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  1. The Mysterious Moustachio

    What are you listening to?

  2. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    @whirledtsar Yup, here's the quote from the doomwiki.org page:
  3. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    @Pegg I think that's also how John Romero or Sandy Petersen originally described the arch-vile: a bastard who only resurrects demons for the sick thrill of watching them die again and again.
  4. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    To be fair, Doom 3's arch-vile already summoned enemies without corpses. Or it could work as a healer and bolster monsters that are currently on the field as well while the summoner summons monsters.
  5. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    Officially making Eternal Doom obsolete. Bless id.
  6. The Mysterious Moustachio

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Trying to create a city-scape that won't be too demanding for vanilla... We'll see how well it works out.
  7. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Crispy Doom 5.2 (Update: June 20, 2018)

    Because that's an easy thing to pick up right? Fabian doesn't have to add shit... but they're not bad suggestions. Especially the exit sounds one.
  8. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Interception II: It's Back, and It's in Boom Format! (CL9 Doom II Megawad)

    We'll have to cut off the round robin at riderr3 and valkiriforce. We're already at three keys, and the map would just get too big if any more people added on to it I think.
  9. DOWNLOAD THE RESOURCE PACK (VERSION 2h) HERE Interception II is the direct sequel to the 2013 megawad, Interception. Keeping in line with the last project, this wad will be a Doom II community project open for anyone -- mappers, musicians, and other artists alike -- to contribute content to until we have 32 full (and well polished) levels, 32 music tracks to go along with them and then some, some new graphics listed below, and the story texts (the absolute most crucial ingredient). This time around, however, the limits are off, and complevel 9 is in! On that note, the story premise this time around continues directly from the ending of Interception: You have just stopped the demon spawner on Earth when you realize that Barbatos was merely a shield, guarding a portal to the demons' home dimension. Fearing the worst for all life in the Multiverse, you hastily dive through the portal, hoping to snip the head of the demon army. Episode 1 (Map01-Map11) will have a parallel universe vibe; things are all out of whack, as the demons have distorted this entire dimension beyond comprehension. Episode 2 (Map12-Map20) revolves around a planet hopping gimmick, wiping the Hell invaders off of a new planet each level. Episode 3 (Map21-Map30) will see the player return back to Earth and encounter some of the fiercest challenges Hell has to offer. All development discussion will be held in the Interception II Discord server: https://discord.gg/VH4FCvh This thread will remain open throughout for any questions and comments as well as important updates. So far on the team we have... The Interceptors: The Next Generation: The Mysterious Moustachio (formerly Matt534Dog) valkiriforce Memfis General Rainbow Bacon stewboy Doomkid XenoNemisis Nine Inch Heels Myst.Haruko cannonball Big Ol Billy Jimmy Roofi bioshockfan90 AD_79 an_mutt Malrionn DMPhobos DerFurer'sFace NaZa Crunchynut44 Quantum_dranger yugiboy85 NuclearPotato NeedHealth A2Rob Scotty Spectre01 Uni 40oz Pegleg If you'd like to join, shoot me a PM on Doomworld or leave a message on the Discord server. ANYONE CAN CONTRIBUTE, and, like before, ANYONE IS FREE TO CALL ANY MAPSLOT THEY'D LIKE. EDIT (5/1/2018): Somehow, we've managed to fill all 32 slots within one week's time! I'm just blown away by the amount of passion and excitement that you all have been pouring into this project, and I am stoked to play all of your wonderful creations-to-be! I cannot possibly thank those of you who have joined the team -- as well as those of you who have simply supported the project in general -- enough! Happy mapping to all, and here's to a sequel that improves upon both the strengths and the weaknesses of its predecessor. -The Mysterious Moustachio Although the Map List is now officially full for the time being, there are still plenty of ways to contribute if you're interested. We're still actively searching for musicians and visual artists to help round out the team (not to mention I'm still looking for a Gold texture set that looks good in Software rendering mode). Make sure to PM me on Doomworld or reply to this thread if you'd like to join as a playtester or map editor. Mappers, make sure to balance your difficulty settings appropriately for your map choice. Also, expect your map to be fixed, edited, and moved around as is necessary. It'll help out the flow of the wad a lot more if we can remain flexible and open to change our maps and try new ideas. Also, the maps ought to be compatible with cooperative as well. Deathmatch isn't a real goal I had in mind for this project, so feel free to not worry about DM at all while mapping. THE MAP LIST Bold Maps are claimed slots. Underlined Maps are completed maps that are ready for playtesting. Episode 1 (11/11): Map01: Untitled Map by Quantum_dranger Map02: AD_79 Map03: Myst.Haruko Map04: Untitled Map by DMPhobos Map05: "Warped Flying Fortress" by The Mysterious Moustachio Map06: bioshockfan90 Map07: General Rainbow Bacon Map08: Roofi Map09: The Mysterious Moustachio, stewboy, Pegleg, & NuclearPotato (so far...) Map10: "What Could Go Wrong?" by Big Ol Billy Map11: DerFurer'sFace Episode 2 (9/9): Map12: "Falcon Orbiting AU79" by The Mysterious Moustachio Map13: Crunchynut44 Map14: yugiboy85 Map15: an_mutt Map16: jdagenet Map17: Malrionn Map18: General Rainbow Bacon Map19: NaZa Map20: Jaws in Space Episode 3 (10/10): Map21: Untitled Map by A2Rob Map22: The Mysterious Moustachio Map23: Untitled Map by NeedHealth Map24: Uni Map25: cannonball Map26: Scotty Map27: "Sinister Teachings" by General Rainbow Bacon Map28: Spectre01 Map29: valkiriforce Map30: The Mysterious Moustachio Secret Levels (2/2): Map31: Nuclear Potato Map32: Nine Inch Heels Here are some screenshots of what we have done so far: And here's a list of the GRAPHICS we need finished by the time the wad is finished: TITLEPIC INTERPIC BOSSBACK CREDIT HELP SKY1 (Mechadon) SKY1B? GENERAL SKY2 (Mechadon) SKY3 (Mechadon) SKY3B? M_DOOM I am also gathering a set of custom textures that all members will be able to pull from. It will be updated constantly as I find new textures -- or some one makes them special. 😉 If you want to submit textures for the resource pack, just run them by me, and I'll add them in. Be sure to send a credit for the texture along with it, so we don't run into any issues tracking down sources or giving credit where it is due. Finally, we need music. As previously stated, XenoNemisis and stewboy have both shown interest in returning to compose original music for I2, but we're always looking for extra hands. If you have some kick-ass MIDI jams, please, send them over! It would be preferred if the music was originally written for the wad. MUSIC TRACKS: Title: Intermission: Story: Map01: Map02: Map03: Map04: Map05: WIP by stewboy Map06: Map07: Map08: Map09: Map10: Map11: Map12: Map13: Map14: Map15: Map16: Map17: Map18: Map19: Map20: Map21: Map22: Map23: Map24: Map25: Map26: Map27: Map28: Map29: Map30: Map31/End: Map32:
  10. The Mysterious Moustachio

