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  1. Thamuzzz

    Where can I download wads?

    lazy? when you download a wad, all you do is click download, and then play a game while you wait. its not lazyness, its what i prefer, i was just suggesting an option. startin to think i really dont fit in with you gamer geeks, ill keep my opinions to myself next time
  2. Thamuzzz

    who also plays with keyboard only

    its required in some wads that people have created. i dont use it in origonal maps though, theres no need for it and impossable to jump over projectiles.
  3. Thamuzzz

    Where can I download wads?

    i was simply giving bloodfalls an easier option, seriously no need to critisize. i prefer using a randomizer, you dont, thats it. no need to get worked up over it
  4. Thamuzzz

    Where can I download wads?

    ... you call it stupid even though you've never used the randomizer and tried it. how the hell did you work that one out?
  5. Thamuzzz

    Where can I download wads?

    just thinking, you can just use scalliano's randomizer wad. It makes doom 100 times more interesting and even if you play the same level 100 times over, your almost garanteed a different experience, you really should try it, you'll never get bored of it. its alot handier than downloading countless wads. Also, if you have the 'obliged' map creator, use it along with the randomizer, its very intertaining.
  6. Thamuzzz

    Where can I download wads?

    http://oblacek.sh.cvut.cz/bin/ I dont even know how to get to that website, found it ages ago and saved it in my favourites. It looks really suspicious to me, but ive downloaded a few things from it and nothing bad has happened, no virus or anything.... its just a list of random wads that i cant seem to find anywhere else.
  7. ive seen it done a few times, and also hexen textures and stuff was used in doom
  8. Thamuzzz

    who also plays with keyboard only

    i HAVE to use the mouse. here's my layout..... Move forward - w move backward - s strafe left - a strafe right d jump - e crouch - c use - space bar And i use the mouse to look and aim. its works brilliantly for me, this wee layout allows superfast reaction times, try it :) I also have Q binded as the 'freeze' command, F for 'fly', G for 'God' and X for 'noclip'. use these rarely when i just want to mess about **
  9. well, its a very big site with a huge amount of things you can download, you can download almost everything... except other Doom wads. Granted, you've got pretty high-tech wads and maps that you've created, but what about other peoples wads that youve played and really impressed you? On realm667 you could have a sub-section that say's 'recommended wads', and list the wads that you would recommend?
  10. Thanks for feedback Mike Im starting to doubt the whole expirementing idea: be better just sticking to the idea that there were ruins underground or somthing that have an artifact or unknown energy source.... and that energy source could maybe be the other portal? ill think of something, the origonal 'story' was a 5 second idea, need to revise it completly. There will be plenty of scientist and marine corpses, and the 'xim's marines wad' will come in handy for the marines that will help you, and maybe i could find scientists like the one's Tormentor used in Stronghold. And you will be playing as just the one marine, the levels will take you from the caves and labs deeper through to the ruins.
  11. never said they did, i just prefer 3D over sprites, just means i can adjust the size to whatever i need.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply: everything you meantioned is being worked on, im hoping it will look more natural the more i work on it, although ill see what i can do about the ceiling, might be harder than the floor to get right. ive created a few impressive structures and know about Gzdoom features pretty well, just hope i know how to use them in the right way. Thanks for feedback man. ill be adding to this thread as i progress, make sure im doing everything right
  13. Hey people, ive never made a proper level before, this is the first one im actually gonna complete.... and i need opinions. Im planning on making a few small highly detailed maps with lots of action, as i never finish large maps, so im aiming for maps that are small but still interesting. The "story" is that you and a small group of marines have been sent to an underground hellish cave, where there are UAC labs. The marines were mining and expirementing, and always had to deal with hellish creatures... but now they've explored too far and came across a gateway to another Realm (which contains hexen/heretic monters). So far, ive planned to have most of the action in the caves and labs, with a few outdoor areas, and im THINKING of making a voidy-type realm where the Hexen/Heretic creatures came from. Im planning on having a few fights with marines helping, including being caught in a crossfire between hell creatures and Hexen/Heretic creatures tearing each other apart, as i doubt a Dark Bishop would be friends with an Imp or Baron. So i came on this to firstly ask: does that sound alright? Or does the idea of mixing Hexen/Heretic and Doom creatures and making them fight just sound stupid? (they will also attack you, the fights wont be biased) Any idea's to make it better? Secondly, heres a few screenshots of the first few area's i made, it took a few hours to make it right. Do they look good, or horribly wrong? Any way to make it better? Opinions and idea's are apreciated, creating natural area's is kinda difficult. Also, these area arent completely finished: still have to put in enemies, decorations etc. http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/4315/hellcave1.png http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/4507/hellcave2.png http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/6646/hellcave3.png http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/9452/hellcave4.png http://img846.imageshack.us/img846/599/hellcave5.png http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/2583/hellcave6.png
  14. Thamuzzz

    'thing_hate' problem......

    yup, tried it mate, didnt work. its like they attack the enemy they see at the far EAST of the map, and just ignore everything else until they kill the oppenent they're after. really dont get it :S
  15. Thamuzzz

    Advice for new mapmaker

    @40oz: well i went straight in and made sure the stuff i made was well detailed, and ive mostly got my tips and techniques from playing other maps.... and a shitload of practise. To be honest the best way to get better is to keep using doom builder, you catch on real quick about what looks right and what looks terrible.... practise makes perfect, thats how i work. Btw are you the 40oz that made UAC Ultra??