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  1. This one has been taking me a while.
  2. Interesting yet incredibly time-consuming wad idea: Enemy Damage Sprites.


    It's been suggested before... 

    but that thread was pitched in regards to Smooth Doom. Granted, animating countless frames of animation for Smooth Doom would take an exhausting amount of time, but surely damage sprites for vanilla animations ought to be a much more attainable goal.

  3. Some screenshots of a map I'm finishing up! I'm calling it MINING OPS.
  4. Sweet, thanks @bioshockfan90!
  5. Here's a new map: (MAP01 SLOT) -=TESTED ON CRISPY DOOM 4.1 AND CHOCOLATE DOOM 2.3.0=- STRIKE ON HECTIC CASTLE Exit Times Casual UV Playthrough: 9:33 UV Max Playthrough: 23:00
  6. Rust, Dust & Guts.
  7. DOOM 2016's soundtrack is phenomenal at capturing both a mess of machinery and a hellish nightmare, and it syncs up to the game to boot. Amazing score.
  8. @Tracer Oh, yeah, that distinction. Forget about it myself sometimes.
  9. @Tracer What did you mean by "NON Limit removing." in the OP?
  10. Dig the namechange. Can't read it without hearing a little dash of spanish guitar in my head.

  11. @dobu gabu maru Yeah, that demo is a little bit outdated at this point. I've made a lot of improvements since then; I'm always going back and adjusting my older levels. Your feedback is going to be really useful though.
  12. I'm a cork on the ocean

    Floatin over the ragin sea

    how deep is the ocean

    how deep is the ocean

  13. I went and updated the OP with much more information about what the project goals are. If you are interested in testing maps or composing music, send me a message!
  14. Technically speaking it has the toughest monster count and a fuckton of cyberdemons, but at least that level gives you the proper ammo and health to deal with all that. E4M1 doesn't even have that to help you through the beatdown, and I still can't get past this level without dying at least once. On top of that, there's a good chance the player is playing Go 2 It on a continuous run, and they may have extra health/armor from MAP31 (though that level is pretty damn hard itself). E4M1 is the first goddamn level in E4. This is all talking UV difficulty into account though, and E4M1 is not nearly as hard on HMP and below.
  15. Some pretty neat ideas for MAP31 just popped into my head, so I'd love to sign up for that slot.