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  1. Download Interception II idgames Archive Google Drive (mirror) Interception II is the direct sequel to the 2013 megawad, Interception. Boom-compatible (played with the -complevel 9 command-line parameter set). Interception II has 30 levels, mostly longer ones, that have about TNT: Evolution levels of difficulty, though it ramps up toward the end. If you like a long megawad, this is for you. It's also got some textures from CC4 and zoon-tex, as well as a new final boss for Map30. Level themes include void, gothic, techbase, and nature levels. The wad has been tested on PrBoom+/GLBoom+, ZDoom/GZDoom/LZDoom, DOOM Retro, Eternity Engine, and Woof!. BOOM 2.02 also works, but MAP11 and MAP28 unfortunately exceed DOS integer size limitations. Mappers Moustachio DFF valkiriforce Big Ol Billy Pegleg Misty DMPhobos NeedHealth General Rainbow Bacon stewboy Diego 'DJV' Villarroel A2Rob JadingTsunami galileo31dos01 DukeOfDoom joe-ilya NuclearPotato Quantum_dranger Musicians stewboy XenoNemisis (ForceTheDemo) LewkForce Darman Macray Also featuring previously existing music tracks by Viscra Maelstrom, Jimmy, Eris Falling, Alfonzo, stewboy Testing The Mysterious Moustachio DerFurer'sFace joe-ilya Pegleg HAK3180 kakhome1 Mr. Meanor Detail & Release The Mysterious Moustachio DerFurer'sFace galileo31dos01 JadingTsunami Pegleg THE MAP LIST MAP01: Euphoria (by NeedHealth, DerFurer'sFace, Moustachio, and Quantum_dranger) Music Track: "What Could Have Been" [Viscra Maelstrom] MAP02: Beyond The Living (by Diego 'DJV' Villarroel, Moustachio, and DerFurer'sFace) Music Track: "Flight of the Fox" [stewboy]** MAP03: Desecration (by Misty & DMPhobos, edits by galileo31dos01) Music Track: "Safari Slide" [stewboy]** MAP04: That Which Shall Not Be Named (by DMPhobos) Music Track: "Shadows" [Eris Falling] MAP05: Astral Castle (by Moustachio) Music Track: "Haze" [Eris Falling] MAP06: What Could Go Wrong? (by Big Ol Billy) Music Track: "Thanatos" [Eris Falling] MAP07: The Everlaster (by joe-ilya) Music Track: "My Friend Guitar" [stewboy]** MAP08: Bermuda (by Moustachio & Pegleg) Music Track: "Beneath the Stars" [Eris Falling] MAP09: Belly Of The Beast (by Moustachio, stewboy, Pegleg, NuclearPotato, and DerFurer'sFace) Music Track: "Ghosts in the Walls" [stewboy] MAP10: Eldritch Apparitions (by Moustachio, edits by DerFurer'sFace) Music Track: "Checkmate" [LewkForce] MAP11: Slipgate Ex Nihilo (by DerFurer'sFace, edits by Moustachio) Music Track: title unknown [stewboy]** MAP12: Deep Space Mine (by Moustachio) Music Track: "Prism" [stewboy]** MAP13: Habitat Ring (by Moustachio, stewboy, Pegleg, and DerFurer'sFace) Music Track: "Cave Dwellers" [Eris Falling] MAP14: Murder Mountain Mayhem (by General Rainbow Bacon and DerFurer'sFace) Music Track: "Page Removed" [LewkForce] MAP15: Volcanic Research (by Moustachio) Music Track: "Freighthoppers" [Jimmy] MAP16: Planet Vertigo (by Diego 'DJV' Villarroel) Music Track: "On Lockdown" [Jimmy] MAP17: Yellow Sea (By DukeOfDoom, edits by DerFurer'sFace) Music Track: "Junction" [Jimmy] MAP18: The Golden Palace (by Moustachio) Music Track: "Little River" [LewkForce] MAP19: Asteroid Assault (by DerFurer'sFace) Music Track: "Ancient Enclosure" [Viscra Maelstrom] MAP20: Moonlit Escape (by JadingTsunami) Music Track: "Casserole" [LewkForce]** MAP21: Return To Sender (by A2Rob) Music Track: "Against the Odds" [LewkForce]** MAP22: System Corruption (by Moustachio) Music Track: "Smooth Infiltrator" [Kassman & Jimmy] MAP23: Asbestos (by NeedHealth, edits by Moustachio) Music Track: "Keepsake Fever" [Alfonzo] MAP24: Terracotta (by Moustachio) Music Track: "Slow Burn" [LewkForce] MAP25: The Sad Kingdom (by JadingTsunami) Music Track: "Forgotten Valley" [Icytux] MAP26: Sinister Teachings (by General Rainbow Bacon) Music Track: "Ascending the Depths" [Darman Macray]** MAP27: Cargo Cult (by DerFurer'sFace) Music Track: "Crates & Stowaways" [Darman Macray]** MAP28: Dr. Jones Abby's Malediction (by galileo31dos01) Music Track: title unknown [stewboy]** MAP29: All Fall Down (by valkiriforce) Music Track: "Intercession" [Darman Macray]** MAP30: Guillotine (by DerFurer'sFace, boss by Moustachio) Music Track: "Welcome Change" [LewkForce]** MAP31: Beamfleot (by Moustachio) Music Track by XenoNemisis **The title screen features the midi, "Enter the Ception", composed by ForceTheDemo and Darman Macray. **The intermission screen features the midi, "Enter the Mission", composed by ForceTheDemo and Darman Macray. The text screen features an untitled midi composition by XenoNemisis (ForceTheDemo) from the Interception OST. **MAP32's placeholder features an untitled midi composition by ForceTheDemo. GRAPHICS: BOSSBACK (Moustachio, idea from Doomenator) HELP (Moustachio) CREDIT (Moustachio) TITLEPIC (Moustachio, M_DOOM credits below) INTERPIC (Moustachio) SKY1 (Mechadon) GENERAL SKY2 (Mechadon) SKY3 (Mechadon) SKY3B (valkiriforce) SKY3C (valkiriforce) M_DOOM (franckFRAG and The Mysterious Moustachio) ST_BAR/ST_ARMS (galileo31dos01) cc4-tex (CC4 Dev Team) zoon-tex (Jimmy) STTNUMX lumps (Mechadon) THE STORY:
  2. Sure thing, @DFF, in that case I could just update the wad on Google Drive this Sunday and just push out the idgames update when it's settled.
  3. I will go ahead and update the levels sometime this weekend when I have time. About MAP30B, it's a copy of MAP30 with the dehacked nazi replaced with a DECORATE clone. This is just so that monster mods don't break the final boss encounter. I think if I can come up with some ZScript to replace the dehacked nazi on MAP30 when loaded in GZDoom, that would let me get rid of MAP30B.
  4. In GZDoom you still have to IDDT to see things, but it's actually pretty neat since you can see things with animated and rotated sprites.
  5. Moustachio

