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  1. Ive made a new weapon for skulltag (not tested for anything else tho) download here http://www.mediafire.com/?5mvssg0r9dr9kdq its a mine launcher >/ fire is a monster mine for coop / survival etc >/ altfire is a human mine for DM etc hope u like it :D pls post thoughts P.S. this is on my 'Decorate Weapons Help' post too
  2. and SkullTag
  3. i couldnt complete it! died in massive marble outdoor bit no medikits a bit to easy 2 die P.S. i dont play with music
  4. ive got it now, the player starts were 4 DM anyway SOLVED!
  5. you can also use summon on items, e.g. summon berserk
  6. tryed just then, there still missing
  7. what game mode(s) can u use WITH keys, then?
  8. Another moan (!) when i start a server in skulltag (through doomseeker, easier 2 set options) a vital part of the server is the keycards, but THERE NOT THERE! i rly need help pls ive checked both dmflags tabs and the rest, and i CANT find any options to do with this
  9. thx muchly
  10. its a pk3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X6QVJWPT
  11. i tryed that and it still came up with 'pistol3 at (1856, 4480) has no frames' in console btw im using skulltag
  12. im VERY new @ this
  13. anyone no how 2 fix 'pistol3 at (1856, 4480) has no frames' pls help my code ACTOR Pistol3 : DoomWeapon replaces SuperShotgun { Weapon.SelectionOrder 350 Decal BulletChip Inventory.PickupSound "misc/w_pkup" Inventory.PickupMessage "You got a Shellgun!" Weapon.AmmoType "Shell" Weapon.AmmoGive 4 Weapon.AmmoUse 1 States { Spawn: gunI A -1 Ready: shgn A 1 A_WeaponReady Deselect: shgn A 1 A_Lower Select: shgn A 1 A_Raise Fire: shgR C 1 A_GunFlash shgR D 1 Bright A_FireBullets(2,1,1,6,0,1) shgR E 1 shgR F 1 shgR G 1 shgR H 1 shgR I 1 shgR J 1 shgR K 1 shgR L 1 shgR M 1 shgR N 1 shgR O 1 shgR P 1 shgR Q 1 shgR R 1 shgR S 1 shgR T 1 shgR U 1 shgR V 1 shgR W 1 shgR X 1 shgR Y 1 shgR Z 1 A_ReFire Goto Ready } }