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  1. Ozymandias81

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    Well, while the code has not been done originally by me but Nash for TCOTD2, warnings happen under 4.3.3 indeed and only from Austerity (since the devbuild of Sapphire didn't need torches and got removed after, it simply needs to be updated), but then everything works fine under most recent 4.4.2 for example. Is it related by something where warnings are not enabled for these kind of issues on 4.4.2, and instead they were enabled on 4.3.3? Screenshots
  2. Ozymandias81

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    @Nihlith - Thanks man for your kind words, we have fixed the issue noticed by you recently so expect a fixed version of the map in next release! Now guys it is time for some promotional stuff: Vote us on ModDB, we are going through ModDB of the Year 2019! Also don't forget to check our website, patreon, social media links and even Steam group, there is a discussion there that waits your feedbacks too!
  3. Ozymandias81

    Bloom - Doom/Blood crossover

    Fixed all the things noticed by Gez and UndeadRyker, also some more that no one noticed too eheh You may check these fixes on our github repository in case, thanks a lot for you awesome feedbacks and criticisms, let them come! As a side note: the problem with countkills was cause by a couple of monsters selector which inherits some creatures, said with Monster combo they were messing stuff. Also no one noticed that some (fortunately not fundamental) 3d floors doesn't appear on Zandronum 2.8+ and that Gargovile was also cause of the COUNTKILL mess, where it had its health reset for each flying/ground behavior change. Reduced drastically damage done by Phantasms and relative projectiles (so even CvltImps), which now are SEEKERMISSILES with nerfed speed, but with very less chance of going wide range (12-18 damage versus 12-48 of demo), and also doesn't clip walls. There is a huge I list I should write down here, but well you'll notice it on next release or simply checking our repository.
  4. Ozymandias81

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Eviternity surely deserve it
  5. Ozymandias81

    BLOODICIDE (Major Update) * Now w/ Supercharge v1.3

    You are welcome @RonnieJamesDiner, ahah Spider-Man of wad polishing XD These were the problems present on your last upload for this mod, and I solved doing the following: - since DFire wasn't present, I have commented out that from GLDefs - ChaingunGuy2 was a typo so I fixed it as ChainGuy2... Don't know if it was the intended thing - replaced HMachineGun with HeavyMachinegun item for MarineAllyMG - BMDPOSE5 brightmaps isn't present inside the wad so I have commented out it as well Then while stitching up the whole pk3 files after a first rough Slade polishment, I have noticed that there were around 10 doubles among sounds plus one texture, which were exactly the same. I hope you are familiar with .pk3 or at least understand how to use it, it is the best solution imho and grants you high reliability for stuff you add/need to find and also you can edit it in real-time while mapping since you can use it a pk3 folder if you unzip it somewhere on your hdd and add it as resource from GZDBuilder... I mean, this way you can edit code and graphics, then save time directly from your folder then reload resources using F8 while mapping. I still didn't fix warnings coming from GLDefs or actors on GZDBuilder, but will check that as well too. Meanwhile, here you are the updated link (just don't care of old one), now with crushed graphics and brightmaps which also have now a separate folder and wad not anymore. Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fvJyjSvIATSFFm37_g1xFooWkPBqatO4 PS: SORRY DIDN'T NOTICE THAT YOU HAVE UPDATED THE MAIN OP, DON'T FORGET TO EDIT THE DOWNLOAD LINK AGAIN
  6. Ozymandias81

    BLOODICIDE (Major Update) * Now w/ Supercharge v1.3

    Hey RonnieJamesDiner, since this mod looks pretty neat I had my usual go in polishing the whole thing: 1) Converted the whole projects as .pk3, keeping brightmaps inside a .wad file to not get mad fixing manually definitions with longnamed folders; 2) Reduced drastically file size from 101mb to 40mb almost, mainly thanks to whole ".ogg" conversion for all sounds files beside midi songs; 3) Removed console warnings at startup and redundant sound files (there where like 10); 4) Added a CREDITS folder for credits and updated the file credits.txt with my stuff done for this mod :) If interested I can still reduce filesize crushing graphics, sprites and textures without broke them, just let me know Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wa8atkRJcQ6v6XBJKZWnzOtlUg7z7UTZ READ BELOW FOR UPDATED LINK
  7. Ozymandias81

    Color grading in GZDoom

    Atm I think we are fine as is, BoA is already complex okay but 16 LUTs are enough ime... In case you wanna improve it for us and if you are familiar with Github, you can send us a pull request if you notice something that may need adjustments with actual state of the project, like playtesting it and giving us some clues about where you would suggest to implement colorgrading. I have suggested for now to use it even for poisonus effects, so with mutants and zombies related attacks. Today I have committed and implemented the source code, if you wanna give a look check the repository then and thank you in advance in any case :)
  8. Ozymandias81

    Color grading in GZDoom

    Hi exl, and wow quite 6 years I think that I didn't post anything on Doomworld... Any hope to include somewhere the non-compiled library for this awesome thing? Since as Torm I am involved in Blade of Agony development, it is important for us to have such source code in order to embed the whole thing in our particular ACS setup, so we can track exactly what it is happening and merge the whole code without compiling the library, instead using it open like we did with all other scripts present on the project (the boalib.acs once compiled has #include references which points up on a folder, so we can work easily this way via github, slade and gzdbuilder to optimize also the load order of each library due to the complexity of BoA whole code "tree"). Any chance? Thanks in advance.
  9. Ozymandias81

