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  1. Atonement [Vanilla Megawad] -- Officially DOOM2.EXE Compatible!

    @bioshockfan90 Thanks, bioshockfan! I'm excited to start unleashing this thing! I'll take this opportunity to post a piece of artwork that I personally did for the wad. Here's the intermission screen art in its current incarnation (as it appears in-game):
  2. Atonement [Vanilla Megawad] -- Officially DOOM2.EXE Compatible!

    @Nine Inch Heels I'll send one over the minute galileo31dos01 and I put the finishing touches on the status bar!
  3. Atonement [Vanilla Megawad] -- Officially DOOM2.EXE Compatible!

    Atonement Episodes 1 & 2 (MAP01-MAP11) are coming out soon! Here are some more screenshots in glorious Chocolate Doom resolution:
  4. Nightmare!

    I love Nightmare so much. It's an absolute rush, and it's probably the closest thing to experiencing an actual Hell invasion in Doom I can think of (for the base games at the very least). It's too bad it's absolutely broken in vanilla Doom. If you save and reload, the fast monsters turn off, and enemies forget where you are. I know that's not a problem on SNES Doom, but the SNES port also lacks the respawning monsters due to hardware limitations, so it's a bit easier still. In any case, going a step above UV and beating the game is an accomplishment on any version of Doom. Congrats!
  5. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Looks like something straight out of TribeTwelve (which I heard looks like something straight out of A Scanner Darkly). Pretty badass!
  6. ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    On a positive note, I've been a fan of ZDaemon for as long as I've been a fan of Doom, and these updates are mighty exciting for someone like me who plays on it more than Zandronum or Odamex.
  7. ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    Being completely shut off from changing viewpoints or a change of opinion is very close-minded. Especially in a community that thrives on a codebase that is open source. And forums are meant for discussion, so there's no real reason to stop having this discussion if it's something that people feel strongly about even after 10 years.
  8. Ever wonder how Doomguy opens doors?

    You're right. It must be then that the fast doors are actually even heavier, and Doomguy forces the heavy doors open even faster than the light doors as a show of pure, barbaric strength to scare off the demons.
  9. Ever wonder how Doomguy opens doors?

    I assume he merely grabs the full weight of the door by the bottom and flings it up with brute strength, sometimes so forcefully that the door gets stuck and is never able to come back down.
  10. Which iwad midi is the loudest/quietest?

    E2M4 seems like a good space to just breathe. It's probably got the quietest track. Loudest track is definitely TNT MAP02.
  11. Airplane and spaceship maps?

    MAP10 or so of Equinox is a spaceship full of arch-viles if I recall correctly
  12. 25 years of DooM

    Yeah, I'm gonna have to say vanilla mapping is pretty fun!
  13. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Chipping away at this level from Atonement (glorious 320x200 Choco-Doom screenshots below):
  14. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    A war was waged here...
  15. Commander Keen is Doomguy's dad?

    Probably, but I'm still a big fan of the id-verse theory. It's fun to entertain. I suppose Rage could take place a bit before Doom 2016 since that seems like the kind of power starved, post-apocalyptic world that would benefit greatly from infinite argent energy... Which would probably put it after Doom II in the "timeline". I think Quake II would actually make more sense taking place during or after Doom 2016, seeing as the UAC is providing more than enough energy to supply a huge invasion of the Strogg homeworld. That being said, I never finished Q4, so that could possibly throw a wrench in the theory. Now that I think about it, the BFG 9000 is still the active model in Doom 2016 whereas, in Quake II, it's the BFG 10000.