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Everything posted by drifter20k

  1. drifter20k

    What are you playing now?

    I started playing Double Impact the e1 replacement for Ultimate Doom last night. I'm listening to Final Doom ost right now at work and now I feel like playing TNT:Evilution again. I just have to suffer through a day at this miserable fucking job just so I can rush home and play it....
  2. drifter20k

    Doom Streams

    ^^^Great stream Suitepee, and the second stream highlight is fucking great. We were watching the stream live today at work when it happened and we laughed our fucking asses off!
  3. drifter20k

    Cyberdemon Fights

    After playing DOOM for two decades, I have changed my strategy of battling Cyberdemons. I used to primarily use rockets and cells and sloppy BFG shots. Now I use point blank SSG blasts and try to 2 shot them with the BFG whenever possible if it is close quarts combat. I tend to favor using the SSG more than anything on the Cyberdemon. For long range work or if the Cyberdemon is up on a ledge or below me, I use the pump shotgun or single tap the hell out of the chaingun. I still think of the Cyberdemon as the ultimate boss even if there are more than one on a map. His alert sound still fills me with dread every time I hear it and I feel the urgent need to kill it any way possible. Either destroying swiftly and efficiently with 2 shot BFG or chipping away at it with chaingun or pump shotgun, it is always a good fight. I save my rockets for hordes or Archviles, rarely use rockets on Cyberdemons. Infighting is another fun dynamic in itself. Letting the Cyberdemon clear hordes for you and or the horde kill off the Cyberdemon. This game never gets old.
  4. drifter20k

    Mori Christmas! (huge Boom speedmap for Christmas)

    What a great Christmas map! Thanks for making this. I loved the little touches in the last room especially how the date on the wall changed.
  5. drifter20k

    What are you playing now?

    Played TNT Renaissance in ZDoom and found it to be fun. Will try it again later in pure vanilla in DOS.
  6. drifter20k

    Adam blathers about wads (now playing: Unholy Realms)

    I just played this level (Map06 The View) again after work today pistol start UV. It was fun, 100% kills and only missed 2 secrets. The monsters popping out of the floor is annoying, I had forgotten about that. The next level is a big techbase map I remember having fun playing and it has a nice twist to it in homage to Dead Simple.
  7. drifter20k

    Adam blathers about wads (now playing: Unholy Realms)

    I liked the outside firefights toward the end with the section of walls opening up and monsters pouring out. I wiped them all out, I felt the need to kill them all and grabbed the Megasphere before exiting.
  8. drifter20k

    Adam blathers about wads (now playing: Unholy Realms)

    Nice I had to replay level 5 as I was playing UV and when I got to the exit there was a Cyberdemon and I did not have enough shells for the close quarters battle as I use SSG most of the time to battle him. So I reserved 60 shells for the exit battle. The beginning can be hard with all those hitscanners and I couldn't even see the spectres in the tunnels so I am punching blindly and feeling my way around with chaingun. The subterranean techbase was fun to clear out but it did get hairy at times. The SSG was weapon used for the up close thick meat and I used chaingun bullets as much as I could for everything else.
  9. drifter20k

    Adam blathers about wads (now playing: Unholy Realms)

    I think you will enjoy CC2. I had fun with it except for 3 maps, 2 of which were complete bullshit. It is better than CC1.
  10. drifter20k

    Taking a dump !

    Love the thread title!
  11. drifter20k

    muskadet.wad - a big vanilla map [Now on /idgames]

    This is a big, highly detailed map. Good combat and lots of secrets. I managed 90% kills, but did not find the rocket launcher or plasma rifle if there is one. Will play again.
  12. drifter20k


    Just finished playing this and it is outstanding! It looks like an original E3 from id, real nostalgic feel to it. Combat was fun and never got stale. Lots of monsters and Romero style monster waves from previously explored areas that you have to return to. High replay value like the original iwads.
  13. drifter20k


    This is a really fun megawad that you can jump into and crush over one or two nights of game play. Non-stop action, fast paced maps, no complaints! Dick tested, Cock approved!
  14. drifter20k

    Community Chest 2

    This was way better than the 1st CC.wad, I played this October 2014 on a Pentium 3 1ghz in ZDoom and only Death Mountain caused FPS drop. These levels were awesome except for 3 levels: map 24 Mucus Flow would have been a master piece but lack of ammunition caused combat to fall flat on its face, Map 27 Gethsemane was a slog, map 28 No Room was a total piece of shit. All the other maps were good, lots of techbase. Even the Gene Bird maps were fun. Dick tested, Cock approved!
  15. drifter20k


    I played this 12 level wad November of 2014 and it was pretty fun. I blasted through the levels as fast as I could playing aggressively. I found level 1 to be the hardest and level 2 looked good at first but then I got lost a few times. A good classical wad on the easy side. Dick tested, cock approved.
  16. drifter20k

    Favorite Doom Sound?

