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  1. I've been trying lately to make my own personal replicas of different bands' album art, mainly for covers I do, with my band name replacing the name of the band on the front, along with the title, while still having the art look somewhat the same. Anyway, that goes for me. Whatever you post here as far as your own sketchwork or photography or what-not is your decision. Here is what I have done as of late:

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    2. Spazman


      The thing is, if I were to post it, I would have to dig through mounds of papers, do much editing, scan, and go through the hassle of all that. Maybe it'd be best to remake it.

    3. Vaporizer


      As a huge Priest fan I'd like to see it. :)

    4. Spazman


      Like I said, this may take a bit, considering my other work (Doom RPG). if I get a chance, I'll do it.