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  1. o.O

    New Weapon

    Ive made a new weapon for skulltag (not tested for anything else tho) download here http://www.mediafire.com/?5mvssg0r9dr9kdq its a mine launcher >/ fire is a monster mine for coop / survival etc >/ altfire is a human mine for DM etc hope u like it :D pls post thoughts P.S. this is on my 'Decorate Weapons Help' post too
  2. o.O

    Wavy Floor Textures

    and SkullTag
  3. o.O

    need Map feedback

    i couldnt complete it! died in massive marble outdoor bit no medikits a bit to easy 2 die P.S. i dont play with music
  4. o.O

    skulltag keys

    ive got it now, the player starts were 4 DM anyway SOLVED!
  5. you can also use summon on items, e.g. summon berserk
  6. o.O

    skulltag keys

    tryed just then, there still missing
  7. o.O

    skulltag keys

    what game mode(s) can u use WITH keys, then?
  8. o.O

    skulltag keys

    Another moan (!) when i start a server in skulltag (through doomseeker, easier 2 set options) a vital part of the server is the keycards, but THERE NOT THERE! i rly need help pls ive checked both dmflags tabs and the rest, and i CANT find any options to do with this
  9. o.O

    decorate weapons help

    thx muchly
  10. o.O

    decorate weapons help

    its a pk3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X6QVJWPT
  11. o.O

    decorate weapons help

    i tryed that and it still came up with 'pistol3 at (1856, 4480) has no frames' in console btw im using skulltag
  12. o.O

    decorate weapons help

    im VERY new @ this
  13. o.O

    decorate weapons help

    anyone no how 2 fix 'pistol3 at (1856, 4480) has no frames' pls help my code ACTOR Pistol3 : DoomWeapon replaces SuperShotgun { Weapon.SelectionOrder 350 Decal BulletChip Inventory.PickupSound "misc/w_pkup" Inventory.PickupMessage "You got a Shellgun!" Weapon.AmmoType "Shell" Weapon.AmmoGive 4 Weapon.AmmoUse 1 States { Spawn: gunI A -1 Ready: shgn A 1 A_WeaponReady Deselect: shgn A 1 A_Lower Select: shgn A 1 A_Raise Fire: shgR C 1 A_GunFlash shgR D 1 Bright A_FireBullets(2,1,1,6,0,1) shgR E 1 shgR F 1 shgR G 1 shgR H 1 shgR I 1 shgR J 1 shgR K 1 shgR L 1 shgR M 1 shgR N 1 shgR O 1 shgR P 1 shgR Q 1 shgR R 1 shgR S 1 shgR T 1 shgR U 1 shgR V 1 shgR W 1 shgR X 1 shgR Y 1 shgR Z 1 A_ReFire Goto Ready } }