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  1. TJG1289

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    After watching the Dean of Doom ep, I decided I wanted to finish replaying through this at some point. I do not have time to play through 18 maps in 2 days, so instead, while using that video as a refresher, I'll just do some small write-ups for each map based on my original continuous playthrough from mid December. E3M1: This was a fun one to explore. I liked how you have to use the pistol quite a bit here; there's not a lot of maps made that focus on that. The secrets were fun to find. I was missing 1. I did find the shootable switch mentioned in the video pretty easily tho. Looks fantastic as well E3M2: Sorry RHhe82, but I don't really remember this one too much. Doesn't look too bad tho. E3M3: This one I just barely remember. Mostly I remember the secret plasma fight being a fun one. Great Skillsawish visuals. E3M4: This was one that was kinda hard to navigate at first. I think there were a few times I wasn't sure where to go. Looks absolutely incredible tho. The blue key fight was a highlight, as was the whole cyb fight area. E3M5: I liked the outdoor areas of this one, but that's all I really remember. E3M6: Another great Myolden map, and another map where I couldn't figure out 1 secret, even though I knew where it was. Fights are always fun with interesting setups. Surprisingly fun MIDI too. E3M9: This one was ok. Seemed way less subtle than everything else. I remember some of the fights here being tougher than normal. E3M7: Not too bad for a newish mapper. I didn't really have any complaints about it. It works and it got the job done. I also enjoyed seeing the Doomcute toolbox. E3M8: Surprised it took this long to see Muumi here. I really like the openness to this one, since that means you're in sight of everything and they will all try to kill you. I like how the mastermind is used here. It's far away enough where you can't really hit it until you can get it on its level, but it can hit you. Didn't realize it until watching the DoD ep, but both mastermind maps have similar circular layouts with the mastermind in the middle. E4M1: This was the only map I specifically remembered before replaying this WAD. Favorite visuals of the WAD. I love seeing structures floating in the sky as a theme. I remember this one giving me the most trouble in my playthrough. You aren't given a lot of ammo at first, so you need to hustle through the map to get the rocket launcher so you can actually deal with everything that has spotted you. But there's not a lot of room to use said rocket launcher so you have to make sure you don't kill yourself on accident. It's a very nice challenge. E4M2: This was a quirky one I really liked. Absolutely love the opening waiting area. There's a lot of visual charm to this one, like the weird storage area, and the narrow walkways under the buildings. The office that turned demonic was a cool visual set-piece as well. It took me way to long to find the secret exit. That rune on the floor got covered by a corpse, so I didn't see it initially. I also really like all the optional stuff that you get on the way to said ending. Makes exploring and looking for secrets highly rewarding. E4M9: Fun arena map with nice visuals. Couldn't figure out the secrets here. Not much else to say! E4M3: A pretty big and open one that gave me a little trouble. I had low health during this one quite a bit. The minimal texture variety makes this map seem pretty imposing. I forgot there were masterminds in this map. Despite its size, it's still a fun one E4M4: I actually liked this one, but I play continuous, so that negated some issues. I don't recall having any problems with it, but I also don't really remember anything special about it either. E4M5: I'm glad I played this one at the beginning of a play session, cause I did not expect it to be a magnum opus. Despite its size, I still really enjoyed this one. Lots of visual and combat variety throughout. The crushers were annoying yes, but I think that was the only complaint I had with it. It's not something I would look forward to replaying if I don't have a lot of time, but it's still an incredibly enjoyable map. E4M6: This is an experimental one that I'm not sure I enjoyed or not. Everything about this one is abstract, from the visuals to the combat design. Playing on UV, I got the wandering cybs immediately which were a constant threat. I forgot about the E4M6 tags on this one, and didn't notice that they did anything. I guess I just assumed a switch or something caused whatever the tag was responsible for. I'm interested in seeing this one on the lower difficulties now that I know that it plays completely differently on them. I definitely respect this one for doing something different E4M7: Kinda surprised this one was the penultimate map since it was small and easy. I did notice the lack of health, but playing continuous and coming from the previous map with extra health made that a nonissue. Kinda think this should have been earlier in the ep. E4M8: A incredibly solid WAD ender. Love the volcano aesthetics. Needing to shoot switches to raise cover from the mastermind while dealing with the common enemies is a good way to do this boss map. The end room makes it seem like this story could continue on at some point, which would be cool. Just sayin'...
  2. TJG1289

