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Status Updates posted by Spazman

  1. Like the title says, I currently reside in a rented home with another relative of mine, whom I share bills / rent / other home payments with. Unfortunately, there are also blood-related relatives living in the same area, though they do little to pull their own weight (lightly putting it).

    The other two said relatives / occupants are on some form of disability [some sort of anger issue, I gather] , and currently rely on aforementioned relative (stepmother) of mine as their payee for said funds. However, this hasn't stopped the two of them from working before.

    As of right now;

    While I don't do it myself nor have a problem with such, they smoke pot on a daily basis, but it's at the point where a good majority of the house believes its gotten to the abusive level.

    I've learned from monitoring the ongoings in the house that there's indeed been -selling- of this going on within the home as well. Something me and the aforementioned stepmother have both tried to prevent. There are people coming in as late as 12AM - 3AM knocking on the basement windows to get their supply, basically.

    The time-span mentioned is ALSO when people think it's 'okay' to sneak alcohol into the house and have their own parties in the basement. Even on days where some younger siblings need to sleep for school.

    These two abuse myself, the stepmother, and the younger siblings in the house on a near-daily basis, mainly in the form of verbal abuse or otherwise messing with their heads. With one such occupant, this has gotten to the violent level. THIS, however, is frequent. Also results in a lot of broken items in the house.

    With that said, I can say that we have, indeed, tried to come up with several ways for them to otherwise get out on their own, however all of our efforts so far are turning up with zip.

    They refuse to find work. When pressured and DO find one, they can't hold it for longer than a month or two. This is usually by their own doing.

    They refuse to look into other places to live, and ignore any comments about cheaper properties being found nearby.

    They hold their disability check over my stepmother's head and claims she's using it for her own needs, however this is untrue as well. Their checks are being used to help them and the house, as well as going for food and home bills.

    If threatened with police being called, they tell my stepmother (their mother) that they'll plant weed in her bedroom, and tell the cops to investigate. THIS, or they claim they'll commit suicide. This, again, has happened on more than one occasion. (somehow.) Now.. They -were- on the lease for the previous year on this house, I'm not exactly sure if this accounts for anything. Some info would be GREATLY appreciated here.

    Right now, I'm completely clueless on where to go from here. The stepmother's too stubborn to actually CALL the police or anyone else worth calling / informing of the situation, so I'd figured that maybe a majority / crowd might be enough to help figure out where we need to go.

    EDIT: Pardon for the weird formatting. Not too used to making a text post on here.

    EDIT II: I really wish more of my posts could be about general forum / Doom-related stuff. But it seems like most of the decent advice I get comes from here.

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    2. Cupboard


      Sounds like you need some new roommates, ones that will pay rent and handle household responsibilities. Bring in a couple friends/random people from work and start showing them around the house while your deadbeats are at home. Start acting like you're actively looking for people to bring in new people to replace them as tenants.

      Also convince your mother-in-law to move somewhere else with you. Make it clear no other abusive family members can come with. If you said there are cheap properties around, I think you should consider taking with you everyone you care about and leave the undesirables behind.

    3. Coopersville


      Steal their dope and booze. Give it to me.

    4. Cupboard


      Also, since your deadbeats are in a position of powerlessness due to addiction and uselessness, they will threaten you and your mother-in-law if it suits them. Their lives are unmanageable so they will conjure up any excuse or threat to fuck with you, make you feel like you are the problem, or make it seem like you are in just as much trouble as they are if the police ever come sniffing at your door.
      source: I'm an addict

      I wouldn't recommend going to the police since I'm not in your shoes, but I can't recommend not going to the police either.

      Their whole thing about "planting drugs" as a way to backdoor-threaten your family is basically bullshit. If things ever get serious, pick a time of day when you, the kids, and the mother-in-law are not home and you know for a fact that the deadbeats are. From there you could make a phonecall to the police department and tell them exactly what they could find in your house and whom it belongs to, and basically give them permission to search the house and seize illegal materials without a search warrant.

      Before you ever go to the police, I would suggest going down to the local department and ask to speak to a couple cops and get their advice about how you proceed. You don't want this whole thing to build up to an emergency and you make the 911 call out of anger or lack of planning.

