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  1. Yup, I know it's been a while since I'd posted anything related to Doom or the RPG, and today won't be the day either, I'm afraid.

    Today is the day I tell about an event that I'm hosting a few days from now here in my town. It seems that Kentucky is almost practically devoid of metal and such, and filled with the stuff called "Rap" and "Pop" and stuff like that.

    This sunday, however, I'm bringin' about my buddies and such to a local metal music gathering and such. I'm hoping the turnout'll be good.

    There's supposed to be people bringin' their music shit like guitars, drums,and such. And hopefully we don't get our asses arrested for this. (We shouldn't, as it's a PUBLIC park, and there'll most likely be less than 50 people coming.)

    People'll be bringin' Metal / Classic Rock CDs and such, and someone's bringing a good supply of food and a karaoke machine for 'Metal-oke' or whats-it-called.

    ...So, are there any other Doomers here in Louisville / Kentucky that would be able to make it to this thing? (Camp Taylor Park)

    Or, jus' post here if ye'd wanna share comments and shit. Here's a mockup pic I did for the Hell of it:

    I did the artwork, someone else came up with the name of the event.

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    2. Spazman


      Aaaaand, the event begins today. Lotsa food, big turnout, music, metal-oke, etc.

      *Ties on bandana*

      I'll take some pics and such, prolly a video, and see if I can post them on here a little bit later.

    3. Spazman


      This first metal music event was a fucking blast. Got some Metalburgers down, Did our first annual guitar smash'n'burn, Sang the metal Anthem (Am I Evil- Diamondhead version), passed the Metal Torch, and rode in a shopping cart back to my place. Pics and Video coming up soon!

    4. darkreaver


      TheSpazztikOne said:

      Am I Evil- Diamondhead version