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  1. A screenshot from the first ever wad I made! Holy shit! It sucks~
  2. I found the first maps I ever made circa 2010! I can't believe I still have these! Come join me:
  3. @wheresthebeef That looks gorgeous! I'm not sure why, but I'm getting a strong Capcom vibe from it. What's it for?
  4. "My friends, we gather here today..."
  5. This is really cool! Being able to record a demo is a lot less time-consuming than recording a demo/video of a level, editing/compressing the video for online streaming, and then uploading it. I can't help but feel like reading the Opening Post in Jeff Goldblum's voice.
  6. A new city scene I'm working on:
  7. @rdwpa I made my first Doom map in 2010 and my first published map was in 2012, so I wouldn't really consider myself a newcomer.
  8. This was a pretty nice map you made here. It looks good in vanilla (though, there is a but too much gray for my liking), and there were no compatibility issues I found. The gameplay is nice and laid back with a few moments of light intensity. Personally, I love maps that let the player take fights at your own pace and allow him or her to run away from an ambush; that being said, I feel that maybe adding a bit more pressure on the player would work to this map's benefit. Also, as some have mentioned, the lowering floor traps would benefit greatly from using the much faster "floor lower to 8 above highest floor" action. I enjoyed the map myself -- quick, open, and mostly painless.
  9. None of the modern console ports have animated intermission screens for Doom 1.
  10. 2018 Doom Goals: Finish Atonement and other projects (gg) Compile and release the maps that have been cut from Atonement Contribute to more community projects Release more standalone maps
  11. Two new levels, THIS EARTH UNKNOWN and BIG OL' CRATER:
  12. Doomguy looks like he's wearing a good combination of all his armor designs throughout the years. I like it!
  13. Fuck! Just missed it... :( I'll definitely be joining in next time.
  14. This news is heart-wrenching to say the least. I never got to know Kate Fox personally, but she has a volume of works that speaks for itself, and it is unquestionable the impact she has had on much of our community. My condolences to her loved ones, her friends, and her fellow collaborators. May she live on through her work, and may she live on in the hearts of those who were close to her. Rest in peace, Kate Fox.
  15. @Expolision Studios According to the Doom wiki, it can be written as both. Regardless, I approve of any new Hacx material because I agree that Hacx is criminally underrated. The weapons are so much fun to use (the uzi in particular stands out as a badass rapid-fire weapon).