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  1. Use any WAD editor (SLumpEd, SLADE 3). Just copy the D_MESSAG lump from doom2.wad into your wad and rename it to D_RUNNIN. So why not just make the walkover line that only opens the teleport on the start and make the destination teleport simply openable from inside? Actually, that's just some tiny details. So why not remove stuff from .txt file that's not supposed to be there. Like (filename of primary file, (describe if yes), (list unusual files the player is expected to have), empty fields, etc... Sorry. Nothing but tiny details left :/. EDIT: Why do I always forget it? The ending fight is very boring unless I go full BFG autofire. I can't explain why. Maybe the monster placement is too random. Maybe it is set in probably the most generic location of the map. Maybe it is the same stuff as seen in lots of other maps but it is supposed to be special. Maybe it is just me...
  2. The sky is now kinda less fitting... An option is to move your map to MAP01, embed the MAP20 music into the wad and call it D_RUNNIN. This way you keep the first sky and make the wad less confusing to play. Yes. Indeed it does work from down below by pressing on it. BUT ONLY ONCE :(. I use whatever latest GZDoom release (not SVN) and "Doom" compatibility profile. But this lift has caused me to check this map in Chocolate Doom. So I shoot that secret near the beginning that shows the final room and... THE WHOLE MAP F***S UP! That's a common error. A general rule is that if you use any NON-DOOR action on a linedef with TAG 0, then an effect gets applied to all sectors with tag 0. And it usually means that an effect applies TO THE WHOLE MAP! Source ports ignore these errors to reduce annoyance of playing such maps. And NON-DOOR action means anything that is not beginning with D in two-letter notation of doom actions. Switch that activate doors are not door actions. Shoot switches that activate doors are not door actions either... So why does it walkover-open after leaving the building then? Let's check out the item... ...and it is still shoot-to-open :/
  3. eiUACei

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Almost what I wanted to say. Actually GZDoom has a depth-based lighting like in software. At least when you use "doom" lighting mode. But this depth-lighting is less intense compared to software renderer. BTW GZDoom's global gunflash lighting (not dynamic, but the one that you get from firing guns in software renderer) is less intense too and can be sometimes almost invisible. Same with fake contrast. I like crawling in really dark rooms using software renderer's depth lighting and constantly firing chaingun for more light :). Look at the far wall, it looks brighter than in software renderer. But look at the floor near you, it is darker! I find that GZDoom is either too dark or doesn't have lighting at all :/. Because if I get close-up to a wall it is simply not bright :(. I wonder how would GZDoom look if it tried to exactly replicate software renderer's lighting (minus color table artifacts) using shaders.
  4. eiUACei

    Automap rendering in GZDoom

    But SLADE uses hardware antialiasing and looks good. Doom Builder 2 uses hardware antialiasing and looks good. Heck, even my own stupid OpenGL map viewer uses hardware antialiasing and looks good if I make lines a bit bolder. How is GZDoom automap different? BTW I remember that an old Skulltag version had automap antialiasing in OpenGL renderer while current GZDoom version at that time didn't. And why does software automap use tables that are brighter than the sectors really are? Is it intentional to make textured automap look better? And isn't it possible to brighten up textures on OpenGL automap?
  5. eiUACei

