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  1. It should have been tagged with the "block monsters" flag by the author to avoid this issue.
  2. If you use your imagination, you're correct.
  3. PETA is a joke. They are known for making alarming statements and publishing 30 years old videos of animals being exploited in the third world. This is not reality today. They also cherry pick their sources. You can't trust people who get paid by an organization who has a pro-vegan agenda to do research without it being biased. That's exactly like paying an oil company to do research to see if oil is dangerous for the environment.
  4. Carbon taxes don't work. Carbon emission trading does. The difference is that the carbon tax system taxes companies based on the carbon pollution that they generate. That doesn't work very much. The system that works best is the carbon emission trading, where companies compete with each other to produce less carbon emissions. Companies that create more carbon emissions have to buy carbon credits from companies that create less carbon emissions, that way companies that reduce their carbon footprint get money. This is much more incitive and makes companies reduce their carbon footprint faster. This have been proven by studies, though some countries decide to go with the ineffective carbon tax system because they prefer to increase government revenues (which is a poor decision). The study also says "on average, red meat is around 150% more GHG-intensive than chicken or fish". I eat far more chicken than red meat. I really like the taste of chicken, but a huge juicy steak once in a while is very good. The study was also made on USA based data, where the electricity is produced using gas and nuclear power plants and have fewer regulation that regulate carbon emissions during the production and transportation. Food production is industrialized in the USA, but not in mine. Where I live, electricity comes from hydroelectric sources (98%, the 2% is importation during winter). Veggie production makes use of a lot of pesticides including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and nematicides. The bees are disappearing because of this, their is less pollination so farmers have to use more chemicals to get their veggies to grow. Not to mention, you have to cut down forests to make some space for your veggie production, thus destroying animal habitat and cutting down trees. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know where you're from, but at least in my country, fake meat tastes like garbage compared to real meat. And I really don't care about the texture of the meat, except when it's chicken. I do know somebody who's uninformed and gets the issues wrong, or rather, is informed with vegetarian propaganda. I won't fall for it.
  5. I can't reproduce this bug on Firefox ESR 45.9.0. What version are you using?
  6. Stop arguing about B12, the taste of meat is way better than the taste of veggies. That's the only thing I need to know to keep eating meat. EDIT: And about the environment and CO2 emissions, I buy local. You just have to stop voting for globalist politicians.
  7. Coffee can disappear, I won't care, but nobody will prevent me from eating meat.
  8. People should stop believing that climate change isn't real.
  9. On another forum, my custom title is "Will break any software on purpose to find bugs". I was offered. I like to break stuff and then complain that it's broken.
  10. This idea can be found in Strife, where you have to use someone's hand that has been cut-off to unlock cells in a prison.
  11. I tested several times (2 years ago), that how I did: Wait for a Revenant to shoot a homing fireball at you. When it's moving straight in your direction, save the game. Then test: 1- Load the game and hold some movement keys to get out of the fireball's trajectory as soon as the save game finishes loading. This will result in the missile continuing forward and it won't be tracking you. 2- Load the game and stay in position for half a second before running away. The fireball will continue to follow you. I probably had tested 10 times, so I don't believe the missiles randomly change between homing and non-homing. Since I need to move out of the trajectory of the fireball when loading the savegame to trigger the bug, I don't think it could have anything to do with the gametic.
  12. Isn't there cases where it didn't work in Mocha Doom? Did you use a different approach? I ask because I saw that sometimes, a Revenant's fireball that's supposed to track you will not track you when restoring a savegame if you move as soon as the savegame is loaded.
  13. I was looking for new games and found this (the original place where I found it). It was the shareware version of Doom (v1.2) and I kept playing episode 1 over and over again. I found a copy of DOOM.WAD somewhere else and put it into my Doom folder. I was playing the version 1.9 WAD from Ultimate Doom with the 1.2 engine. I kept playing over and over again. There was no better game. My PC was old, so I could play 3D with 3D acceleration. I found Doom 2 v1.666 on another website, but I later bought the collector edition CD and played Doom 95, it was the first time I played Final Doom. I played Doom 95 for years before I discovered ZDoom.
  14. I have something like an Intel HD graphics 4000 and it runs. On your card, it should also work. It might be a driver problem or the problem is somewhere else, but it does run with this card. There are also Youtube videos were people recorded themselves playing with this card.