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  1. Moustachio

    dsda-doom v0.27.4 [2023-11-18]

    I had been thinking lately about how nice it would be to have that colormap feature in mapinfo. Very nice!
  2. Moustachio

    International Doom 7.2.1 (October 29, 2023)

    There aren't any executables in either zip.
  3. Moustachio


    Interception is a vanilla-compatible megawad for DOOM II. In the far distant future, you are part of a team of marines who are sent a distress signal from an archaeology site. Once you arrive, the rest of your team is killed by some nasty hell spawns. Now it's your job to stop the invasion, or die trying. Along the way, you explore ancient military bases, an underground necropolis, and Hell itself. FINAL UPDATE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x0x322xooed40nb/interfin.zip Changelog: -New Maplist Order -Fixed Music Tracks -Various Changes and Fixes Throughout -Updated Textfile with Author Comments (Big thanks to those willing to write some comments!) -A Final, Special Thanks from the Project Leader (Yours Truly) Completed Maps: -MAP01: Excavation Site (by Matt534Dog) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP02: Research Facility (by Matt534Dog) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP03: Flooded Caverns (by Matt534Dog) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP04: Medical Center (by Matt534Dog) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP05: Dangerous Curves (by valkiriforce) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP06: Rail Terminal 38 (by phobosdeimos1) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP07: Floodgates (by Matt534Dog) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP08: Panopticon (by purist) 1 2 3 4 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP09: Iron Jungle (by Razen) Music Track by stewboy -MAP10: Chemical Laboratory (by C30N9) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP11: The Ocean Outpost (by valkiriforce) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP12: Underearth (by sgt dopey + Matt534Dog) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP13: Castle Grounds (by Memfis) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP14: Antidote (by Processingcontrol) 1 2 Music Track by stewboy -MAP15: Elm Street (by phobosdeimos1) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP16: Vertigo Plant (by franckFRAG) Music Track by stewboy -MAP17: Hell House (by Razen) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP18: City of Burning Sulfur (by valkiriforce) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP19: Alpha Tower (by Matt534Dog + Marnetmar + Pottus) Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP20: Beta Tower (by Matt534Dog) Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP21: Wrong Dimension (by phobosdeimos1) 1 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP22: Bone Dread (by phobosdeimos1) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP23: Abysmal Affliction (by Pottus) Music Track by stewboy -MAP24: Bloody Castle (by C30N9 + valkiriforce) 1 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP25: Demon's Spite (by C30N9) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP26: Wrecking Fist (by Memfis + purist) Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP27: Blood Siege (by Pottus) Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP28: Amongst the Ash (by Processingcontrol) Music Track by stewboy -MAP29: Barbatos' Fortress (by General Rainbow Bacon) 1 2 Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP30: Interception (by Matt534Dog) Music Track by XenoNemisis -MAP31: Degravitation (by Processingcontrol) 1 2 Music Track by stewboy -MAP32: The Cataclysm (by valkiriforce) 1 Music Track by XenoNemisis Texture Alignment and Various Changes by: Pottus "Intro (Main Theme)" by XenoNemisis - Listen "Intermission Screen" by XenoNemisis - Listen "Text Screen" by XenoNemisis - Listen Mappers: -Matt534Dog -phobosdeimos1 -valkiriforce -General Rainbow Bacon -Processingcontrol -purist -franckFRAG -C30N9 -Marnetmar -Pottus -Razen -Memfis -sgt dopey Musicians: -XenoNemisis -stewboy Testers: (4/4) -1ntru -Razen -Processingcontrol -gun_psycho Thank you for reading! Please, download this wad from the link above!
  4. Moustachio


    @DreadWanderer Current idgames version is 1.666.0.
  5. It would work, but unless you would like to write & bug-test those cases yourself, I don't think there's any interest in the community right now to add more compatibility settings to GZDoom. I certainly would love for GZDoom to have 1:1 vanilla compatibility for the sake of playtesting, but I think that falls way out of the scope of GZDoom's development focus. Since the base code is already very different from vanilla Doom's, it would be more work to add compatibility back in than to add new features to GZDoom.
  6. Moustachio