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    Sure thing DooM_RO, check and read carefully this link
  10. Ozymandias81

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    Thank you Dragonfly, we also appreciated your little help!
  11. Ozymandias81

    Blade of Agony Chapter 1 released

    Hello dudes, Let's point something concerning... PERFORMANCE ON LOW END PCs: - Take a look to ENH. OPTIONS - I suggest to deactivate smoke effects for low-end pcs, also to tweak models distance to 4096 or 2048. - Avoid at all costs Multisample & FXAA if you don't have at least 4gbs or VRAM and a Quad-Core CPU, but surely you can activate at least the Bloom effect which is so good to see :) - Do not use OpenAL for audio, we can't assure you that it is perfectly supported by GZDoom (it is known in the past that OpenAL caused several craps here and there) - I can run the game with above settings at 40/50fps with: AMD Athlon x2 250 3ghz Dual-Core [NEVER OVERCLOCK CPUs!] 4gb ram ddr3 800mhz GeForce GT 610 1024mb (2048mb total) [UPDATE YOUR VIDEO DRIVERS, ALWAYS] 1024x768 60hz no VSync Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit Service Pack 1 with .Net Framework 4.5 Best regards, OZY PS: I can only speak for 32bit users, so until I'll upgrade my pc to a 64bit OS I don't know what kind of aid I can give to you!
  12. Ozymandias81

    [Voxel/Model] Calling all artists for support (WolfenDoom)

    1. Are "normal" models more "heavy" than voxel ones in terms of memory usage on GZDoom? 2. You'll find 'em with Astrostein maps. 3. As far as I know, that's the point actually. Maybe I'll need 40's brown/black sofa for my airship map. Anyway, let's wait Torm reply.
  13. Hello doomers, since 2010 I'm trying to do a decent PWad for Doom2 with gzdoom specs, but 1 month ago my monitor spent its last breathe without no reasons.

    So my project stucked, but now I'm back with a new monitor (yes, I don't have internet, I'm writing from a Point),and I hope that in the future this will never happen another time.

    Now I must reset the bunch of ideas I was trying to suspend inside my brain...

    1. Widow


      This is just to wish you good luck on your project,so go for it!

  14. Ozymandias81

    [ZDCMP2] RC1 released (yay, it's not mordeth'd)

    I mean, this wad is simply Insane. Is Tormentor667 human or something else? :-)
  15. Ozymandias81


    I think that games like Doom, Heretic, Hexen or Strife are timeless and their atmosphere will never be damaged by any Crysys or Halos games. A gross english, I know, but it has a sense.
  16. Ozymandias81

    Somethin' weird

    Hello doomers, this post may contain some weird contents. The fact is that if I run GZDoom 1.6- with my PC (AMDII 2core 3ghz - NVIDIA nForce 630a 256mbv integrated, Win7U, 4gb ram etc.) shaders like warp effects will work perfectly. But with 1.7+ I must turn off these shaders because warp effects never work again and with sprites like SpiritImp monsters I get weird effects like sprites were badly resized or something like that. I think that there is something wrong with the compiling process, but I hope that somebody can tell me more about this WTF! problem.
  17. Ozymandias81

    Probs with GLBsp

    Hello doomers, I'm stuck with something weird: when I build nodes with glbsp (I can use DB2 and GZDB), walls acts crazy. If I bump with one of they act like I had NOCLIP activated! Sorry for my english, but is there somebody that can explain to me this WTF! ? Thanks!
  18. Ozymandias81

    Probs with GLBsp

    Well greyghost, because I've got probs with GLBsp I'm building my maps with ZDBsp for ages. Thanx for your advice BTW.
  19. Ozymandias81

    Lance talks (and weeps)

    He is an as###le. No more, no less. And cycling will be renamed Doping if WADA or somebody don't do anything about these morons.
  20. Ozymandias81

    [ZDCMP2] RC1 released (yay, it's not mordeth'd)

    I can see that these maps will be wonderful to play, but is there any way to enter on Realm667 without no virus harm risks? Through 2 years of continuous downloading I've got a bunch of repository files from your fantastic site, and I wonder if I can upload them somewhere until you rollback the site.
  21. Ozymandias81

    Probs with GLBsp

    Oh I can see now that's true. Thanks andrewj for the tip. By the way, I'm building 13 giant maps with DB2 + GZDB (latest svn...)
  22. Ozymandias81

    3d Floors with DB1?

    Many thanks GreyGhost for your post, I will take advantage with your reply.
  23. Ozymandias81

    3d Floors with DB1?

    Hello There, I'm trying to do some maps with Doom Builder for my Horde Of Titans project, but I want do something special like 3d floors or suspended structures? Can I do some of them with Doom Builder 1.68? Must I download some configs first? I can't use DB2 due to really slow & old PC (2.4ghz with 256mb of ram, where 32 are video :-( ). Any suggestions please!
  24. Ozymandias81

    Rune Textures for Doom2

    Hello doomers, now I'm working to thousands projects, I have many ideas but i fear that there will be some unfinished works... :-( But now I'm concentrating my jobs with Clive Barker's Undying Textures (I'm working on TEXMAP.wad, textures are finished) and Rune Textures (RUNERES.zip). I think that Clive Barker and Rune Resources will be uploade in December, if everything goes fine.
  25. Ozymandias81

    Rune Textures for Doom2

    OH NO! I don't have internet and my pc is at home! I'm in an internet cafè and I can't reach any screenshots... I hope next time I'll upload some!