  2. So.. I'm starting on a job as one of those sign-shakers for one of the Little Caesar's Pizza stores near here.

    I'll be standing out there for a good 4 hours each day, and I need a little something to help me pass the time while I stand there.. holding that sign.

    I'd wanted to take a set of headphones with me and have some fun with it, but I'm not too sure if that's acceptable there.

    (I've heard of people doing this.. not sure if they were necessarily -allowed- to do this.)

    But yeah.. all I've got going for me right now is music.

    Any suggestions are welcome..

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    2. geo


      While you're shaking that sign you can:

      Count blue cars maybe?

      Or play slug bug with random passer bys. If you see a VW bug, just punch the nearest person. You can be known as the Pizza Puncher.

    3. Clonehunter


      darkreaver said:


      Funny, seeing the LC in my area was shut down due to drugs behind the counter. Same thing with the Burger King that was next door.

    4. Creaphis


      exp(x) said:

      Just ask your boss if you can use headphones.

      A smart boss would prefer that you do. This is one job where if you're dancing on the job you'll probably attract more attention and sell more pizzas. Then again, I'm not sure what the desired effect of a sign-shaker actually is. The last time I saw a professional sign manipulation technician my only emotional response was sadness at his plight. Maybe you should just look miserable out there and sell more pizzas to people who eat when they're depressed and to people who try to assuage their white guilt with negligible acts of charity. These are big markets!

      Danarchy said:

      On that note, those Hot and Ready pizzas should be considered a war crime. How can they even market that as food. Though at $5 for a medium pizza, I guess you get what you pay for.

      I can be a food snob too, but there are some culinary experiences that need to be judged by a more lenient standard. These include:

      1. The only Chinese restaurant run by the only Chinese family in a small town in rural Manitoba.
      2. A pizza that is pre-cooked, is sitting in a hot glass box, and costs five dollars.

      Up here in Canada a medium Hot and Ready costs $5.99. I've eaten at LC's twice in the last year, driving a friend who only eats cheese pizza to adult Lego fan group meetings. Looking past the counter to the kitchen I saw clean appliances and an employee engaged in the process of making dough, actually making it, not just squeezing some emulsion from a tube. Satisfied, I bought a medium pep and ate with gusto.

  3. Never mind.

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    2. Spazman


      Sure thing. Matter'o fact, I'd actually put it in the original post before editing it since nobody came. xD

      But yeah, for Saturday nights if I or anyone else wasn't doing anything, I'd planned on streaming some Monty Python and / or Star Wars stuff. I'm thinking about adding Spaceballs on that list, or any other movies that could be recommended.

      ..Perhaps post-movie, I could stream some work being done on the Doom RPG, but that's if anyone's still there by the end of it.

    3. Bloodshedder


      Sorry, we can't allow you to advertise streaming of copyrighted content. Perhaps you could stream something original.

    4. Spazman


      I guess the Doom RPG will do, then.

  4. Reinstalled Windows 7 on my laptop for the umpteenth time this year, due to a recurring problem that shows up after some time of using my Wacom tablet / USB mouse / laptop touchpad:

    1. Touchpad is barely responsive
    2. Mouse has its red light, but flickers and shuts off every now and then.
    3. When I go to use my tablet, even while holding the pen in place, the on-screen cursor goes on a shaking fit on the screen. Quite annoying when I'm going to draw straight lines. =/

    I have a Dell Latitude D520 laptop at the moment, not exactly the best thing on Earth. But, since I don't have too much in funds coming in either way, I have to stick with it for now.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I've tried looking it up, but most of the sites I go to provide me with stupid "Turn off / Turn back on" and "Unplug / plug back in" -esque answers.

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    2. Spazman


      Tried the latest driver. Still getting jitters.

    3. ArmouredBlood


      What mouse are you using? I've had issues with my deathadder where if I plug it in after my laptop starts up, the drivers will crap out and cause the cursor to jump around and be nonresponsive for a second. Updating my mouse driver fixed that. I think. It's been a long time. Perhaps update the drivers for your touchpad and/or mouse, or make sure they are plugged in before turning on your laptop. If the mouse has software running, you might try endtasking it if you have problems still. If none of that works, google it.