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    @HAK3180 The playthrough has been a blast to watch so far! I appreciate your well thought-out commentary, and it's a blast to see you freak out during a difficult encounter every now and again. I can't wait to see what you think of the bonus levels. :)
  11. The Mysterious Moustachio

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some Interception II map screenshots (very, very rough)... Map05: Map12:
  12. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Have you used Doom to reduce your anger?

    Except that therapists aren't always readily available except over the phone. A small bout of anger every once in a while is totally normal and manageable, and it just so happens that playing a game to let off steam for half an hour is actually a pretty effective, and harmless, method of blowing off steam when in the heat of the moment. If this is a common occurrence, absolutely go see a therapist if possible since that is an even more effective and harmless method of relieving stress.
  13. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Problem with textures in Vanilla

    To me, it looks like a tutti-frutti effect from vertically tiling a texture that is less than 128 pixels high. I would suggest either breaking up the wall into multiple sectors to "patch" the two bands of that texture together or just find a 128 px high texture to use instead. EDIT: I would be careful about using too many sectors if you are using the first method and want the level to run in Chocolate Doom.
  14. The Mysterious Moustachio

    is Classic Doom better on PS3 or Xbox 360(one)

    Doom Classic Complete comes with more levels since it has Master Levels and Final Doom included. The music also plays at normal speed, so I'd say go with the PS3 Doom Classic Complete.
  15. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    SNES Doom for me as well. Out of the given options, I first played UDoom on PC.
  16. The Mysterious Moustachio

