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  1. ryuusen91

    Doom 3 Vs. Resurrection of Evil

    you can pay with paypal
  2. ryuusen91

    Keyboarders, how do you configure your keys?

    default i just map any advanced features in skulltag/zdaemon( jump aim) to unused keys arrows to move space open door shift run 1-0 weapons ctrl shoot <> strafe
  3. ryuusen91

    How do you REALLY feel about Doom 3?

    really wow i love halo but doom does not need 1 Regen health 2 limited inventory of two weapons 3 vehicles and halo AI was pretty dumb half life 1 had better AI
  4. ryuusen91

    DOOM 4 "Officially" Officially in Development

    UMMmmm............. doom 4 has been in development since 2008
  5. ryuusen91

    How many of you guys play Nightmare! normaly?

    it is possible ive watched the xbox live demos whew but i could make it to E2m6 on nightmare in Udoom and map 11 in doom 2
  6. ryuusen91

    who also plays with keyboard only

    I can do pretty good on DM with keyboard not win but have +5 k/d spread.
  7. ryuusen91

    Your Favourite Map Style

    sorry uac invasion its awful
  8. ryuusen91

    who also plays with keyboard only

    i have the aim and jump for skulltag/zdaemon on key board to me doom was meant to be played with keyboard
  9. ryuusen91

    who also plays with keyboard only

    you can strafe with the keyboard
  10. ryuusen91

    Doom4 "is classic doom".

    "id Software has announced that Doom 4 has begun production as of today" as of 2008
  11. ryuusen91

    Your Favourite Map Style

    i love most any style and theme but hate when they put a awful amount of cybies in it like uac ultra map 6 WTH almost 40
  12. i cant use the mouse it just doesnt feel right lol
  13. ryuusen91

    Upcoming WAD screen shots

    looks good to me
  14. ryuusen91

    DooM High Res Engine or Fake

    i would totally play that lol
  15. ryuusen91

    Doom4 "is classic doom".

    was announced in 2008 http://www.joystiq.com/2008/05/07/doom-4-announced-id-software-hiring/