    Baron of Hell alert sound. When I am in a map with tight hallways or dead ends and I hear the Baron wake up, I still go into a state of panic. Cyberdemon alert sound at any point of a map and I realize there is no more fucking around, time to get serious.
  17. drifter20k

    First attempt at an urban map.

    This is a really fun wad. I first played it in ZDoom and died on first attempt before finishing it. I then played both versions of the wad on a pure Vanilla Doom 2 setup: Pentium 2, DOS 6.22, sb16, Doom2 1.9 using keyboard and optical ps/2. I blew through it several times before I found the second secret. My only complaint is that the level is not longer with more buildings and more monsters. This map has good flow and high replay value.
  18. Few days ago I was playing Back to Saturn X ep.2 level 2 Underwater Explosions, I had already grabbed the key and killed the Archvile and Revenants and the chaingunners that spawn in afterwards. I went back on a lift I had already been on and right at the top I was face to face with a fucking Cacodemon, I mean this fucker filled the whole screen and I was not expecting this as I thought I cleared all the spawn in monsters. I screamed out loud, "FUCK!!!!!!!" and gave it both barrels from the SSG and ran backwards off the lift. If there were people on the sidewalk outside my house, they sure as hell heard me. I've been playing DOOM for 20 years now, started in September 1994, and shit like this still rattles me.
  19. drifter20k

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E2

    Been waiting for this!!!!!!!
  20. drifter20k

    Old Doom Commercials

    I remember finding the Ultimate DOOM radio advert on rome.ro back in 2003 and thought it was fucking epic. I didn't know about the fucking DOOM II TV commercial-that is awesome.
  21. drifter20k

    Doom Streams

    Fuck sakes...I missed suitepee's streams.
  22. drifter20k

    Doom II had a preused texture?/Doom2 beta discussion.

    This an awesome thread guys. This old DOOM II pre-release stuff never lost its luster for me. That first version Revenant looks scary as fuck!
  23. Enemy: Cyberdemon Weapon: Pump Shotgun For me the pump shotgun is THE iconic weapon of the game. I was influenced so much that I bought a 12ga pump shotgun as my first gun when I was 15 back in 1995. It is perfect for all reasons listed above and the weapon animations are great. Still funny that id used digitized photos of a toy shotgun called the Tootsie-Toy Dakota. Fucking Tootsie-Toy Dakota. DOOM is such a fucking bad ass game that it brushes off this babyish fact and lays waste to untold hordes of creatures. No other enemy caused as much fear and dread and hopelessness the fucking Cyberdemon. When that motherfucker wakes up, no matter how far away you are in the level, you hear him wake up. When I'm playing and I hear that fucker wake up, I still get a feeling of dread and I have been playing since 1994 and I know how to take them out with the BFG in 2 shots. Baron of Hell was almost my first choice, but after seeing what the Cyberdemon did to the Barons in Tower of Babel, Cyberdemon has always been first place in DOOM for me. Brom's cover art of DOOM II fully sums up what DOOM is all about. The DOOM marine up against an impossible foe with a crude but effective weapon with impossible odds.
  24. drifter20k

    Your most memorable Doom moment!

    Most memorable moment was playing it for the very first time and being overwhelmed and in shock, it was E1M3 August 1994. After that, the most memorable moment after playing it for the first time was when I got DOOM II and played it the first day. I IDKFA'ed to get the shotgun not knowing about the new weapon. I pressed number 2 expecting the pump shotgun and got instead a double barreled shotgun!!! I was like "Wow, Holy Fuck what is this a new Shotgun." I pressed the the fire button: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! HUGE pellet spread, two imps and one zombie man taken down!!! "Ho-ly Fuck!!" "He even breaks the barrels and shoves in two shells with a gloved hand!!" I remember it like it was yesterday, it was November 1994, level 1 of DOOM II in the green armor room. I would fire the SSG and pause and study each frame of loading the SSG. I can take out a fucking demon or spectre in one hit from this mother! This game couldn't get any better!
  25. drifter20k

    Question about Hell Revealed Map 26

    They are there to create clipping ghosts just like a certain level in Icarus: Alien Vanguard. I don't know of any way to kill them.