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Status Updates posted by axdoomer

  1. I just published an article on Medium that explains how I managed to patch the Doom II executable in order to fix the Arch-Vile fire spawned at the wrong location bug using a hex editor.  Some knowledge of assembly may be required to understand everything.


    I started to write this article in July to describe how I did the patch for my Doom patcher tool. The article was 90% done, but then I got lazy and didn't touch it again until this week. :D

  2. If you want to play Deathmatch 3.0 using vanilla Doom (weapons stay, items respawn), here's how you do it.

    Open DOOM2.EXE (size: 709905 bytes) in your hex editor of choice (I suggest HxD on Windows and Okteta on Linux).


    At offset 0x0006001, replace 0x01 with 0x03. This make the -deathmatch option start a DM 3.0 game. Then go at offset 0x00073712 and replace 0x85 with 0x82. This makes the items respawn in DM 3.0 and DM 2.0 (altdeath) instead of just DM 2.0.


    You won't be able to start DM 1.0 games anymore, but this hack is demo-compatible with Crispy Doom and Doom Vanille. My patching tool can also patch the EXE for you. Let me know if you have any issues.

    Note: Numbers start with 0x because they are hexadecimal.

  3. I just finished with my Doom patcher, a script that applies hacks to the vanilla Doom 2 executable. Right now, it has 12 different hacks that it can patch.


    Also, please feel free to tell me if you find spelling mistakes in README.md. I always do a few mistakes late at night. I already found one and I will correct all of them at the same time.


    You need a Python interpreter to run the script. If you are on Windows, you'll have to install it.

  4. I really like your profile picture. Is it your cat?

    1. NieMaMordy


      It's a cat model from serious sam alfa files.

      I wish it was mine cat though

  5. The Wikipedia article about Doomworld has been flagged for deletion today.

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    2. snapshot



      Brutal Doom adds many gameplay features, such as ragdoll physics.

      Haha, ragdoll physics

    3. Spectre01


      I'd like to see sprites with actual ragdoll physics.

    4. rodster


      Wikipedia in a nutshell

  6. Psychology professor Jordan Peterson is very interesting to listen to. I recommend his lectures, which are very educative and easy to understand, to everyone. You can find him on Youtube. He also likes to talk about postmodernism and a variety of other entertaining subjects.