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  1. doomgirl

    Doom E1M5

    This is fucking amazing. So many old games need to be remade like this. Love that chaingun.
  2. doomgirl

    Dr.Betruger's Product...how it all started

    Moving bacon would be worth the demon invasion! :D
  3. doomgirl

    Dr.Betruger's Product...how it all started

    Yup! an imp and a cherub actually :D
  4. doomgirl

    Betruger's Demonic Balls

    I'm going to use 'betruger's balls' as a swear word now.
  5. doomgirl

    Dr.Betruger's Product...how it all started

    I Thanks you.
  6. doomgirl

    Do you care about the lyrics in music?

    This is how I am too. Like if the only lyrics are 'dance flo' baby' with some beeping inbetween it doesn't work at all for me.
  7. My sister and I always thought the evil growths on the walls in D3 looked like beef. And that's how this was born... Obligatory DA link. http://pumpkinhead666.deviantart.com/
  8. doomgirl

    New Doomguy drawing

  9. doomgirl

    Anyone here played Turok(Xbox 360)?

    [QUOTE]Craigs said: Pretty much this. What really annoyed me is that they took what was essentially a fairly unique story line and turned it into your average "Space marine looking for revenge". I still can't figure out why they would even think about doing that. Come to think about it, why did they even turn Turok into a space marine in the first place? [/QUOTE Yeah, I agree with this. I thought the plot was really lazy, centered on silly flashbacks and Slade acting all butthurt all the time. Maybe that's why the story barely lasted 5 hours. I think they should've stuck with the original plot of the comic.
  10. I got an Xbox 360 FINALLY! My sister bought Turok because it was cheap and we've already played the xbox one. I thought it was really fun and I liked how realistic it was and how smart the AI was. Only thing was, it took like 5 hours to finish. Maybe less. So have you guys played it? If so, what's your opinion? :D
  11. doomgirl

    Les Paul Birthday Google thing

    this was the best Google Doodle EVER! I lost so much productivity to it! But now I really want an electric one.
  12. doomgirl

    Doom 4 should have...

    I liked the fact that Quake 2 was CD enabled, so I could put my own music in. Dunno if PC D3 had that, but I would've liked some metal to go with my chainsawing in the Xbox version.
  13. doomgirl

    Dallas, TX Quakecon

    Geez, I know about the pine trees, totally! Blowing huge wafts of pollen everywhere...nice weather is just another reason to move. And where I live we barely have any good cons. Sakuracon is just a bunch of girls--blegh(and a few guys cosplaying, also blegh). I would MUCH rather go to a 90% guy crowd and play FPS for a day. It would be an important staple for me every year.
  14. doomgirl

    Doom 4 should have...

    Really! I finished it way too fast. I think it should've at least been as long as Quake 2.
  15. doomgirl

    Doom 4 should have...

    I was a little diappointed with how short Doom3 was. I want a longer game, with more varied levels and environments instead of what was virtually one big level. I think the Hell level was amazing with the good graphics and much more enjoyable than the Mars base. It would be great if they put in more of the dark fortressy Satanic stuff in Doom4. But most importantly I think they should make the DoomGuy a little more HUMAN. I'm used to games where I can get to know my protagonist a little(hint: The Thief series)but DoomGuy barely changes his expression the entire game, even when he sees really horrible/shocking stuff. The only time we see a bit of emotion is when he sees Cyberdemon at the very end of the game. I would love to see a talking, emotion-feeling DoomGuy in Doom4. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love DoomGuy. He's totally my hero. but I would've liked to have heard his voice and known his thoughts on things. And half the time his silence makes him look really ignorant when NPCs are talking to him. It's like, geez DoomGuy, you just met someone who might be the only other survivor of a huge demon invasion, can you at least speak to him? /girly rant over Also, more berserk packs please! And, heavy metal soundtrack please!