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  1. Well. I've just received a large package of rather spicy peanuts from General Rainbow Bacon (DoomHero85). I was told they'd be spicy, just not sure how spicy just yet. I'll be taking pictures and posting a YouTube video of my feat with these peanuts.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, is the enemy:

    Here are the precautions:

    And here is the dumbass who's actually insane enough to try these:

    wish me luck, guise.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Danarchy


      Oh wow, I want some of those now.

    3. Maes


      Did those "Hellish Imp Fireballs" also give you another type of fireball, later on? Ya know, of this kind.

    4. General Rainbow Bacon

      General Rainbow Bacon

      No, they aren't THAT hot...yet. Actually I'm thinking of making another, hotter flavor with ghost chili sauce sometime. Maybe I'll call it "Archvile's Rage" lol. I've also got a bunch of flavors that won't set fire to your gullet like napalm as well for the more timid.