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  1. I've only played the first couple of maps so far, but I love how retro this feels. Like something straight out of 1998 ... I mean that in the best way possible. Really liked the central "tower" in map02, was fun to figure out how to navigate it. Excited to play more!
  2. molten_

    Simple as Hell (WIP)

    new screenshot of a nearly finished map
  3. molten_

    Simple as Hell (WIP)

    @DavidN Nah I don't really have a limit, some of the stages are pretty large. I just focus on making the environment as simple as possible geometrically, if that makes any sense. @kknot5889 Thanks! Hopefully I will get the first episode done soon-ish. I'm working on finishing up the design of two maps, and monster placement for a few more.
  4. molten_

    Simple as Hell (WIP)

    Simple as Hell is a project I've been working on for forever (Upwards of 4 years now), making extremely small amounts of progress over long periods of time. Most of the slow progress is due to laziness, working full-time and other priorities; That being said, mapping has been going surprisingly smoothly lately so I'm confident in making a thread about it. I plan to release each episode 1 by 1, then release the complete wad once everything is complete. The concept: I was inspired by Doom the way Id Did, but I wanted to take things even a step further. How few linedefs/visplanes/sectors can I get away with using, while still making maps that are visually interesting and capture the same level of quality as the original maps? You'd be surprised how challenging this can be ... I use quite a few tricks to save on resources, always pushing myself to remove certain sectors or linedefs if they aren't needed. Mapping this way has made me realize a lot about what makes maps fun and interesting. The wad will be ultimate doom, vanilla compatible. Screenshots of episode 1: And since I have a fetish for automaps, here are some automap screenshots: I will try to keep this thread updated, but knowing how eclectic my schedule can be I'm not going to make any promises.
  5. molten_

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    e4m2 is definitely optional, if you catch my drift
  6. molten_

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    vanilla compatible is EXTREMELY impressive. will check this out later
  7. I'm just curious if there are any maps that do this effectively? Like, maybe a map that has two branching paths and at the end of each path is a red key, so the player is ultimately going to the same location but they're given a choice on how to reach it.
  8. molten_

    Back to Saturn X Episode 3 [WIP]

    it's finally happening, armageddon is upon us
  9. molten_

    TOON (Cartoon Doom)

    something about the way sprites look in this kinda reminds me of Hylics.
  10. molten_

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I actually kinda like this version
  11. I feel like starting out mapping when vanilla was really popular kinda influenced my style, because even with limit removing I feel really guilty if I add a sector / linedef to my map that doesn't immediately influence the gameplay.
  12. molten_

    What do you look for in a Doom map?

    Lots of optional paths ... dead ends. I don't think Doom lends itself that well to linear level design; a major part of the fun for me is getting lost and "unraveling" a map, so to speak.
  13. molten_

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I may or may not be back into mapping.
  14. Cool to see people still making vanilla-style maps. I liked this a lot, it reminded me of DTWID but if the stages were much larger and more creative liberties were taken.