    The tone of DOOM [BEWARE: walls of text]

    So this post isn't pointless, I'll just say that Classic Doom was a mixture of seriousness and goofiness much like the action games and movies the creators were into at the time (i.e. Robocop, Army of Darkness, Aliens). I think the same can be said for 2016. Just like Classic Doom, you can really take it as seriously as you want because there's a good blend of funny and scary elements.
  17. The Mysterious Moustachio

    The tone of DOOM [BEWARE: walls of text]

    I don't get why everyone thinks Doom Slayer is some apathetic killing machine. The only characters he interacts with are demons (with whom he's been involved in a lifelong war), Olivia Pierce (who is obviously evil), and Samuel Hayden (who immediately introduces himself as the head of the UAC, giving the Doomguy all the reason not to trust him). The only other character he has any sort of interaction with is VEGA, and Doom Slayer backs up his memory despite being under no obligation to and the fact that VEGA's about to blow. Just about the only signs of apathy he shows are in the way he interacts with his surroundings. He smashes Dr. Hayden's argent filters, naturally painting him as some sort of barbarian, but, again, if this is the original Doomguy, he has all the reason in the world to completely detest and distrust UAC technology. Especially technology that involves using Hell energy. Which is also where his home is at this point, so one has to wonder if DS also disapproves of Hayden taking his energy as well. The way he handles human body parts is intentionally apathetic and played-for-laughs, but one has to concede that Doom Slayer would probably be used to much, much worse from his time residing in Hell. Aside from that, however, most of his interactions are very reminiscent of the original Doomguy. He's militaristic and quick-thinking, able to figure out how to work various UAC interfaces, and still has a natural affinity for weapons. Most of all, though, is that the Doom Slayer cares, above all else, about the greater good; the Doomguy cared about the greater good as well, as evidenced by his beating the everlasting shit out of his higher officer for ordering him to fire on civilians (Ultimate Doom manual). The Doom Slayer understands the evil of Hell's influence on a level that the rest of humanity (Dr. Samuel Hayden included) doesn't, and, as evidenced by his pronounced glance at the corpse in the elevator, he witnesses the human sacrifices made in the name of "science" with disgust in his eyes (though it might be the only thing keeping humanity alive).
  18. The Mysterious Moustachio

    NEW Favorite Source Port thread (Multiple Choice Poll)

    Crispy Doom definitely takes #1 for me.
  19. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Favorite Source Port?

    Well these are most (if not all) of the votes in this thread: Chocolate Doom: YukiRaven, Agent6, DoomeroHispalense, Catpho, InsanityBringer, DMPhobos, GuyNamedErick, Bauul, EngineerKappa, zokum, The_SloVinator, joshthenesnerd, vesperas GZDoom: Anidrex_1009, Caffeine Freak, YukiRaven, Apaul27, cyan0s1s, HAK3180, ZeroTheEro, Ajora, Aquila Chrysaetos, MFG38, Cacodemon345, Gez, Catpho, Zulk RS, InsanityBringer, DMPhobos, Killer5, SP_FACE1, DaIcemann76, SGS Man, Hell Theatre, EngineerKappa, The_SloVinator, Bridgeburner56, Fulgrim, amackert, Lizardcommando, Bauul, SOSU, riderr3, obake, Ye_Illuminator, Manuel-K PrBoom+: Caffeine Freak, mun, GhoulDesecrator, Agent6, DoomeroHispalense, Zahid, Fonze, Catpho, Eris Falling, bonnie, GuyNamedErick, DeadAstronaut, InsanityBringer, DMPhobos, rehelekretep, Killer5, galileo31dos01, amackert, loveless, riderr3 ZDoom: Caffeine Freak, Ex Oblivione, mun, Urthar, DaIcemann76, DeadAstronaut, galileo31dos01, amackert, Lizardcommando, joshthenesnerd GLBoom+: bonnie, GuyNamedErick, galileo31dos01, Aquila Chrysaetos Zandronum: Catpho, Doomkid, Teder, Zulk RS, Killer5, SP_FACE1, DaIcemann76, SGS Man, Empyre, GuyNamedErick, Lorenz0, Lizardcommando, Grimosaur, Ye_Illuminator, Manuel-K Eternity Engine: Agent6, Catpho, Jon, Edward850, Gez, InsanityBringer, SGS Man, zokum DelphiDoom: Gez Crispy Doom: mun, cyan0s1s, HAK3180, Killer5, Bauul, galileo31dos01, The_SloVinator, Woolie Wool, The Mysterious Moustachio, Doomsday Engine: Caffeine Freak, YukiRaven, Ye_Illuminator ZDaemon: Catpho, DaIcemann76 Odamex: DoomeroHispalense 3DGE: Catpho, Gez Doom Retro: Gez, Manuel-K Risen3D: Catpho Chocolate Heretic: galileo31dos01 Doom2.exe: zokum Boom: The_SloVinator Skulltag: Lizardcommando, Ye_Illuminator Doom Legacy: Bauul, riderr3 doom2-plus v1.9: Woolie Wool QZDoom: Woolie Wool
  20. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Favorite Source Port?

