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  1. its cool, there's no thunder to steal ;) :(. And anyway, I must report back that school, which started for me on Wednesday, is too much of a problem. I will not be able to help out with the blake stone tc. Sorry :(
  2. i will do my best; expect to hear from me again within one week.
  3. ooh, hi there mr. blake stone person! i was thinking about the levels, and if i could create one (which shouldn't be too too hard), would you be interested in using an automatic converter proggie to make the doom levels from the blake ones? it would save you trouble :). if you are interested, i'll look at doing it; blake maps are the same format as wolf ones right?
  4. i doubt it will ever be finished, it will just take too long to do all the fricking levels.
  5. fool, nothing can beat the awesome power of the dwango5!!!!!11111 ;)
  6. hmm havent played blake stone in a while...
  7. notepad too hard for you?
  8. what major differences do you think something that would supercede it would have?
  9. how so? and if you are good enough of a coder to judge him, then where are your contributions to society?
  10. but it shows rather painfully in the screenshots, as the walls do not blur correctly from the bilinear filtering when you get close to them - they stay too blocky. xwe and wintex can help you in your quest i believe
  11. This forum is for QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ONLY. There will be no idle talk or spamming or flaming here...
  12. aha ok i got it. anyways, your level uses WOODMET1, which is a doom2 only texture. i am not sure what the policy will be in the final freedoom product about this. align the textures on the waterfall at the beginning. that's all i have time to say for now.
  13. i dont see it in the latest doom1.wad ??