    4. SavageCorona


      The way I see it is in a list of things to do in order of "see if it works after this":
      1. Update drivers
      2. Reinstall Windows
      3. Update BIOS
      4. Format hard-drive
      This is where it gets somewhat out of your grasp, due to financial reasons you explained
      5. Get new hard-drive
      6. Get new motherboard
      7. Get new mouse + tablet
      8. Get new laptop entirely

  5. I finally got myself another laptop from a buddy of mine, and so far, despite its age, it runs circles around the last (HP Pavilion DV9700) one I had. (This one is a Dell Latitude D520.)

    As of earlier this afternoon, I've been having a bit of trouble with the touchpad for this thing. The thing barely responds to pressure, and when it does work, the movement is sluggish / jittery / for some reason, 'clicks' stuff without having me click it.

    I've tried to clean it off, reinstall drivers, et cedera. I'm not sure if there's something I'm doing wrong about fixing the problem, but it's certainly a head-scratcher for me.

    If anyone could help me out with this, it'd be much appreciated. (Also running WinXP 32-bit)

    1. Spazman


      Well, this is certainly weird..

      Upon restarting my computer again, the touchpad seems to be working fine...

    2. Maes


      I end up disabling touchpads completely on most laptops and using only external mice -touchpads tend to pick up spurious click or combined cursor movements/clicks, which make typing a chore, as the cursor often backtracks "by itself". Sometimes, it's my left thumb that barely touches the pad while typing, but sometimes it can be simply typing-vibration-induced. In any case, it's a nuisance.

  6. So, as it turns out, it's my birthday today. I should really get on the ball about posting here more often..

    However, that seems to be hard when there's nothing really worthwhile I can post. **' (Other than work on the Doom RPG.)

    Perhaps I can make up some map stuff, improve a bit on that.

    Hm... Seems I'm wanting to give more, rather than receive, considering the fact about today..

    1. Foodles


      Happy Birthday, it was my 20th on the 8th March as well

    2. Hellbent


      TheSpazztikOne said:

      Hm... Seems I'm wanting to give more, rather than receive, considering the fact about today.. [/B]

      A true hobbit. Cheers.

  7. So, I've got this new HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop from a buddy of mine, who'd said the only problem with it is the fact that the laptop screen doesn't want to stay open.

    For the past few weeks, I've worked on a Doom RPG project I'd planned to have another update posted up about, but it seems that when I'm on the move, my laptop can't hold a charge worth anything.

    Every time I supposedly charge my laptop, and take it up to the park, the battery charge jumps from 100% to 67%... within 5 minutes. After that, it steadily drains.

    I've already decided to get a new battery, but I'm not exactly sure if this was the way to go, or if there was something else wrong with it...

    1. Bucket


      First, try draining it fully so it turns off by itself (remember to turn off the standby function). Then charge it to 100%. It may just be a problem with the battery meter.

      If not, then the battery is dying. It'll be a year or two before it's completely useless.

  8. Yup, I know it's been a while since I'd posted anything related to Doom or the RPG, and today won't be the day either, I'm afraid.

    Today is the day I tell about an event that I'm hosting a few days from now here in my town. It seems that Kentucky is almost practically devoid of metal and such, and filled with the stuff called "Rap" and "Pop" and stuff like that.

    This sunday, however, I'm bringin' about my buddies and such to a local metal music gathering and such. I'm hoping the turnout'll be good.

    There's supposed to be people bringin' their music shit like guitars, drums,and such. And hopefully we don't get our asses arrested for this. (We shouldn't, as it's a PUBLIC park, and there'll most likely be less than 50 people coming.)

    People'll be bringin' Metal / Classic Rock CDs and such, and someone's bringing a good supply of food and a karaoke machine for 'Metal-oke' or whats-it-called.

    ...So, are there any other Doomers here in Louisville / Kentucky that would be able to make it to this thing? (Camp Taylor Park)

    Or, jus' post here if ye'd wanna share comments and shit. Here's a mockup pic I did for the Hell of it:

    I did the artwork, someone else came up with the name of the event.

