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  1. I contributed to the Linux Kernel (although the contribution was very small). I like to be involved in the free software community, I strongly believe it helps people have a better access to information technology and it makes the world a better place where people can learn, because knowledge is important.
  2. I'm using Firefox ESR 45.9.0 on Debian. I've switched from Chrome to Firefox since version 45 where they added Electrolysis (the thing that makes Firefox multiprocess). Older versions of Firefox were slow, especially with videos and the amount of tabs that I open at the same time. Chrome ate all of my memory, I find that Firefox is less a memory hog than Chrome and web pages load faster. I'm only using two addons: uBlock Origin and Video DownloadHelper. I have removed Flash because it's a total cancer. I can't wait until Flash ceases to exist. Firefox had a lot of catch up to do for the last three or four years. Back then, I had a lot of memory leaks, crashes and the browser was slow. Mozilla is rewriting their browser in Rust which will make it faster and more secure. I have a lot of confidence that using a better programming language will make the browser better.
  3. Term limits would probably mean that the corrupted assholes would be replaced more frequently with other corrupted assholes. I don't believe this is a good solution, except if you run out of corrupted assholes. From reading my post, you can guess that I have lost faith in anything that touches the government for a while. I have become a libertarian. EDIT: I agree with this. I believe people should vote for a person instead of a party. This way, you also get rid of the political polarization.
  4. I like those Steam reviews. EDIT: Uncompressed image
  5. As a Canadian, I could tell you a lot about the disadvantages of a public and free healthcare system. On the main subject, I would like to say that the fight for Net Neutrality in the US is very important not only for the US, but also for other countries. Most of the world's Internet traffic goes through there and if the country starts slowing down traffic or blocking some website, it will affect Canadians and customers from other countries as well. All you need to do to fix the problem is by letting the free market sort out the things, because there's too much government regulation that prevents competition which drives the price higher. It also prevents you from changing your ISP because there's few or one of them by area, so you can't change your ISP to protest what you disagree with. It's just like health insurance where you have barriers that prevent insurance companies from competing which each other between states, which is why healthcare is not affordable. Obamacare didn't fix the problem, it just put more money into the lobbyist pockets. Seems like your government is always working against you.
  6. That's sad. I will always remember his song "In the end, it doesn't even matter...". RIP
  7. I don't really like Quake (I find it brown and the architecture is boring), but I've seen custom maps that are so incredible that it makes me want to play.
  8. Wouldn't it be great if trees were like that in real life? I always find very bad physics hilarious.
  9. What happened yesterday? I was reading a thread and when I tried to navigate somewhere else, I got this. I tried to connect to Doomworld and got a "502 bad gateway" error. It happened at 7h24PM. (To make sure you get the exact idea of the time, this was on the 13th and I'm UTC-4)
  10. I've opened a new bug report, but I'm pretty sure zero-length REJECTS are impossible to emulate. Let's see if at least adding this to Heretic and Hexen is going to improve something. I could help emulating small overflows, when the REJECTS is missing a little bit of data.
  11. I guess the way the demo desyncs has to do with the OS, just like there it's possible to use magic values in Chocolate-Doom to emulate the behavior caused by memory overruns from badly constructed donuts in Doom. The default magic values emulate DOS 7.1 (Windows 98). Others would know more than me about this, but I don't think behaviors caused by zero-length REJECTS are possible to emulate. I'm reading the DoomWiki and it says: "For demo compatibility, Chocolate Doom and PrBoom plus attempt to emulate this behavior on small overflows by predicting what would be in memory after the REJECT lump, but it is nearly impossible to do on larger overflows, and many demos on maps with very short reject tables would desync even in vanilla Doom."
  12. They don't bother optimizing their games, because why? It costs money for them and *you* can just buy a new graphics card. Instead of optimizing their games, developers give you an option to lower the quality of the graphics. On older games (like DOS games and early Windows), developers thought it was important to run the game on as many computers as possible to reach a broader audience. Now it's like they don't care, because you'll buy the game anyways.
  13. At least status updates are not being abused by attention whores or people who post pictures of their food before they eat.
  14. Psychology professor Jordan Peterson is very interesting to listen to. I recommend his lectures, which are very educative and easy to understand, to everyone. You can find him on Youtube. He also likes to talk about postmodernism and a variety of other entertaining subjects.


  15. Yeah, but if they don't desync the same way in both engines, it means that Chocolate-Heretic is not emulating Heretic.exe correctly. The point is, it's OK if they desync (the desync won't be fixed), but they must desync the same way in both engines. I took a look at two of yours demos. They will desync the same way when played back on the same engine, but they don't desync the same way that they do on Heretic.exe when played back with Choco. Sometimes the map errors that cause this are invisible. There could be corrupted data inside the PWAD that makes an overflow, etc. I suggest you open an issue on Github where people will discuss about this issue.