    Underrated WADs

    The bugfixed version of Interception is now live on idgames, I just haven't resurrected the Interception thread yet. Also, pretty good list of underrated wads! I just started on Mars War and I'm enjoying it thus far!
  6. Thanks, DFF! I pushed through an update already just to fix the soft-locks, but there shouldn't be a problem with addressing the remaining small bugs in one last update in about a month. Unless a game-breaker is found, I think now would be a good time to take a break from this wad personally. I'll probably poke around for bugs here and there as time goes on, and I already addressed a few new ones in the latest update. So I guess now's a good time to mention that the idgames link is now up-to-date! If you've already got it, now's the time to re-download.
  7. @Shepardus It is, in fact, E1M4!
  8. Okay, this one might be a little harder. @SiFi270 Damn, I genuinely have no clue what map that could be.
  9. I love the new updates to the port! Proper widescreen, Steam release, DEH loading, and gyro aiming are all A+ additions that I frankly did not see coming. The gyro aiming in particular helps tremendously for me on console once I got used to it. That being said, while I understand wanting more enemies in UV+, I think multiplayer items/enemies should be a separate toggle on the level select. I also think the toggle plus the UV+ option should be on the New Game menu's difficulty selection. UV+ is hidden away in the Level Select menu currently, which most gamers picking up Doom for the first time in however many years may just glance over.
  10. Moustachio

    WADs That Aren't Serious

    Ray Mowhawk's Manic Monday. Short, silly, sweet vanilla mapset. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/mohawks
  11. Updated all of the maps according to feedback. Here's the Google Drive link again for convenience: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k1l6LNS0l_XA0us1a4T-kX4yHJMljwHt/view?usp=sharing
  12. @JadingTsunami It seems that getting rid of the "endgame = false" lines on each map with a text screen after fixes it. Would it be better to remove all those redundant "endgame = false" lines completely?
  13. Hey, you'd be surprised how many times I'd want to play a wad in splitscreen with my friends. LZDoom also has couch co-op, but it's MUCH more cumbersome to set up. The obvious advantage there though is a larger pool of mods.
  14. Moustachio