    3 Risen3d questions

    Because TNT MAP31 uses a self-referencing sector trick. This trick makes a sector basically invisible but still solid. It allows to make invisible but actually shootable walls and invisible platforms to stand on. Looks like Risen3D can't emulate it. OpenGL rendering is very different from original software rendering so supporting such tricks requires special code. Don't know other questions because I don't play Risen3D :/.
  6. DISCLAIMER: I am a bad mapper who only knows some tech stuff and fails when it comes to making an actual map. So I will monstly show some tiny bugs. Lets go... MAP07 music on a long map? HATE. IDMUS20 immediately! I find the chainsaw secret and get three secrets at the price of one. Now this explains why there's 36 secrets! Don't make more than one sector marked "secret" per every actual secret. Almost half of secrets in you map count incorrectly. The next secret shows the final room and has nothing in it. What's the point? Strange water. Both lit up areas count as secrets. Lots of stuff at top of crates and lifts NOT looking like detail make these areas kinda non-secret but maybe I am wrong. But that soulsphere is defineltly a secret. Then I go into more crate storage areas with more stuff on top of crates. I like how it is possible to climb all the crates. It makes the area feel realistic like you can get anywhere if you want. And climbing into windows makes it even better! At the end is a mandatory crate-climbing sequence while all the crate-climbing before was completely optional and secret. Couldn't find a way through the maze so isn't this secret mandatory? Hmm, looks like this area has been designed to make this map limit-removing 8). That soulsphere is a secret, really? I mean you need to do the same jumps to progress the map... Thinking it is a secret, I jumped into this window. Turned out it allows to skip a small section of map and get directly to teleporter side of OH SO MUCH BARRELS room. The teleporter can teleport me back but it is pointless since the lift can't be called down from this side :(. This secret teleporter does nothing and doesn't even count as secert. Why did I try to figure out how to open it? And isn't that BFG AND LOTS OF AMMO room near the end too easy to find? I thought it was just a small cave untill I got 3 secrets :). I really liked the interconnection of the whole map. Ending up in barred parts of familiar areas after a long way is cool. The visuals appear beautiful despite being undetailed! And there is NOTHING wrong in gameplay. Mapping experience and reading " "What NOT to do in Wads", "How id Software did it", and "Traits/features you DON'T like seeing in levels", etc. " definetly show :). Overall I really like this map. Must be frustrating to die in final room's inescapable pit though ;).
  7. eiUACei

    Automap rendering in GZDoom

    For some reason there is absolutely no antialiasing in OpenGL automap in GZDoom. Both lines are polygon edges are aliased. But there is line antialiasing in software renderer's automap. And even more strange, there is antialiasing in OpenGL renderer's normal game view! How do I turn on line antialiasing in OpenGL renderer's automap? Also, textures automap looks worse in OpenGL because textures are darker. Here's an example from Combat Shock that basically sums the differencies between renderers. Software is on the left. Not only blood, but look at wood and metal. OpenGL screenshot without mipmapping for fair comprasion. It seems like both renderers get the texture brightness like if you were viewing a texture point-blank and since nearby textures light up way more in software renderer than in OpenGL renderer, the automap looks better. How do I make textures in OpenGL automap brighter without altering normal game view?
  8. eiUACei

    Ticrates of Doom ports

    Human eyes don't have refresh rate, they work with continious stream of light. But yeah, after certain framerate there will be no difference. But this threshold depends. And in video games there IS difference between 60 FPS and 120 FPS. But having constant lower FPS is better than overall higher but varying FPS. 30 FPS cap can make you feel that a game has good permormance compared to the same game without FPS cap. Vsync? It is good if it doesn't cause problems like noticeably increased input lag. Or for some reason ZDoom's software renderer periodically lags when Vsync is on. Anyway, in doom ports "uncapped framerate" typically means "framerate independent from ticrate" and "every frame is not an exact visualisation of current game state". And this "uncapped framerate" setting is independent from vsync and other FPS cappers.
  9. eiUACei

    Ticrates of Doom ports

    For every new tic you remember previous positions of actors and when you need to draw a frame you read the current real time and use linear interpolation between two remembered postions. This way you get a new position between two remembered ones and use it only for rendering. Of course it means that uncapped framerate makes display lag more behind the true state of the world.
  10. eiUACei