    OP just REEEEEE'd out of here. Let's figure out how to keep track of this.
  21. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Favorite Source Port?

    Crispy Doom
  22. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Interception II: It's Back, and It's in Boom Format! (CL9 Doom II Megawad)

    New resource pack update (v2e): http://www.mediafire.com/file/cq27ql1chst11c4/i2resrcs-v2e.zip Added a load of crate textures to match the cratop flats, and so the mappers don't have to waste their allotted E2 textures on boxes.
  23. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Interception II: It's Back, and It's in Boom Format! (CL9 Doom II Megawad)

    @Pegleg Ooh, good question. No DM isn't really what this wad is aiming for, but all the levels should work in co-op for sure.
  24. The Mysterious Moustachio

    Atonement Episode 1 MARS + Episode 2 EARTH [Vanilla Megawad] Now on /idgames!

    Atonement Episode 1 MARS + Episode 2 EARTH is now on the /idgames Archive, officially bringing this chapter of Atonement to a close. There will be a separate thread for Episode 3 CAPITOL. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/a-c/atone1e2
  25. SCREENSHOTS: Atonement is a partially released set of 32 maps (split into five episodes) which will lead the player through a multitude of maps strung together with loose story elements and a strong sense of progression. Each level in this megawad will be created solely by me -- using cc4-tex.wad -- though I will graciously accept input from anyone who would like to test the maps for me. The wad is regularly play-tested using DOOM2.EXE to ensure backwards compatibility. It is also regularly tested using the latest versions of PrBoom+, GZDoom, Crispy Doom, and Chocolate Doom. It will use the Community Chest 4 texture pack as well. Finally, the wad will have a full 32-song OST with additional original themes for the title and text screens. DOWNLOAD "EPISODE 1 MARS + EPISODE 2 EARTH" FROM /IDGAMES HERE: Atonement E1 MARS + E2 EARTH (13 maps -- run with -dehlump if using Chocolate Doom) EPISODIC STRUCTURE & PROGRESS EPISODE ONE: MARS (MAP01-MAP06) MAP01: TELEPORTER ACCIDENT MAP02: UAC MACHINE LABS MAP03: CROSS CANYON CHAOS MAP04: HYDROEXTRACTION ZONE MAP05: BIG OL' CRATER MAP06: MARS ESCAPE! EPISODE TWO: EARTH (MAP07-MAP10) MAP07: THIS EARTH UNKNOWN MAP08: SEISMIC RESEARCH MAP09: MINING OPS MAP10: FILTRATION STATION MAP11: SEWAGE PLANT EPISODE THREE: CAPITAL (MAP11-MAP15) MAP12: TBD MAP13: TBD MAP14: TBD MAP15: TBD EPISODE FOUR: WAR (MAP16-MAP20) MAP31: TBD MAP16: TBD MAP17: TBD MAP18: STRIKE ON HECTIC CASTLE MAP19: TBD MAP20: TBD EPISODE FIVE: HELL (MAP21-MAP30) MAP21: ETERNAL SUFFERING MAP22: TBD MAP23: TBD MAP24: TBD MAP25: TBD MAP26: TBD MAP27: TBD MAP28: TBD MAP29: TBD MAP30: TBD SECRET LEVEL MAP32: TBD Videos: If you would like to help with the production of this wad by either testing maps or contributing original music, please, send me a message.