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  1. Odd-o-matic

    A little level...

    It's just really because it had a floor option that I used for the one outside that seems to have anything that makes it act correctly in Boom and Doom. I don't know why but it's just only on ZDoom for some reason. It probably seems simular to SLIGE maps because I've been playing OBLIGE levels lately. Yes I did test it in GZDoom, kind of a fail on my part really, the outside area I'm not sure how to get the sky to go the whole way around the walls without a HOM. I looked in some of the OBLIGE maps and those ones didn't put any texture on the wall and it worked in GZDoom but obviously not in other versions.
  2. Odd-o-matic

    A little level...

    Just a little level I made for Doom 1. I haven't been posting much for a while and thought making a new level would be a good idea. It requires a ZDoom or simular port just because a prefer using the layouts of its choice in Doom Builder. http://filesmelt.com/dl/build.wad It's a decent size map for me because to be honest, I can't make large maps very well.
  3. Screenshot for the levels so far have been uploaded, MAP02 is about 96% done, I'm just finishing up final part and making sure all sectors are tagged properly. :)
  4. So, I've finally got to work on this after all. This megawad will contain mostly my biggest maps (and hopefully best) and they'll be made so that they're fast-paced and flowing. I had the idea for about a week but I've only just decided to actually start on it. I am usually able to put out a map about 1-3 days and it mostly depends on how big or complex it is. Since I have no skill in MIDI making I may need help with it in future... At the moment the current maps are completed: [MAP01] - Outpost Alpha (1) [MAP02] - Terminal Control (1) [MAP03] ~~ESTIMATED 1/12/11~~ [MAP04] ~~ESTIMATED 3/12/11~~ [MAP05] ~~ESTIMATED 5/12/11~~ [MAP06] ~~ESTIMATED 10/12/11~~ [MAP07] ~~ESTIMATED 14/12/11~~ [MAP08] ~~ESTIMATED 17/12/11~~ [MAP09] ~~ESTIMATED 20/12/11~~ [MAP10] ~~ESTIMATED 23/12/11~~ I'll try and stick to this schedule as close as possible. The reason MAP06 is longer than the rest is due to special events on 6/12/11 and maybe 7/12/11. I'm posting the estimated dates only for the first ten to see how it works and if stuff gets postponed (which it shouldn't) it saves me editing a whole list. They might take longer than my usual since I have a stuff to do mostly, but I'm always able to find enough time. Beta download will be when I've either finished all the maps... SCREENSHOTS COMING SOON! --Odd-o-matic--
  5. I'm using GZDoom, he's just continuosly spinning and that's it.
  6. Well, I press them, but I have no idea what they do so I end up having to run round the whole map trying to find what it did.
  7. MAP14 was great IMO. Guess I got lucky that the arch-vile at the end didn't respawn any revenants. Only problem is the arch-vile seems to be stuck, he just spins around endlessly and doesn't attack...
  8. Odd-o-matic

    Slaughterfest 2011

    Also, all my levels have names: First WAD: Death Below Second WAD: Paths of Pain. and Killtastrophe is correct.
  9. Just the whole map. -I had no idea what switches did what. -There was a switch with blue key indicators around it, which made me think it required a blue key. -Monsters like Barons of Hell in ridiculously small rooms. -A follow up to above, I must've took 80% damage from them because of some tiny little lips sticking out of the walls that served no purpose other than to get stuck on. -The revenants at the end that fire loads of missiles at you as soon as you teleport. -The stupid platform part where I've got to kill chaingunners, and dodge imp fireballs from all directions and a cacodemon on a really thin platform. Then if I fall off, I have to waste my health looking for a way to get back up. -The Pain Elementals in the tight room with cacodemons and pain elementals. -The secret in which I had to press a fire stick that had no hints. Like, a different colour maybe? There's more that I can't think of right now. But the main problem was the whole switch hunt.
  10. Odd-o-matic

    PSX Doom music wad

    Weird. Anyway, it was a link to the music wad from the PSX GZDoom TC. http://www.mediafire.com/?wmzhdmthjzy I guess you have to download the whole thing if you want the music then.
  11. Odd-o-matic

    Slaughterfest 2011

    I can't wait!!!
  12. Odd-o-matic

    PSX Doom music wad

  13. Odd-o-matic

    Slaughterfest 2011

    I'm pretty sure it will be alright, I played nochance.wad with monsters respawn, -fast and this weapon mod with a bunch of those aimbots summoned and it ran fine, dunno why it's going smoothly but I'm loving it!!
  14. Odd-o-matic

    Slaughterfest 2011

    This mod is the reason I really wanna play your map! :)