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I hate so called "classic" ports and vanilla doom. They can't do a thing properly. First of all, I don't want to play a totally bug-ridden game. And these oh-so-classic ports don't provide any fixes for what is actually noticeable. I don't want to miss a shot or to be unable to melee fat monsters just because of stupid blockmap optimization in vanilla doom that should have been officially fixed. I don't want to be unable to kill chaingunners on different height just becase there is no freeaim AND AUTOAIM IS STUPID. It simply doesn't work beyond some small distance while monsters are lucky because they have freeaim! And no, infinite explosion height is NOT a solution. Because it is just another bug/stupid behavior. I hate getting down into pits because there is 50% chance that I will get stuck into infinitely tall monster AND GET TORN APART WHILE IN AIR! No, infinite explosion height is still not a solution. I don't want to play in a crappy software renderer that uses quarter-assed prescision for calculations and as a result gets two-sided lines to curve when I am standing on them. And no, playing in 320x200 is NOT a solution. And no, in case of "classic" ports OpenGL renderer has not enough benefits to outweight the lack of atmosphere. True perspective freelook is almost useless without freeaim. There are no dynamic lights to make levels more beautiful, etc... And what's the point of "classic" dooming without software renderer's atmosphere? ... Don't remember more because I have been playing only GZDoom for too long. Same. Doom ports make it actually comfortable to play Doom. EDIT: really want to point out... There is a compatibility option Use Doom code for hitscan checks in ZDoom that puts back the blockmap bug (at least for hitscans). So you can turn it on to make ZDoom gameplay less annoying.
  11. eiUACei

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I hate pistol starting. I have tried to be a pistol starter and have even done Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 in pistol starts only. And it was awesome, the levels were so different! So being inspired by this I tried to play EVERYTHING with pistol starts... What a mistake... I started to notice that constantly cheating after each exit is ANNOYING. And after cheating I must solve yet another annoying "get-the-shotgun-ASAP" puzzle. Combined, this makes me want to avoid exiting levels :/. I started to hate megawads because they are not continious anymore, they're just packs of disconnected levels. And if the levels are actually connected (like in Equinox, for example), pistol starting feels ridiculous. Why the f*** do I lose all weapons every level? Just because of stupid pistol starting. Also, the "episode map" on intermission in IWADs makes no sense anymore with pistol starts. Some maps are crap when played with pistol start. One of the "best" examples is Heretic. You constantly have not enough ammo untill you get the crossbow or hellstaff so you can finally use those 40 arrows and 200 runes. The ammo is ABSOLUTELY RANDOMLY scattered around the level. And these competition megawads which explicitly ask you to pistol start. I do it then I stumble upon a very hard map. Maybe the author designed it not for pistol start, maybe it is just plain too hard. Or maybe it is one of late maps from 10 sectors, where the author has decided that secret count is WAY more important than gameplay, so without really well hidden secrets you just run with shotgun and ZERO AMMO with HORDES of monsters EVERYWHERE. ... --------------------- SCREW IT Now I don't need to constantly cheat. Now I don't need to search for that f***ing shotgun 9000th time. Now megawads are actually continious and not just disconnected mappacks. Now I am not sensitive to bad ammo balance/ridiculous difficulty in some random maps through the megawad. Now "episode map" intermissions actually work. Now I can play through the whole wad without any unneeded interruptions. Now it is not annoying to play Doom... Still, some levels are fun from pistol starts. Especially the nonlinear levels in Doom and Doom 2. And sometimes I play a level in a megawad and it is more fun from pistol start. And true difficulty can only be feeled from pistol starts. Otherwise, Ultra-Violence is between "too easy" and "harder than medium"... I just play wads as they are. If there's a death exit, I automatically pistol start the next map. Gotta describe why I hate "classic" ports later... It was so fun to write this post even though no one cares.
  12. eiUACei

    First WAD you have ever played?

    I discovered source ports only in 2008 and my first PWAD is 1 Monster Megawad. Guess why :). Also, pamela.wad which somehow ended up on my Doom 2 installation brought from no-one-knows-where. After I had discovered how to use PWADs I noticed it in my Doom folder and launched... Not sure which one is actually the first.
  13. eiUACei

    Poll: What's more satisfying?