    @Xymph v1.666.0
  7. Moustachio


    New version fixed the missing/stuck enemies from MAP17 and fixed a soft-lock in MAP03. I removed the changelogs because I thought they were clutter, but I didn’t realize that it was useful for the wiki.
  8. This level is now up on the /idgames Archive. There’s sure to be more MBF21 content to come, so keep an eye out. Thanks to everyone who playtested.
  9. DOWNLOAD FROM /idgames A bit of a spiritual successor to my 2022 wad, Herschel Spaceport. Blast your way through demons from Hell in a rundown city block. The action takes place up top on the streets, in a (hover!) train station, and in the water filtration system below. Requires an MBF21-compatible source port. I tested it extensively with DSDA Doom 0.26.2 & GZDoom 4.10.0. The sky is funky in GL renderers, so be sure to play this in a software renderer for the intended look. Overall, GZDoom works great. It has a new weapon set, including a plasma pistol (replacing the pistol), a sniper rifle (replacing the SSG), and a grenade launcher (replacing the chainsaw). The grenades last until you shoot or step on them, so be careful! Should take anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete. Feel free to prove me wrong though. It's about TNT level difficulty, but that street fight can get pretty hectic. Like with Herschel Spaceport, I'm throwing this out there as a backdoor pilot for a potential community project that I'm trying to get off the ground. I've got most of the details ironed out, so I should be ready to open it up this year, but I want to get feedback on the assets used before greenlighting it. Credits are included in the credits.txt file. Some of the credits carried over from Herschel, so some redundant information may be included. There are credits for some objects that don't appear in the level, but are still in the wad resources. Feel free to mess around with the MBF21 items as you wish. Thanks to @galileo31dos01 for a bit of playtesting!
  10. Deadline for maps: February 1, 2024 Hey, all. Had a good idea for a community project. This is unrelated to my MBF21 projects. I got the idea from a song by Pink Floyd called Embryo. "Warm glow, moon bloom; Always need a little more room." So obviously I thought, what if we made a wad where each level has a smaller space restriction than the last. As the player progresses through, the world shrinks and shrinks until expert movement is required to beat the last few maps. Rules: Mappers of all skill welcome. However, please do your best to engage with feedback. I want new mappers to come away from this project having learned something new. Each map has a restricted playable space and should make full use of it. Playable area sizes listed below. The player can't leave the space, but enemies & level geometry can be outside of the space. Hilariously, this means that MAP01 will be the largest. Boom-compatible (run DSDA Doom with -complevel 9 parameter set). No jumping or crouching allowed. Testing should be done in an accurate Boom compatible port like DSDA-Doom. GZDoom changes a lot about the game physics. Freelook, finite height things, and modified scrolling floor physics can potentially break your map, so make sure that they don’t! A lot of people will play using GZDoom on default compatibility! Stock Doom II textures only. Exception: Boom sky transfers are allowed. Feel free to use any sky texture. All I ask for is a proper credit for the sky texture and that you post it as a PNG along with your map submission. Mappers have priority in choosing their midi. I'll chose tracks for submissions without midis (unless you want the stock DOOM II song from your map slot). Special line actions like MAP07's 666/667 tags can be used freely when available. Port specific line actions like ZDoom's line 337 (line horizon) effect can be used as long as there are no conflicts with other port specific line actions. Name your map whatever you'd like. Just don’t be unreasonable. Maps 01-05 should be on the easier side. Other than that, no restriction on difficulty, but if it's too hard for me to beat, I'll request a recorded successful run or some changes. Keep in mind that I will ask for revisions for maps that need a little more polish. Same goes for maps that don’t fit the rules. I am lenient with newer mappers, but if you are unable to edit your map to fit the rules & quality of the project your slot will be freed up for someone else. Things that fall outside the quality boundaries: troll maps, maps that break the rules, etc. Things I will ask for revisions on: very straightforward maps. I want this project to be a good learning opportunity and to produce some creative results. I'll ask