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  1. axdoomer

    Random Image Thread

    The logo of the freed00m forums.
  2. axdoomer

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That's a very cool bug. I went to see what may be the cause. The first hint for the cause of the bug in the video is that the player was using the plasma gun to hit lost souls outside of the map. This made the lost souls glide far away from the map. I thought they removed the range checks because the blockmap is an array of a limited size with enough 128x128 blocks to cover the map area with a rectangle. If you write outside of this array, the game's memory gets corrupted. The PS1 version is based of Jaguar Doom, so I compared it to vanilla Doom. The blockmap range checks are still in Jaguar Doom, except one. The one in P_UnsetThingPosition is missing. It may have been removed by the developers thinking this check was unnecessary. The thing is, this function is still called even if the "thing" didn't get its position set into the blockmap. Comparison: vanilla Doom vs Jaguar Doom You can see the check blockx>=0 && blockx < bmapwidth && blocky>=0 && blocky <bmapheight was removed. If I remove this check from Chocolate-Doom, I will get results similar to what can be seen in the video if a monster escapes the map and moves a bit too far away.
  3. axdoomer

    Post your Desktop Background

    My very sober desktop background.
  4. E4M4 "Unruly Evil" is too short, I have the feeling that not much effort was put into the map. There are important bugs, like the compartments with the demons not opening near the exit on lower difficulties and the Cacodemons being glued together on higher difficulties. The design is not memorable either.
  5. axdoomer

    What ports do YOU use?

    I like to eat my own dog food. I also use Chocolate-Doom and QZDoom from time to time. I almost never play WADs that require non-vanilla features.
  6. This is how the author presents his source port on his GitHub repository. Now, what should I think about it?
  7. axdoomer

    Cursed Doom Images

  8. axdoomer

    EXE hacking

    Apparently so. You have to swap "pitch" and "sep", but I never understood why the stereo separation still worked while the sound pitch was broken. If one was broken, both should be broken because of the swap.
  9. axdoomer

    EXE hacking

    Incredible! I wish we had all these hacks 20 years ago. My suggestions: -dm3 to enable Deathmatch 3.0 rules. (weapons stay, items respawn) random sound pitch support Deathmatch 3.0 is easy to implement. If my memory serves me well: In the function P_RespawnSpecials, there's a check for "deathmatch != 2" that makes the function return, you can make it "deathmatch < 2". Then the variable that gets set to 1 or 2 when the parameters -deathmatch or -altdeath are specified must be set to 3 when -dm3 is specified. I've never been able to implement a new command line parameter in my hacks, so I just made -deathmatch set "deathmatch = 3" in my DM 3.0 hack. Did you have to make the EXE bigger when you added new command line parameters or did you reuse available space? (like the padding that Watcom puts between functions and contains junk)
  10. axdoomer

    Cursed Doom Images

    I can't wait to play Doom 2 Heal on the Earth.
  11. axdoomer

    EXE hacking

    Very interesting, I'll check this out. Open Watcom is still used today to compile binaries (I even believe it can compile Chocolate-Doom), so if it breaks Ghidra's decompiler, I may do a pull request to add support for this.
  12. axdoomer

    The poll of the century

    Coffee is the drink of the drowsy.
  13. axdoomer

    Anybody have opinions on last years macOS 32-bit purge?

    It may not have a reverse-engineered version of Windows Media Player's APIs for games, but using PlayOnLinux, I was able to install WMP9 which was required for Halo 2 PC. Halo 2 requires it for sound and it's installed by default on Windows Vista, which Halo 2 ran on. I don't think the Wine project is going to spend any resources reverse-engineering and reimplementing programs that can be installed inside Wine and work as if it was on Windows without any problems. Whatever APIs the game is using, the game is able to use them through Wine if the dependencies are satisfied (i.e.: the programs required for those API to work are installed).
  14. axdoomer

    EXE hacking

    Hi everyone. I've been porting LE Loader to Linux. Here's a screenshot of it running Hexen on Debian.