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  1. I used to play on UV-only until I realized I wasn't having that much fun. ever since then I've played on lower difficulties most of the time, and it's made things much more enjoyable. doom is the kind of game where the simple act of playing it is still fun, so I don't feel too bad about being bad at the game :P
    Wonderful mapset
  2. echoing going down. I'd also love a new valkiriforce megawad :)
  3. that one secret that requires you to walk over a linedef to lower a lift halfway across the map
  4. I try to give myself some leeway but, over the years I have developed a few habits -the critical path needs to have at least 128 units of leeway in movement (side-paths are ok to be cramped) -the player should always at least be pressured to move during combat, be it through healthpack placement, enemy placement, environment design, or some other means -lately I've found myself placing optional rooms, alternate paths and windows to later areas whenever I possibly can. I like how it makes the maps feel more complex this too :^)
  5. cool map. liked the layout a lot, very open but still guided. nice use of zdoom scripting here, didn't feel overdone. the sound of the rain really brought this together. nice job!
    extremely impressive for the time.
    good job
  6. you could also color-code the switch the same way you color-code doors for keys
    excellent music and level design. enemy placement is questionable at times, but otherwise a solid mapset with a refreshing style. please make more!
    cool architecture & solid level design. tough as nails which is to be expected. solid mapset.
  7. a lot of the well regarded "hard" maps are designed with multiple difficulties in mind. nowadays, it seems like ultra-violence is mostly catered towards people who really want a challenge. I have no shame in choosing a lower difficulty. however if you're looking for maps that are fairly balanced even on uv, I'd recommend doom the way id did 1/2 and 2002 a doom odyssey. both are quite easy.