    Dream WADs that don't exist

    Pretty much any time I dream of playing Doom, it's maps that don't exist. Very rarely do my dreams accurately recreate locations, fictional or real. The most vivid one I remember the most was an arena with no walls, and the ground texture was blood. The player was stuck in corridors of torches as a Spider Mastermind shot at you. The only cover was Lost Souls on the other sides of the torches. I've always wanted to make it, but that would require being good at mapping (which I do want to get back into attempting soon). I also remember some E1-looking areas in other dreams. I used to dream about Doom a lot. I think I still do, but my brain tunes it out so I don't remember it when waking up.
  3. TJG1289

    What are you playing now?

    Playing Hellbound for the first time. I watched a full UV-Max playthrough of that years ago, but thankfully I don't seem to remember any of it when actually playing the WAD. On map 12 now, and I'm liking it quite a bit. Maps are big, but the detailing is really nice. I can see why some people consider it to be grindy when you're presented with a hallway filled with, like, 30 pinkies. There's been a few fights like that, but it hasn't really killed the experience for me.
  4. TJG1289


    Are you jumping from the big house to the window? There's a version of this in the normal-sized version of the house with nothing in the room.
  5. Just finished. Got to the exit in 40 minutes, then spent another 15 finding the rest of the secrets and kills. Really fun! I liked how you hop between the slick blue future world, and the old-school nostalgic one. Plus, the slight change in the color palate was nice. The map felt like a cross between the IWAD, BTSX, and your map in Tetanus. Quite a few fights had a bite to them, that BFG fight was a thrill. I like how some ambushes after picking that up would have like 3 archviles in them, now that you have the firepower for it. It really was able to create a sense of panic as soon as the ambush starts. I liked how the megasphere secret had, like, an entire level's worth of chaingunners in it. And that one invul secret within a secret was very clever. I may have had to no clip to get to it initially, but I was able to reverse engineer it to figure out the actual way to get it after doing so. Probably wouldn't have figured that one out without doing so. And the MIDI was quite nice. Really good stuff here!
  6. That came out way long ago so it's not eligible.
  7. Saw the new WAD you're working on and realized I forgot to play this one. This was a fun and spicy set! UV was definitely a little tougher than I anticipated, but there wasn't any fight that was too challenging to beat after a few tries. Really liked the environmental design on this as well! The maps look fantastic. Overall, super fun! You're on a roll after this and Grime, so I'm really looking forward to Deep Breath.
  8. TJG1289


    I think it was a hint about the extra screenshot folder that has the BFG location in it.
  9. TJG1289


    This is assuming Tom and Steve are real people and not just characters created for this story. I mean, some details about Steve's life don't line up with Veddge's past posts back from the mid 2000s, like college.
  10. TJG1289


    Yeah, someone posted a video of this same thing before. Probably a bug tho.
  11. TJG1289


    Jacksepticeye did just that. He got the labyrinth at the first possible time he could have, iirc.
  12. TJG1289

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    So I haven't played anything since E2. Idk why; just haven't felt like it. Probably since I've played through this WAD before. I don't know if I'll try to catch up or not, but I will say E4M1 was the map I mentioned toward the beginning of the month that was the only one I full on remembered before replaying anything. After looking at some posts here, I definitely remember E3M1 as well, both by LordEntr0py and both are awesome. E3M1 was a fun map to explore and had a lot of fun areas with great detailing. Some really cool secrets too. E4M1 is the most memorable map to me cause of the visuals. That's just a really cool setting. Tough map too, since you are woefully underpowered at the beginning, iirc. I do remember some of the other maps I missed like Myolden's 2nd map, but not all of them just based on screenshots. At least I don't recall any of them being bad!
  13. TJG1289


    This is the house on the cover of American Football's self-titled debut album.