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    I think this looks really cool! I enjoyed both 2016 and Eternal, but I played those on console and using a controller really felt like a handicap for me. Now I have a good PC, so I'll play that on this. Never got around to TAG cause I was on console as well. I think taking the series in this sci-fi medieval direction is pretty fresh. I let out an audible "It's about time" when I saw the mech from Eternal was actually going to be usable. Seeing the game is taking major inspiration from the original Doom is interesting. I wonder what exactly that means. Are they taking cues from level design or encounter design? It will be interesting to see. And finally, that manc design is awesome, and so is that gun that shoots crushed skulls. Really looking forward to this!
  2. Ok, played the first 10 maps on UV continuous. As expected, these are all excellent. Already a challenge from the second map on, imo. Love the distinct visuals for each map, and the color combos all mesh well so far. There's been quite a few fights that have given me trouble already, so I'm scared to see what comes later. The part of MAP09 with the caco cloud took me a ton of attempts until I realized what I needed to do on that one. Very clever set-up there, and there had already been a lot of clever set-ups so far. The whole red key tower in I think it was MAP04 was another highlight with how that area unfolded in multiple stages providing unique layouts and monster combos. Soundtrack has been great too so far. I'm definitely excited to see where the rest of this goes! I was going to do MAP11 tonight, but then I saw the kill count and was like "I don't have time for this now." But yeah, this is incredibly high quality stuff on pretty much every level.
  3. You had me at "Simulacrum is a set of 32 maps in MBF21 format by muumi and myolden." Seriously tho, you 2 are some of my favorite mappers out there currently. Some of the most creative maps I've played in a while have been by you guys, so seeing a full collab megawad from you two makes this an instant play. Even if I am suffering a bit of Doom burnout, this will make that take a backseat. Very excited to try it!
  4. I enjoyed making a few maps for this last year! I had started a map last year that I never got around to finishing, so I may finish that up for this. Just need to get some motivation to do so. I mean, I still need to make some fixes to a map I made for a CP, but I'm kinda burned out. Hopefully I can finish that map, and then finish one for this.
  5. Oh wow, that looks incredibly pretty
  6. TJG1289

    Pirate Doom II (finished!)

    Congrats on the final release! Now that it's done, I'll check it out soon! Loved the first one, so I was really hyped for this.
  7. I just finished it on UV and had a blast! The maps look fantastic! Great texturing, detailing, and use of Doomcute. I liked how some maps had secret red keys that when used destroyed pesky turrets. The secrets themselves were good too! There were a few that were done in ways that I don't see often, making those ones fun to figure out. The combat worked really well too. Fights were fun and had good monster combinations. The small monster count made it so they weren't ball-busting, but still were a nice jolt of excitement. Ammo balance was good too! Had me managing ammo very carefully, but I always had enough for the map. Very high quality stuff here!
  8. Wow, the detailing in the screenshots is super impressive! Premise is really cool too. I'll have to give this a shot. Hopefully in the coming days!
  9. Thanks for the feedback! For hitscan ambushes, I only really consider there to be 2 dangerous ones: the one you mentioned paired with the ones in the wall in the beginning, and the one before the elevator. I really liked how they came out (especially the one on the way to the elevator, since a manc appears if you try to run ahead to hide behind the star column, and some floaters approach from behind as well), so I hesitate to change them too much. I like the idea of added cover to these fights tho, so that's worth looking in to. Some cover in the first indoor room could make the room feel less empty as well. I don't really consider any other hitscan placement to be an ambush and more just incidental combat, but are there any other examples you could think of that gave you the same feeling of being boxed in to corners? Just so I can look into those more as well. I also used them considerably less once you grab the red key and you hit the ground. As for an arch-vile turret, I purposefully only used archies at the very end of the map, so I don't really want to add more. It is only map 2, and while I know that doesn't really mean anything nowadays in terms of dangerous monsters early on in WADs, I still wanted this map to be only a tad challenging. I was originally not going to use arch-viles at all, but once I decided to make the big imp swarm on the ground, I thought throwing in a couple of them at the end to revive the imps would be a nice touch. I do like your final suggestion of using monsters to flush people out of cover, so I'll look into seeing what fights outside of the elevator one could use them. Shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  10. TJG1289

    What are you listening to?

    I think shitposts are the only currently acceptable use of AI.
  11. TJG1289

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    With the Steam FPS sale going on, I bought a few games that I had been interested in for a bit. Just played through Project Warlock. Beat it on the standard difficulty and didn't die a single time! Well, except for falling into a pit toward the end, but I'm not counting that. Was pretty enjoyable. I'll have to bump the difficulty up for the next playthrough. Only issue I had was I got lost a few times due to the labyrinth layouts with not many identifiable landmarks in a few maps. Outside of that, a pretty solid Wolfenstein 3D-like game.
  12. Yeah, I'd like the get the experience of fixing the issues that pop up! This is my first community project after all, so I need to get more used to troubleshooting stuff. I ended up not having time to do anything today, so I'll have to try to make time in a few days. The out of bounds stuff was tough to get right since I was trying not to use impassable lines too much. Trying to make boundaries look more natural, and have any flying monsters not get blocked. Didn't use many flyers, and did use impassable lines by the red key platform, so I'll just make those lines like that too. Idk why the barons didn't teleport in. Those should have showed up when the red key was lowered. Didn't have that issue when testing in GZDoom or DSDA, so I'll have to look more into that. Also, outside of the oopsies, were there any issues anyone had with the general design and/or combat that could be worked on, or is it generally good?
  13. I believe this was the same thing that BeachThunder mentioned. It's definitely not intended and will be fixed! Thanks for the report tho!
  14. Man, I thought I fixed the slime trail. Guess I have to try that again.
  15. I still need to make those fixes @BeachThunderspotted, I know that. I'll go through RC1 on Friday!