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    2. Spazman


      Aaaaand, the event begins today. Lotsa food, big turnout, music, metal-oke, etc.

      *Ties on bandana*

      I'll take some pics and such, prolly a video, and see if I can post them on here a little bit later.

    3. Spazman


      This first metal music event was a fucking blast. Got some Metalburgers down, Did our first annual guitar smash'n'burn, Sang the metal Anthem (Am I Evil- Diamondhead version), passed the Metal Torch, and rode in a shopping cart back to my place. Pics and Video coming up soon!

    4. darkreaver


      TheSpazztikOne said:

      Am I Evil- Diamondhead version


  9. Well. I've just received a large package of rather spicy peanuts from General Rainbow Bacon (DoomHero85). I was told they'd be spicy, just not sure how spicy just yet. I'll be taking pictures and posting a YouTube video of my feat with these peanuts.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, is the enemy:

    Here are the precautions:

    And here is the dumbass who's actually insane enough to try these:

    wish me luck, guise.

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    2. Sharessa


      Oh wow, I want some of those now.

    3. Maes


      Did those "Hellish Imp Fireballs" also give you another type of fireball, later on? Ya know, of this kind.

    4. General Rainbow Bacon

      General Rainbow Bacon

      No, they aren't THAT hot...yet. Actually I'm thinking of making another, hotter flavor with ghost chili sauce sometime. Maybe I'll call it "Archvile's Rage" lol. I've also got a bunch of flavors that won't set fire to your gullet like napalm as well for the more timid.

  10. Indeed it is. Featuring my art on the cover, giving you daily dosages of
    classic rock,heavy metal, and eveything in between during your early and late-night hours, with little disturbance in between.

    Here's our Bandlist:
    Megadeth -- Metallica --Iron Maiden -- Green Day --Black Sabbath
    Motorhead -- System of A Down -- Led Zeppelin -- The Eagles
    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers -- Diamond Head -- Pink Floyd
    Ozzy Osbourne -- Billy Idol -- Soundgarden --White Zombie --Queen
    Bon Jovi -- Judas Priest -- KISS -- Warrant -- Nirvana -- Pantera
    Budgie -- Cream -- Aerosmith -- Van Halen -- Def Leppard -- AC/DC
    Blue Oyster Cult -- Motley Crue -- Creedence Clearwater Revival
    The Misfits -- Whitesnake -- George Thorogood -- Disturbed --
    Guns 'n' Roses -- Mercyful Fate -- Lynyrd Skynyrd -- Boston --
    Tool -- Billy Joel --

    All in all, that's 42 bands for the radio.
    I'll post link when the stream gets ready to start.

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    2. Technician


      Planky said:


      Too slow, bro.

    3. Spazman


      Ok, it's up now. go and listen. It'll be on all night starting now.

    4. Spazman


      The stream's up now! It's another all-nighter music-fest.

  11. Yep. It seems that for the time neing, i'm stuck on my damn android. The router on my compuer went out unexpectedly, and now i'm stuck with absolutely no way to upload anything, much less play anything online. I wish there was a way to get the thing working again, just to see if the thing was totally fried. If anyone at all could help, it's a "Belkin G Wireless Adapter." Oh, modem works fine. Router trouble, that's it. :|

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    2. GreyGhost


      TheSpazztikOne said:

      I mean, it appears to be working, but when you plug it in, all lights turn on automatically without a wait, which is not normal. I t usually has to load up each light one by one. The internet light does not flash, and is a solid green. The internet only works when the modem is diretly connected to the computer, instead of through the router. Also, strangely, the router gets quite warm, even when you first plug it in.

      It sound like some internal component has lost it's magic smoke. I had one Belkin Wireless-G router enter into a suicide pact with it's switchmode plug pack and three others simply refuse to behave after a while, so that's a brand I no longer buy. If you're happy with Wireless-G and your current modem, shop around for a Linksys WRT54GL.

      EDIT - If you want a laugh, here's my rant on the subject.

    3. wildweasel


      I'd honestly recommend a D-Link router - the one I use is a WBR-2310, which has wireless G support and probably one of the friendliest configuration interfaces I've seen. Considering its primary competition is the (mandatory) Frontier Communications-provided ActionTec router, that's going a long way.

