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  1. I think there's something wrong with the master server again. No servers are shown and my local server is not registering.
  2. Congratulations! I'm very happy with the progress that has been made. Right in time for New Year celebrations!
  3. People were selling their Bitcoins in order to buy Christmas presents, so their value dropped. This is normal. If you don't understand basic economics like offer and demand, you should stay away from Bitcoin investments.
  4. I bought 120$ of Bitcoins, 50$ of Litecoin and 50$ of Ethereum two weeks ago. I'm not losing a lot if the price goes down, but if the price quinvigenuple like it did between today and the same day last year, then I'll be making a lot of profits. In Canada, I have read you have to declare any capital gains or losses with Bitcoin on your tax return, because it's like investing in gold. I see it as another currency. I bought $120 USD once and when I exchanged it for CAD a few months later, I made a 20% profit. It would be wrong if we had to keep track of the profits or losses made when exchanging currency. I think the government only cares if you have made a lot of profits.
  5. The news are just random nowadays. It sucks. That's a very good pro-choice argument.
  6. It would be a shame if someone reported another bug, then it would become version 1.7.
  7. I've completed E2 and E3M1.
  8. These two issues would still be there even if I didn't report any issues before. The only thing that it implies is that the two issues were in the wad since the beginning. Still: happening or existing before now and continuing into the present
  9. I liked that map. It was great. The first map too, when the floor changes to lava. It was a nice effect. Seems like I'm biased in favor of lava. I went back in episode 1 using version 1.3 just to see some stuff and found two issues that are still there. E1M7: When you start the map, go in the entrance on the left and the four torches are not touching the walls. The other torches have been fixed. E1M5:
  10. I went back to check again. Projectiles don't pass through the wall, they just disappear like if they hit the sky. I'm using ZDoom and didn't expect such a bug, maybe there's a defect in the map that makes ZDoom believe the projectiles are hitting a sky. EDIT: If you look at the floor once the walls have disappeared, you'll see that the floor texture is bleeding, because the secret's floor is lower and the lower textures are missing.
  11. I made a big dump of screenshots of bugs that I took while playing episode 1. There are 25 of them, in level E1M4, E1M5, E1M7, E1M8. The file name of the screenshot describe its bug. A lot of them were lava that didn't hurt or torches that seemed like they were flying because they were not put close enough to the walls.
  12. It should have been tagged with the "block monsters" flag by the author to avoid this issue.
  13. If you use your imagination, you're correct.