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  1. The fixed points are 16.16, so you can multiply everything by 65536. That means that what is currently 1 unit would be represented as 65536 units. You still have 32-bits to represent Doom's world. I'm just looking to know if the developers complicated their own lives or if it simplified their work (and if it made the game faster or slower).
  2. Today I have found out that a hitscan error occurs on E3M6. When you shoot through the air, bullets can get blocked. See this video. It previously saw it occurred on Doom 2 map12, but the cause seemed more obvious because it occurred along the four long walls which make the square box of the map. Seems like it's caused by the linedef #0 which is duplicated to another location on the map. I have drawn a green line where I know it occurs. Seems like Doom as some trouble checking hitscan collisions against long linedefs and it moves the linedef somewhere else. It may be an overflow. It happens more frequently when linedef #0 is too long because the engine always check for collisions against this linedef due to a bug. I've updated the DoomWiki article, but it may not be displayed yet because it needs to be approved by an admin first. (I forgot to login, so the changes were made as an anonymous user)
  3. I always wonder what exactly causes this on very large levels: Of course, overflows, but technically I wonder where it happens in the code.
  4. I had a question that came to my mind when reading this thread: Why does Doom uses fixed point instead of using bare ints? Doom had to shift or cast numbers to make multiplication and divisions work correctly (this uses more CPU time), but using bare ints, they wouldn't have to do any "conversions" right? It's only a question of representation as far as I know. FixedDiv and FixedMul from Chocolate-Doom :
  5. The notification window also has scaling issues. Previously everything fitted in the box and there were no scrolling bars.
  6. Sure, I always want to.
  7. Good old rock: Alice in Chains.
  8. I wonder why people are wondering all of these weird questions. Doom is just a game.
  9. There's a quote about Robert Prince that I liked, but I can't remember who it's from. Maybe John Romero said it. It was something like this: "Bobby created the Doom music and he's a lawyer so he knew how much music plagiarism he could get away with".
  10. That's sure him. He gives credits to Jesus Christ for his port and in his text files. He has a few Youtube videos where it's hard to see because he's filming his screen. Here he shows off his port with what seems to be destroyable geometry, which is interesting. ZDoom can't do this?
  11. CDoom is less usable than vanilla Doom. The code source is available, but the author used manual obfuscation so people can't read it. I think it's the only source port which is a regression from vanilla Doom. Those new features don't even work without bugs. Also, the author is some kind of weirdo.
  12. I just saw rickacid's avatar which I find interesting and I kind of like it:
  13. I just found out that there are some PC speaker sounds in the IWAD that Doom doesn't play. They are: posact, bgact, dmact, dmpain, popain, sawidl. The sounds are there and work, but there is a check in the engine when sounds are played that checks if the sound is one of them and if it is, then it's not played. The two reasons are that they may be too annoying ("act" sounds) or may cut other sounds like gun shots ("pain" sounds). I will let you guess about "sawidl" (chainsaw idle sound).
  14. I remember, it was very nice.
  15. Would playing on the lowest skill level be good? "I'm too young to die!" should be reasonable on WADs which implement skill levels.