to workshop a map with you if I think more can be done with it. To maintain difficulty between maps, each level should end with a death exit. If it doesn’t have one already, it will be added when we compile the wad. Here's an example of a silent death exit in Boom (courtesy of @macro). One slot per contributor. Once a slot is claimed it's yours until you drop it. No weapon or enemy mods will be used. Your resource wad is DOOM2.wad. No deadline for now. I will offer the secret maps to folks who come to me with an interesting concept. Click here to download the "resource pack." It's become a convenience pack for playtesters. I've compiled all the levels we have so far into the wad along with CWILVs, UMAPINFO & Dehacked info, music, and skies for each level. I also designed new TITLEPIC, INTERPIC, and M_DOOM lumps. Each level flows to the next completed level via UMAPINFO, so no need to use IDCLEV. MAP SUBMISSION FORMAT If any musicians want to have a crack at it, I'm still open to accepting new title/text/intermission screen music. I would like it to be legally distinct, yet inspired in some way by the Pink Floyd song that inspired the project, Embryo. I have a sequenced version of the song in question in the resource pack.
  11. Alright, I think the majority of mappers are cool with February. I’m setting a hard deadline on February 1st, 2024. I’ll cut it off at midnight -12:00 UTC. As long as it’s Feb. 1 anywhere on Earth feel free to hand it in.
  12. Now that we have 11/30 main maps, and things are slowing down a bit, we can start talking about a potential deadline. I'm thinking that a few more months for mapping might be doable, but I want to make sure this will accommodate maps on the larger end as well. I know holidays are coming up for many of us as well, so I would like to accommodate for those. How would you all feel about sometime in February? I suppose since this wad is vaguely gestation-themed, we could shoot for a Valentine's Day release. Seems appropriate enough right? Jokes aside, I'm looking for opinions on this, so feel free to speak up. @TJG1289 @IvanDobsky @Arno @yourlocalchef @solidago @Philnemba @Makedounia @PRO-RC @spineapple tea @signaturereverie @russin @whybmonotacrab @macro @SharkyChip @Jakub Majewski @Alaxzandarz @ViolentBeetle @taufan99 @Large Cat @LoatharMDPhD How are the maps coming? If you'd like to weigh in on a potential deadline, please feel free. There is currently no deadline set.
  13. @DynamiteKaitorn Just two demos for MAP08. I was able to find only 1 secret and kill all enemies. Funnily enough, the difficulty and overall pace feels really in line with MAP09. I wonder if the whole first episode will be fairly easy. I thought the encounters were engaging while still being an appropriate level of difficulty. Some of them caught me off guard, but I never felt like I was in any real danger. The aesthetics and midi are good, and a good use of the wide space was made here to create a claustrophobic environment. I think if I were to improve anything about the map as a whole, it would be that the traps can be easy to cheese sometimes. I often found myself running and hiding behind a door or corner and just doing cleanup. The fights I did enjoy were the ones with ample opportunity for infighting. The baron and mancubus fight was a great one too, since I couldn't just run away. There are a few things I'd change for quality of life: While this switch is indicated by the green wire on the ceiling, I don't really see a reason why the player should rely on a small detail like that just to open the exit. Personally, I like the use of computers as switches, but I can see a lot of people getting a little confused by this part. Maybe other playtesters will feel differently. These support textures seem a bit off.
  14. @Windy Demo for MAP13. After finally completing this level, I can safely say that it was very satisfying to beat. I was able to complete it without finding any of the secrets. I think that all things considered, no one fight is particularly the hardest -- aside from those four AVs on the way to the yellow key. Really, what I struggled with the most was the endurance required to beat this map, about 10 minutes of white-knuckle action all single segment. With saves and secrets, I can see other players having a much easier time. Like I said before, I like the map quite a bit. I think I can't really complain about anything in particular. Every fight had some strategy that I could reliably use. The aesthetics are really gorgeous and have a classic megawad kind of feel. I like the midi as well. Pacing-wise, the map is solid, alternating between tough action and some room to breathe. Great stuff.
