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  1. So.. I'm starting on a job as one of those sign-shakers for one of the Little Caesar's Pizza stores near here.

    I'll be standing out there for a good 4 hours each day, and I need a little something to help me pass the time while I stand there.. holding that sign.

    I'd wanted to take a set of headphones with me and have some fun with it, but I'm not too sure if that's acceptable there.

    (I've heard of people doing this.. not sure if they were necessarily -allowed- to do this.)

    But yeah.. all I've got going for me right now is music.

    Any suggestions are welcome..

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    2. geo


      While you're shaking that sign you can:

      Count blue cars maybe?

      Or play slug bug with random passer bys. If you see a VW bug, just punch the nearest person. You can be known as the Pizza Puncher.

    3. Clonehunter


      darkreaver said:


      Funny, seeing the LC in my area was shut down due to drugs behind the counter. Same thing with the Burger King that was next door.

    4. Creaphis


      exp(x) said:

      Just ask your boss if you can use headphones.

      A smart boss would prefer that you do. This is one job where if you're dancing on the job you'll probably attract more attention and sell more pizzas. Then again, I'm not sure what the desired effect of a sign-shaker actually is. The last time I saw a professional sign manipulation technician my only emotional response was sadness at his plight. Maybe you should just look miserable out there and sell more pizzas to people who eat when they're depressed and to people who try to assuage their white guilt with negligible acts of charity. These are big markets!

      Danarchy said:

      On that note, those Hot and Ready pizzas should be considered a war crime. How can they even market that as food. Though at $5 for a medium pizza, I guess you get what you pay for.

      I can be a food snob too, but there are some culinary experiences that need to be judged by a more lenient standard. These include:

      1. The only Chinese restaurant run by the only Chinese family in a small town in rural Manitoba.
      2. A pizza that is pre-cooked, is sitting in a hot glass box, and costs five dollars.

      Up here in Canada a medium Hot and Ready costs $5.99. I've eaten at LC's twice in the last year, driving a friend who only eats cheese pizza to adult Lego fan group meetings. Looking past the counter to the kitchen I saw clean appliances and an employee engaged in the process of making dough, actually making it, not just squeezing some emulsion from a tube. Satisfied, I bought a medium pep and ate with gusto.