    Spider mastermind is joke of a boss even without BFG. Some situations: 0) Mastermind + BFG = dead mastermind. 1) Mastermind + some way to hide from his minigun (even 1-thick pillar is enough) = dead mastermind. 2) Very long distance between you and mastermind + enough ammo = dead mastermind because he misses 99% of times. 3) 99999 masterminds in one room = 99998 dead masterminds because of infighting. 4) Mastermind + blockmap bug = stuck mastermind. On topic: BFGing a full room of zombies is not satisfying. Instead it makes me think that BFG is weak because BFG does not look as cool when used on crowds as rocket launcher (which poduces more flying gibs). BFG looks more cool when used on crowds on flying monsters: one shot and everything falls. But oneshotting a mastermind is satisfying because it is oneshotting the biggest monster in Doom.
  14. eiUACei

    Open GL mode or Software mode?

    That's very hard to notice. I can't remember a single wad where mountains are that tall. And it is nothing comared to what software renderer does to skies: 1) It streches skies on left and right sides of screen. OpenGL does not re-strech skies as you turn. 2) When freelook is needed software renderer must either tile the sky or stretch it vertically. But in OpenGL the sky is almost not stretched. 1) IMHO no. Unlike OpenGL sky distortion. Max freelook in software makes me want to immediately switch to GL. Better seen on very tall architecture like MAP15. 2) The point is to be less annoyed because of limits. Trying to look down deep pit or on monsters in some tall building makes player change his position even though nothing obstructs the view. The more cramped and tall the level is, the more noticeable the freelook limit and distortion get. Almost any graphical setting which affects color may be abused to break the look of map. This includes port settings, OS settings and display settings. What I mean by "right" rendering is how a map was intended to look but now I get it: sometimes the "wrong" way is more beautiful than what was intended. But sometimes not. I feel like software rendering is generally better for small, cramped maps and OpenGL is better for huge open ones.
  15. eiUACei

    Open GL mode or Software mode?

    I am constantly trying to decide which one is better. So here is a (not complete but still very long) list of what I think about both: Why NOT software:No true color. It is limited to 256-color palette (because of 1.) No full color textures and sprites. (because of 1.) Colored lighting, fog and other non-stock color manipulation effects have to be rounded to palette so they are worse than in OpenGL. (because of 1.) Some textures and levels seem to look ugly because of palette (even stock ones - see true color doom thread). Distant textures look flashing and pixelated. No mipmapping and anisotropic filtering to fix this. Edges look pixelated. No Anti-aliasing to fix this (I think it is possible to add MLAA to software renderer but there are no ports with such feature AFAIK). Near textures look pixelated. No texture filtering to fix this. (not really a point because no one seems to like filtered textures, including me :) ) Freelook distorts image. OpenGL has true freelook. Particles are square. ZDoom's forced transparency of stock Doom actors looks bad in software rendering. No problem in more purist ports. Why NOT OpenGL (or Direct3D or whatever other hardware rendering API):No colormaps. Colormaps remap palette to emulate sector brightness and near "fog" in 256-color palette. There seems to be no way to really emulate colormap while saving OpenGL features. (because of 1.) Most maps are designed for software renderer. It usually means they need colormaps to look good. (because of 1.) IMHO jDoom's colormap emulation is better that GZDoom's. No true sprite "bleeding". Ports have to emulate it by changing sprite height if they don't want to cut sprites' bottoms. Dynamic lights can be seen through walls thus revealing secrets and monsters. GZDoom does not provide enough fake contrast and global sector brightness from shooting weapons in OpenGL mode. glBoom does. It requires an actual video card to be playable. So I can't decide. Both are bad :). I just fell like software looks great on screenshots but OpenGL looks better in motion. And I generally get more fun while playing in OpenGL despite knowing that it is not the "right" way to play Doom.