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  1. After getting all of my stuff out of storage only a few days ago, I came across something I had completely forgot I'd had, which were the original Half Life games. Found them inside my backpack when I had tried to install the game on the School's computer for me to play (Which worked).
    All in all, I have the HL original, Team fortress, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force. Has anyone else on here and played these games and enjoyed them as much as I have?

    I still consider it an interesting find, and surprisingly it is a lot less linear than the story of HL 2.

    I'll post pics in a little bit of them, minus the CD keys.

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    2. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      HL1, although linear, made a convincing enough world that it was compelling and tight.

      HL2 was boring as shit. Valve suck. They forgot what made HL1 interesting; that you were a fish out of water, trying to GTFO out of the base before getting owned by aliens, then marines, then aliens again. Playing as Gordon Jesus was just boring as hell.

    3. Csonicgo


      HL1 was interesting, HL2 seems to follow the "stretch the plot as far as possible" school of thought while retconning the shit out of it. Episode 3 will be Gaben's "Episode I" moment. Yes, that Episode I.

    4. lupinx-Kassman


      Half life 1 and 2 were great deals of fun for me.

      The expansions for half life 1 were fun as well, but I think I prefer opposing forces over blue shift, as it felt like there was more variety.