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  1. I have never seen anyone praise E4M9 but I think it might be my favourite of the secret maps in D1. It's pretty easy and symmetrical but I just find the tech base textures with the orange sky attractive
  2. Randy's band made the excellent music though, so who can really say if he was good or bad?
  3. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    [UPDATED] Hakros Doom Launcher 1.6

    Hey, this looks really awesome but unfortunately when I try to run it, I get this error: Any idea what might be going on here?
  4. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    In order from easiest to hardest, list each DOOM game.

    Ultimate Doom 2 Evilution Doom 64 The Plutonia Experiment
  5. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    Films that changed your life

    I love how this thread about movies has shifted focus to Video Games. Probably my fault.
  6. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    Films that changed your life

    There's a game of Dune? I have to play this!
  7. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    Where's the pause function going?

    I like Pause for demos and I don't watch demos on anything other than doom and quake.
  8. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    If Quake was done today

    Ironically, Quake's bosses are actually like that.
  9. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    Films that changed your life

    On the subject of David Lynch; Dune.
  10. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    Films that changed your life

    You mean Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  11. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    Films that changed your life

  12. Doom: Plutonia Doom 2 Ultimate Doom Master Levels TNT: Evilution Doom 3 Doom 64 Quake: Quake Quake 3 Quake 2 ETQW Quake 4 edit: Added a few things I missed.
  13. Nasesrtyhcfhk

    How Would You Like Your Tech Base Served?

    Grey textures and lots of outdoor areas.