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  1. Someone ported Chocolate-Doom to a thermostat.
  2. Thanks. Your memory doesn't suck. Doom v1.2 used the blockmap to trace the line of sight, meanwhile Doom v1.9 uses the BSP in a way to find which subsectors the "trace" goes into. I have read that going through the BSP nodes is one of the slowest things in the engine. They probably have changed it since the v1.2 code could cause a intercept overflow causing the all-ghost bug. However, the newer code has a small bug that causes the monsters to see the player through walls.
  3. DMX stands for Digital/Music/Effects. I found a few emails that were sent to Paul Radek, most of them complain about bugs, mostly with the GUS card. This make me remember the time when I was playing Doom v1.2 and there were some random sounds that got played. A Imp would get alerted and I would hear the Spider Mastermind alert sound for a fraction of a second, though deformed in a way that it wasn't really recognizable. That was really strange and made Doom more scary... At least DMX works fine with GUS in Doom v1.9. It could have been worse, the sounds in Duke Nukem 3D play twice when using GUS. IRQs > 7 don't work, but the bug is caused by DOS4GW (the DOS extender). The Apogee Sound System (used in Duke3D and ROTT) was also affected. Full list of emails sent to Paul Radek by John Romero or Dave Taylor here:
  4. What's the name of the function where the monster sight happens? I want to go and check that out.
  5. Are they still better than the current maps? If you believe yes, then they should be pushed into FreeDM. When we'll replace them, they will be put into the attic, so at least they will be saved for history.
  6. Nice map. Do you use any ZDoom or Hexen specific features? Else you could make it vanilla compatible.
  7. I'm a perfectionist and I find none of the maps that I have made perfect, so I prefer not to map.
  8. Whether it's net neutrality or the free and open Internet, the US is not the only place where the Internet under attack. In the U.K. "the government intends to introduce huge restrictions on what people can post, share and publish online" (source) I feel like governments all over the world want to regulate the Internet in order to push their political agenda. It can be so that big corporations make more money or putting charges against you if you don't agree with their neo-liberal or neo-conservative ideology. The conservative government in the U.K. banned some kinds of pornography, in Canada (where I live) they have voted for legislation that's going to make it impossible for people to share "there are only 2 genders" memes without being threatened with discrimination charges because it hurts some people's feeling. These are very ideologic and I think it's wrong to restrict what people can believe or can do. They are trying to suppress opinons of people who don't agree with them because they are convinced that somehow they are doing good. One of the reason that has made the Internet successful and profitable is the lack of legislation regarding what people can or can't do on the Internet. On Facebook, you can't say whatever you want, the admins may block your access to your account if you share many controversial opinions that are not aligned with neo-liberalism. They are more concerned about what you say and think and trying to block you from expressing your opinions than removing kiddy porn and videos of people being killed from their awful website. Here's a map of the health of the Internet in different countries:
  9. @RjY You're right. I just modified my source port so I could move around when dead and I saw this. I thought I had discovered a new bug.
  10. Sorry for the double post. Here's a video of what I am talking about:
  11. I've seen it in NUTS.WAD a few times, but I was never able to reproduce it elsewhere.
  12. The Arachnotron can keep shooting at a dead monster's corpse.
  13. Is the VGA emulation hack that reduces the color quality of Doom's 8-bit color to 6-bit precision for RGB values still in there? It sure has an impact on color quality.
  14. Very good map. I thought it was easy until I saw the next series of keys. The monster infighting was really helpful, particularly on UV because the different monsters had more health so they could beat the crap out of each other a little more.