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    I've had it on PS4 since it was a so-so port. Honestly, I think we've been getting spoiled rotten with this port. It's really great, and it all feels like an updated port of Doom should. I don't really see it as having a lack of features more than just keeping true to the original spirit of the game.
  15. @DFF I made sure the doors on the last MAP09 trap open up in a recent revision, but I can make them open up a little bit quicker. Other than that, I should be able to get to work grinding out all the rest of the bullet points over the weekend.
  16. @marver0PS Did you find any good documentation for UMAPINFO that I can reference? When I made the lump, all I could find was one post on the second page of an old Doomworld thread. Got the same bug, but it doesn't look like the block for MAP06 has anything strange going on with the "next = " line.
  17. I would really like to see this magazine keep going as well! There's something about the format of a magazine that really lends itself to showcasing the sea of wads and Doom-related subjects out there. The way the Cacowards are structured gives me this sort of vibe as well, but it's welcome to see additional, regularly published and curated Doom content.
  18. @marver0PS Boy, that's rich haha EDIT: Alright, I believe I've got all the bugs fixed up. Tested with PrBoom+, PrBoom+ UM , and Woof! 2.1.0. So for the MAP09 dummy sectors, it seems that the monsters didn't loop back right due to using the non-silent teleport variant. The silent variant preserves momentum, while the normal teleport action stops it. One looper teleport line was also too close to a wall. On MAP30, I had changed it from its original design because of the way Woof! used to render the fake floors and ceilings line action. However, now that it's fixed, I reverted it back to the original design, which circumvents this issue entirely. In Boom, the fake ceiling action here gives a huge flat bleed through, but I figure it's not a big issue since the wad already crashes in DOS Boom to begin with. About the UMAPINFO episode screen problem, I believe I mistakenly copied an "episode = " line for whatever reason on every map, which broke PrBoom+ UM and DOOM Retro. I removed them, and I can now start the game just fine. Google Drive updated.
  19. @DCG Retrowave Wow, I love that it's based on your real house, much like Sandy Petersen supposedly did for Suburbs! Great job all around!
  20. Gave MAP01 a go in DOSBox! I really love the retro aesthetic of this wad, it's fun and bright and it's just the sort of thing I need at a time like this. Pretty good house map as well. It's not too cumbersome to move around the tiny house space, and the layout is easy to remember and quick to finish. I only found 2/3 secrets, but I still had fun exploring the little Doom house.
  21. @DFF It'd be much appreciated! Does anyone have a clue as to what could be causing the signal 11 crash in MAP01? I have checked the map for any unknown linedef actions, GL nodes, unusually called resources, etc. and nothing! It's strange too because nothing much has been added to the map since 2.3 either. Fixed! I found two sets of MAP01 GLNodes under other maps for some reason... Google Drive updated!
  22. @whybmonotacrab That is very odd, I don't get the signal 11 crash when I load with the -complevel 9 param set either... I'll check for any GL nodes left in the wad, since I believe the same thing happened in the Rowdy Rudy II thread the other day. It is time-locked to 1 minute, yes. I wanted the player to be using just the rockets for the first minute or so and then get some backup in the form of the Plasma Gun. And a huuuge thanks to each and every one of you for helping me find those last bugs! You are all awesome! And you are all getting credited in the text file. If I had the space on the CREDIT lump for post-release testers, I'd put you all there too. If I ever do another community project again, I will make a decided note to improve the organization of the entire project. A huge problem I'm noticing with a lot of these bugs is that they had been fixed one version, but then due to some miscommunication or organization error on my part, they would always revert back to the original wad. Plus, my memory is terrible, as I've learned from this whole experience, so naturally I'd forget to check for them again, or even forget to check for some bugs at all. I know I bit off a bit more than I could chew with this project, so having this level of support instead of criticism is really appreciated at the moment. I really feel like we made something special here, and I'm really proud of the work that everyone's put into it, so let's give it a worthy, bug-free release. Current updates done, and the Google Drive link is updated: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k1l6LNS0l_XA0us1a4T-kX4yHJMljwHt/view?usp=sharing It is a little funny how long those took to find versus how quickly I fixed most of them. It just goes to show how necessary it is to thoroughly test your wad. However, I could not solve the signal 11 crash just quite yet, as MAP01 doesn't have the same issue with GLNodes that Rudy II MAP04 did. Will continue to research... Will upload to /idgames again in a couple days. Just wanna make sure nothing comes in, bug-wise, in the next few days. Besides, I'm sure those archive maintainers are sick and tired of seeing my email address by this point.
  23. @DFF It's okay DFF, it's not your fault. I should have noted the fix somewhere in a changelog, and communicated more clearly as we were editing it. That goes for me on all maps as well. There may be a soft-lock on MAP27 in the crate room on the north end of the map, I will make sure to check for that as well @NuMetalManiak
  24. Ughhhh, I fixed that in an earlier update, but it got unfixed in one of DFF's patches. Thanks. EDIT: All of the bugs mentioned so far have been fixed. All the updates are live on Google Drive, so you should just have to click the link again and re-download it to update. Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k1l6LNS0l_XA0us1a4T-kX4yHJMljwHt/view?usp=sharing