    4. Maes


      That's why I keep a traditional modem handy -actually laptops come with those built-in - and with my provider's dial-up backup access numbers, usernames and passwords already configured.

  12. I've been trying lately to make my own personal replicas of different bands' album art, mainly for covers I do, with my band name replacing the name of the band on the front, along with the title, while still having the art look somewhat the same. Anyway, that goes for me. Whatever you post here as far as your own sketchwork or photography or what-not is your decision. Here is what I have done as of late:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Spazman


      The thing is, if I were to post it, I would have to dig through mounds of papers, do much editing, scan, and go through the hassle of all that. Maybe it'd be best to remake it.

    3. Vaporizer


      As a huge Priest fan I'd like to see it. :)

    4. Spazman


      Like I said, this may take a bit, considering my other work (Doom RPG). if I get a chance, I'll do it.

  13. After getting all of my stuff out of storage only a few days ago, I came across something I had completely forgot I'd had, which were the original Half Life games. Found them inside my backpack when I had tried to install the game on the School's computer for me to play (Which worked).
    All in all, I have the HL original, Team fortress, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force. Has anyone else on here and played these games and enjoyed them as much as I have?

    I still consider it an interesting find, and surprisingly it is a lot less linear than the story of HL 2.

    I'll post pics in a little bit of them, minus the CD keys.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      HL1, although linear, made a convincing enough world that it was compelling and tight.

      HL2 was boring as shit. Valve suck. They forgot what made HL1 interesting; that you were a fish out of water, trying to GTFO out of the base before getting owned by aliens, then marines, then aliens again. Playing as Gordon Jesus was just boring as hell.

    3. Csonicgo


      HL1 was interesting, HL2 seems to follow the "stretch the plot as far as possible" school of thought while retconning the shit out of it. Episode 3 will be Gaben's "Episode I" moment. Yes, that Episode I.

    4. lupinx-Kassman


      Half life 1 and 2 were great deals of fun for me.

      The expansions for half life 1 were fun as well, but I think I prefer opposing forces over blue shift, as it felt like there was more variety.

  14. I am in the process of making a remake of the old DOS Alone in the Dark game, but in an NES-like format.i'm remaking the first one, which I think was probably the scariest. The way survival-puzzle-horror should have been. Anyway, when I get more done, I'll post some screenshots of my progress. Oh, and i'm still working on doom RPG. Don't worry.

    Whoever likes this, or likes any of the older AitD games, tell me what you think: would you like to see this? Or do you think this would be wasting time?

    Also, i'd like to hear what's been going on about this game. Are they still releasing sequels to this game? I know there was one for the 360, but I heard it was teh sux.

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    2. Snakes


      Technician said:

      Being disappointed suggests you had expectations from an Uwe Boll film.

      I usually have more expectations about his boxing matches.

    3. Spazman


      Why the Hell is this in Morons?

      I was being dead friggin serious about this game! I even have youtube vids and pics of this game!


    4. Technician


      TheSpazztikOne said:

      Why the Hell is this in Morons?

      I was being dead friggin serious about this game! I even have youtube vids and pics of this game!


      It's not really morons per se, it's just the blog section is located in the morons section. It's not usually accessible by people who do not know of it's existence.

  15. I am currently working on an RPG Game based on Doom, like the name implies, and it's actually going pretty good right now. I have a line-up for Beta testers to try out the tech preview, but I made it using a downloadable RPG engine called O.H.R.RPG.C.E.

    I find it to be pretty good, and it hold up well, but the graphics suck. I plan on revising the sprites in the game soon, but in the meantime, all I have to offer so far is the demo.

    The only map in it so far is a small "Hangar E1M1" level.

    Any Takers?

    That, and when you do play the game, please post on this thread for comments and such.

    1. Jodwin


      What kind of an "RPG" are we talking about? JRPG? Dungeon crawler? Western RPG? Hack 'n slash?

    2. Spazman


      It'll be a 3rd person perspective, Final Fantasy-like turn based RPG.
      I have screenshots of the game in the Doom General section of the forum, and have a line of testers for the game.