  15. @macro People are not dumb. They will know to set complevel 9 because it will be in the text file. Don't worry about any problems that may arise with Boom compatibility, I've seen them all. Please, keep the thread focused on the map development and not on the details of the wad implementation. That is my job, not yours. And if you do have more questions/concerns about implementation, message me privately please.
  16. @Windy Outstanding combat. I think I will leave it at about 40 attempts for the night though. I'll call it a DNF after 100 attempts. This level is no joke. A real endurance test. I think that everything about the level is outstanding. The aesthetics, music, and flow are all on point. It is just really, really hard. So far this has beaten me harder than MAP21 has, taking me around the same amount of attempts to only get to the last fight. I'll save a full write up for when I either win or get to 100 attempts. As a bonus, I did manage to snap a few action shots by fat-fingering my screenshot button:
  17. I can confirm that the signal 11 crash does not occur when using the -complevel 9 command line parameter. This parameter is necessary for testing all the maps in the project, as it sets DSDA/PrB+ to the exact settings of Boom v2.02. That's why Tangra's level loaded in Boom v2.02 and not DSDA or PrBoom+. I believe the default parameter for PrBoom+ is actually -complevel 17, and DSDA's is -complevel 21. So before playtesting your map, make sure to load DSDA/Pr with -complevel 9 set.
  18. DSDA Doom is our port of choice, but I also ask that we test GZDoom because it changes the way a few engine features work. It also has the biggest install base of any source port. GZDoom features that could potentially change your map: Freelook Finite height for things (don’t want the player climbing on a lamp and jumping out of your map) Voodoo doll thrust calculations work differently in ZDoom Some software effects don’t render the same in hardware (& vice-versa) Thank you for reading the rules carefully @macro, but my intent is for each map to be tested thoroughly in both DSDA & GZ. Because of the engine differences, and because so many people play in it, we want to make sure we support GZDoom as well. I have rewritten that part of the rules to summarize what I’ve written here. And we’ll just fix any compatibility issues as they come up.
  19. I have an update for MAP01 (V5). Just makes the inescapable pits escapable. Shouldn’t affect the par time. While it was unannounced, V4 added the death exit. @macro Make sure to download embryo_res.wad again if you haven’t. I’ve updated the wad with Lina’s revised MAP21. I also stuck my toe in a little GZ territory and added a GLDEFS lump. The main purpose right now is to add a little glow from certain textures in GZDoom (like lights & nukage). Mappers, let me know how you feel about these effects.
  20. Go ahead and use an animated sky. I will organize the textures in the compilation so that they don’t cause conflicts. You can include the frames in your wad. What did you think of MAP01 before you fell into the pit?
  21. Feel free to record a par time, it's better than nothing. Either way, I was planning on doing them all near the end of the project. And if anyone beats my par time, I'll just use their time (with credit).
  22. @macro I think anyone should be able to record par times as long as they provide a demo. I'll provide one for MAP01: 80 seconds par time (50 real time). The COMPLVL lump is already included in the resource file. For the animated sky you could add all the frames to TEXTUREx and use Boom's ANIMATED lump to create a custom animated texture.
  23. Moustachio

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    It's really okay, I think random just needs a little time to figure it all out. I'll just wait until everything has settled so I know which slots are open for real.
  24. Moustachio

    Box Doom - Community Project [Slots Filled]

    @randomsounds01 I had already asked for Box 11 before OliveTree... I'll just sit this project out for right now and let you catch up on organizing things.
  25. I always go by John Romero's method when defining par times: Rounding off just means round down to the nearest multiple of 5. Suppose you took 23 seconds to beat a level as fast as possible, to get the par time: Beat the level UV speed. This is just Ultra-Violence as fast as possible. I think Romero would have actually used HMP, but since the community at large plays on UV, I always do UV. Round your UV speed time down to the nearest multiple of 5. We took 23 seconds, so we round down to 20 seconds. Add 30 seconds: 20 + 30 = 50. The par time would be 50 seconds.