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  1. axdoomer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Low-poly mesh of a kangaroo head You must be from Australia obviously
  2. axdoomer

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Wallrunning doesn't work in Doom v1.1 (North-South and East-West walls), except for some diagonal walls for which it's the same as Doom v1.9.
  3. axdoomer

    Does anyone remember Assault Cube?

    I tried Assault Cube back in 2015. There was a package for my Linux distro back then, but I think the game was buggy and I didn't have anyone to play with. Anyways, every time I try a new game, I get bored and come back to Doom.
  4. axdoomer

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps 2

    Hi HAK3180. I did a map for the thread "You have 30 minutes to make a map". It was made for Vanilla Doom, tested in DOS, Chocolate-Doom, PrBoom+ and QZDoom, so maybe use Crispy-Doom. You can find a description of the map and my thoughts about the design here. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and there's an optional secret behind the blue door. Please use the following version: ax90min.zip and play on Ultra-Violence. The name of the map is The Great Escape (replaces MAP01 of Doom II). Thank you.
  5. axdoomer

    Vanilla-compatible pistol with sliding frame

    The frame where the slide is completely back doesn't seem to appear in the gif, but I see it in PrBoom using the mod. I think the animation that we see in the gif looks better than the actual one, because the barrel doesn't appear at the 45 degrees angle when shot. When I think about it, I see why the Doom developers may have removed those frames. Other weapons have much less recoil. I don't know if it's normal to have that amount of recoil for this type of pistol.
  6. axdoomer

    Doom II - 25 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective

    It's cool that he showed it running on one of his old PCs. The first time I ran Doom was on a Pentium II 333Mhz, so I never saw Doom struggling to run at a normal framerate on real hardware.
  7. axdoomer

    You have 30 minutes to make a map - post your results!

    I'm late to the party. I tried some maps, I think they are 30MINDynamite, whew30min.wad, QuickTech.wad, 30min by Marlamir, 30minssw.wad, crimson_nectar, 30MinutesOfFlesh_S01, Phil30mins, 30minmapbyGal, Dormir, SlackerDash, Seine_St_Denis.zip, Beach_Cleaning, 30mgruul, Not So Nukage Tech?, Bière and Base of Dang. Those that I can remember are: whew30min.wad because it made good use of heights. Even though the map is small, it feels much bigger. 30minssw.wad: I liked those crates at the middle of the map. I always love maps with crates. (I took some inspiration for my own map) 30 Minutes of Flesh: I had an intercept overflow while playing in Vanilla Doom, I either used the BFG too much or there was too much Revenants. I had a hard time finishing this map, it was hard. 30minmapbyGal: I tried to pickup all of those BFG. I took me a lot of time to learn that it would always release the Arch-Viles. Dormir: Great small map. I died a couple of times. SlackerDash: Impressive map even though it took 45-60 minutes to make. I like the use of the layout and rising floors (It gave me an idea for my own map). Reusing geometry and creating new paths using rising floors is something that I like, it's even cooler when the player doesn't expect it. I didn't expect it because it didn't let me think that those areas would have to be accessed at some point the way, at all, or the same way that I thought. Seine Saint Denis: I had a hard time finding the exit. I used cheats because I would always die while trying to find the exit. I decided to do one because I don't have much time to map, 30 minutes is reasonable. With all of these great maps, I though I could do the same. After 45 minutes, I didn't even had a map that worked yet. It only had two monsters, the exit area could not be reached and some lines were tagged with the wrong action. I took another 45 minutes to complete (put the monsters in, weapons, finish the exit area and secret area, fix linedefs actions). Gladly, everything worked when I tried it out! This is probably the third time I finish a map that I started. I don't have much mapping experience, but I think this is a good map. There are three things that I though about when planing this map. The end result is different from what I though I would/could do, but still, remnants are there: Lighting: I didn't make use of lighting levels a lot, except in some areas that I wanted to be dark. Darkness also hides default textures, which is a good thing 😃. I used it to hide threats (not only monsters). Heights: Different heights rises the perceived map quality (so it doesn't feel like Wolfenstein 3D). It makes the spaces appear bigger and more interesting when used correctly. Layout: I wanted to reuse gameplay area so the map would be a little longer. The player has to go many times though the central area of my map. It's like a small hub and use of heights (like stairs) makes the map last a little longer. I also release more monsters in the center of the map at some point so it makes the fight last longer. Use of strategy: I didn't think about this one, so this is an accident. Ammo is a little scarce, but there are a lot of different types of monsters on the map. They are placed in ways that you can easily get them to infight. Optional path: There is an optional path on the map. If the player finds it, he will get access to a secret area. My map is named The Great Escape. It takes me around 2m15s to finish the map on Ultra-Violence. I tested it in Vanilla Doom on DOS. I also took the time to add some new music and a new title screen after I was done. There's also a story: You wake up in a cell. There are some strange breathing noises. You feel a pistol in your hand and ... (you make the rest of the story). The map is hard, but I still suggest to play on Ultra-Violence. The other skills have nothing but less monsters. Once you are able to escape to the central area of the map with enough health, the rest of the map should be easy. 45min.wad is the unfinished map after 45 minutes. 45x2min.wad (~200KB) is the final product after 90 minutes. You should play the final product, but I left the unfinished one if you are curious to see how much I had done at 45 minutes. Try it out: ax90mins.zip. There are also some demos in the .zip file. If I get a demo from someone else playing my map, I'll be every happy.
  8. axdoomer

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Skulltallica #2.
  9. I made a repo on Github. It's in the cloud forever now. https://github.com/AXDOOMER/ipxsetup_xttl
  10. Hi PurpleNerd! Try this one out 😃. It works with the Plutonia IWAD and the map is MAP15. It's not an easy map and you may need to be conservative with your ammo (make use of monster infighting, but watch out though, there's not a lot of health either). Try to find the secret exit without cheating if you can. Fountain of Youth.zip
  11. axdoomer

    DOOM Retro v3.0.5 (updated October 11, 2019)

    It would be cool to see it implemented in a Chocolate-Doom derived port.
  12. axdoomer

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @Linguica What's gonna happen if you remove these two lines of code (618 and 619)? If this is what causes elastic collisions, it makes it look like elastic collision is there on purpose so you don't enter into the walls.
  13. axdoomer

    Things about Doom you just found out

    In SEGA 32X Doom, the teleporter makes the gun pickup sound when teleporting.