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  1. Agent Spork

    I got bored....

    Well, I finally managed to get this uploaded to the archives, so I guess I can look forward to a /newstuff review this week. Woot, or somehting.
  2. Agent Spork

    Doom 64 - Worth the purchase?

    I'd recommend it. I just played it yesturday and had some fun. EDIT: Why the hell do I have two names? O_o
  3. [stupid]Okay.. I put in a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI card, since my GeForce 4 Ti 4200 is ... busted, and now 3D mode just starts up as a black screen. You can exit the 3D mode, though.[/stupid] Edit: Nevermind.. It was the drivers I installed.
  4. Agent Spork

    An Ultra-Violence Speedrun for Void

    Couldn't that be said the same for almost all of the other Doom engines in existance?
  5. Agent Spork

    New Daedalus Release Countdown

    I think I'll sit there and stare at the timer for 43 days.
  6. Agent Spork

    Need help with Camera work in Zdoom (DB)

    Uncheck the DORMANT flag.
  7. Agent Spork

    The One Room Contest

    Do bars blocking the way that open up count as doors?
  8. Agent Spork

    I made a new map!

  9. Agent Spork

    Testers needed for megawad

    Count me in as usual :P
  10. Agent Spork

    I made a new map!

    That's.. an interesting demo.
  11. Agent Spork

    I made a new map!

    That is definately one of the most interesting maps I've played in quite a while. Really annoying, but yet it is really neat at the same time. This map kinda reminds me of American McGee's Alice. (OMG ZDOOM 2.48!!!)
  12. Agent Spork

    Wolf 3D in Flash?!?

  13. Agent Spork

    Legacy and Skins

    Uhm.. Legacy's always had problems loading wads with mutliple skins.
  14. Agent Spork

    I hate to be rude....

    Well.. That's what everyone tends to think nowdays.