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Status Updates posted by Moustachio

  1. A short status update to kick off 2022. The last few weeks of my life have been a waking Nightmare! thanks to an unfortunate bout of illness. I had to skip a month and a half of DWMC, but I'm planning on returning in February.


    As of right now, I'm still working on Atonement: Episode 5. It's been going slow because I've started and scrapped quite a few maps at this point. They're not bad maps or anything, I just want to make the absolute most out of the 10 maps I have left. I'm also planning on releasing a few more standalone maps that will iterate on the Herschel Spaceport map that I released a while back. Herschel Spaceport is also getting an update soon and will go live on idgames. I'm just about done with the Interception II update as well, so I'm pushing it to idgames as a file update sometime this weekend.


    In December, I finished doing a file update for Interception, fixing many issues such as the infamous soft-locks on MAP19 and 29, the missing Hell Knight in MAP09, the stuck Hell Knight in MAP02, and a few more small fixes all around. All the changes and bug fixes are noted in the text file. Anything that prevented 100% completion or crashed the game was fixed, which leaves some other non-vital quirks present (such as the damaging rocks in MAP13). This helps maintain demo compatibility, although the changes will break demos for the maps that had to be altered (MAP02, MAP09, MAP15, MAP19, and MAP29). I apologize for the inconvenience, but luckily for demo enthusiasts, the original version of the wad is preserved on Doomshack. The file update has been live on idgames since December, so go ahead and update your intercep.wad if you are intrigued.


    This year, I'm going to really make an effort to release better and more creative Doom content. Here are a few ways that I'm going to push myself as a Doomer in 2022:

    • Upload more Doom videos on YouTube. Whether they be wad showcases in DOSBox or more structured essay-type videos, I want to make sure my channel isn't just sitting there collecting dust.
    • Push for more memorable combat setpieces. During the Interception II Megawad Club thread, I noticed that more people took notice of the setting of my maps than the combat. I think that I'm a little rusty at creating engaging, unique, and memorable combat setpieces, so I'll be spending a large portion of my 2022 mapping figuring that out.
    • More detail. My maps don't have the most compelling visual language for the modern Doom age, so I'm thinking that I should spend some time practicing detailing. This means coming up with creative, visually-striking maps on a regular basis. For me, the hardest part is always coming up with the details, so I'll have to be more creative rendering real environments in a game engine from nearly three decades ago.
    • Steadier pacing. I want a steady series of wad releases, a decent output in the Megawad Club threads, and a decent stream of YouTube videos on my channel. That's a lot to chew on as one human being, but I think figuring out this balance will really just be a matter of practice. Or so I'm hoping, since it will be my main challenge as a creator going forward.
  2. I'm thinking of switching my name to just Moustachio. As long as there's no other Moustachio's on DW of course.

  3. Another successful ZDaemon coop tonight! Here's hoping for more fun multiplayer sessions in the future!

  4. The ZDaemon session this morning was a successful test run! I'll definitely be hosting another Atonement session this afternoon!

  5. Interesting yet incredibly time-consuming wad idea: Enemy Damage Sprites.


    It's been suggested before... 

    but that thread was pitched in regards to Smooth Doom. Granted, animating countless frames of animation for Smooth Doom would take an exhausting amount of time, but surely damage sprites for vanilla animations ought to be a much more attainable goal.

  6. I'm a cork on the ocean

    Floatin over the ragin sea

    how deep is the ocean

    how deep is the ocean

  7. How fast could you speedrun Doom II with in co-op with a full four-person group?

    1. Reisal


      1) Voice chat.
      2) Lots of coordination and planning.

    2. Maisth


      I don't think its any different from the normal Speedrunning, besides just 1 needs to activate the switch to end the level i believe

    3. Moustachio


      @Maisth See, I was thinking of the Xbox Live style of coop where everyone gets a key as soon as one person picks it up.

  8. Are there any among us who are looking for new maps to test? I've got something that's nearing completion on my hands.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Moustachio


      That would be awesome! It's been tested in Crispy Doom 4.1 -- which I believe would count it as limit-removing -- and GZDoom 3.1, so make of that what you will. I'll PM it to you as well.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      And here's your FDA:




      Along with some first impressions that I thought I just put here:


      Map feels relatively tight on health and ammo early on. Overall ammo seems rather tightly calculated in the sense that I never felt "flooded". Out of the 4 secrets I managed to find 3, and I also spotted a faulty texture alignment that I'm sure you'll see in the demo.


      Blur sphere secret was easy to find, and a welcome support against the platoon of hitscanners. I have mixed feelings about the secret that allow players to grab the chaingun, because I really think the chaingun is a required weapon for this map. If the CG was placed somewhere else I must have missed it. Might be good to have another chaingunner near the red key or so, to make sure players have another chance of getting that weapon.


      Hitscan mobs aren't usually my cup of tea, but they went by relatively nice and smooth overall, thanks to powerups, barrels and decent firepower. Nice outdoor sections that provide a sense of scale, tiny knitpick is that hitting the few turreted monsters there can be a bit iffy (I guess that's where I left two monsters alive).


      The FDA was also an exit on first attempt, and I didn't play particularly well, so upping the difficulty on UV in some spots might be worth a consideration.


      In any case, I think this map is quite enjoyable such as it is. If you make any updates or so, and you would like another demo, just let me know.

    4. Moustachio


      Thanks, Nine Inch Heels! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'll send you another demo after I've finished reworking the visuals. It seems like the layout I have now, for the most part, works, so I'm finalizing the textures over the next few days. The difficulty will also be worked on.


      I agree on the chaingun issue. I went back and forth about three or so times between making it an open weapon and leaving it as a secret weapon, but it would make more sense to leave it open to facilitate more play styles.


      Again, thanks for the FDA and review. I should be ready to release an updated version within the next week.

  9. Something special is on the way

  10. So yeah, I took my sweet ass time and made a map. Well, I'm still making it actually, and I think I'm either going to stream the process or display it in a Skype call or something. If anyone wants to watch and (dear god, please) give me some tips, let me know your Skype username and I'll add you.

    Also, let's plays. I'm doing Half-Life and Wolfenstein 3D on my new LP channel, MrMoustachio. (It's pretty much my new online handle.) Since the commentary for Half-Life got kinda dry, I'd like it if a Half-Life aficionado could join me for the LP.