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  1. Cool to see people still making vanilla-style maps. I liked this a lot, it reminded me of DTWID but if the stages were much larger and more creative liberties were taken.
  2. molten_

    [v 0 .95] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    you know it's a special day when linguica has to add a message for people visiting from reddit.
  3. E4M2 is a masterpiece edit: forgot about E2M2, that map is pretty good too.
  4. molten_

    Things that certain mappers do that annoy you

    linearity. a major part of what makes doom exciting to me is the potential for branching paths, dead ends and secrets. if your map is just a straight line from start to finish I get bored fast, unless it's absurdly well paced.
  5. molten_

    Real Talk: Do people use difficulty settings?

    I used to play on UV-only until I realized I wasn't having that much fun. ever since then I've played on lower difficulties most of the time, and it's made things much more enjoyable. doom is the kind of game where the simple act of playing it is still fun, so I don't feel too bad about being bad at the game :P
  6. molten_

    Ultimate Simplicity

    Wonderful mapset
  7. molten_

    Name a wad that deserves a (another) sequel

    echoing going down. I'd also love a new valkiriforce megawad :)
  8. molten_

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    that one secret that requires you to walk over a linedef to lower a lift halfway across the map
  9. molten_

    Design principles when mapping

    I try to give myself some leeway but, over the years I have developed a few habits -the critical path needs to have at least 128 units of leeway in movement (side-paths are ok to be cramped) -the player should always at least be pressured to move during combat, be it through healthpack placement, enemy placement, environment design, or some other means -lately I've found myself placing optional rooms, alternate paths and windows to later areas whenever I possibly can. I like how it makes the maps feel more complex this too :^)
  10. molten_

    Mercury Rain

    cool map. liked the layout a lot, very open but still guided. nice use of zdoom scripting here, didn't feel overdone. the sound of the rain really brought this together. nice job!
  11. molten_


    extremely impressive for the time.
  12. molten_

    THT: Threnody

    good job
  13. molten_

    Megawad with no keys?

    you could also color-code the switch the same way you color-code doors for keys