm going to fix this. Anyways, it bugs me not to be exactly sure. I had the name "meat factory" for my map, but I'm totally open to a better name. Fixed version @Xindage: I hope I won't be tempted to modify this map ever again. I'm a perfectionist and I made a dozen of small changes this week.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm doing a map for FreeDM and there is a HOM on it. At least, when I play with Chocolate-Doom. The wall has the correct sector reference and it's one-sided. All I have to do is to move one of the vertices (vertex) of this wall to fix the bug. I don't know why it happens, maybe a bug in the node builder? I have tried ZenNode, DeepBSP and BSP-W32 from the Doom Builder config. They all give the same result (are they based on the same code?). Chocolate-Doom : Download: Thanks
  14. There's a HOM here on my map. Can any one explain why it shows up correctly in Doom Builder, but not in Chocolate-Doom? Chocolate-Doom: EDIT: I only have to move a vertex of the wall a bit and it fixes it. Weird. It may be a bug with Doom Builder or the node builder.
  15. I made a few changes to take advantage of the latest textures that were merged yesterday. The rocks were changed and also the brown textures at the back of the tree (they looked flat and blurry). The floors over the rocks also have a texture that matches. Download: <-- 122KB map It can't be submitted to be included in FreeDM yet because there are visplane overflows and I get over the segs limit. EDIT: Fixed version with visplane overflows removed. I had to simplify some areas :( or make them less visible from other places. The game can still go over the segs limit, bug it won't crash vanilla Doom and I made sure the HOM were not visible. The vanilla engine is not very optimized, some segs are hidden and it bothers computing them. A visplane overflow can still happen at someplace if you jump, but I don't know any source ports where you can jump that are not limit removing. I made this map too much detailed for vanilla Doom, but now it's fine. 106KB is still huge for such a small map.