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  1. Hello guys, I just switched from windows 8.1 to Ubuntu 14.04, since I discovered it works a lot better for me. Now I am not much of a gamer anymore, but I am a fan of doom for more than ten years, playing it regularly. The problem is that I can't manage to install the full version (of doom !, II final doom etc) here. The shareware is not a problem, but that's where it ends. The few guidelines on the internet are not helping much. Is there someone who is also playing through Linux as well that could help me?
  2. bloodfalls

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I never finished TNT fully. I have never played doom 3: RoE.
  3. bloodfalls

    Getting, installing and playing doom on Ubuntu

    You did not misunderstood, but I did. I thought the shareware needed to be replaced with doom1 or doom2 as standard-program of prboom, but your method is giving the same effect, without any modifications. Thanks, everything is working just fine now! This topic may be closed. :)
  4. bloodfalls

    Getting, installing and playing doom on Ubuntu

    Will do :D One more question: How can I replace the shareware version in PRBoom+ with doom2? I can play doom II (it loads itself next to the shareware)but no custom wads because the shareware alone has (of course) not the all the sprites/info doom/doom2 has. I am experimenting with game-data-packaging.
  5. bloodfalls

    Getting, installing and playing doom on Ubuntu

    Wow it worked! I have used "prboom -file doom2.wad" to start. I thought there was something wrong with the file but it's working now. Thanks for the help. :)
  6. bloodfalls

    Getting, installing and playing doom on Ubuntu

    I use mostly my downloaded doom2.wad because the/my final doom version (from steam) has major issues with the sound.
  7. bloodfalls

    Getting, installing and playing doom on Ubuntu

    Yes I have installed PRboom +. Its did give me the shareware with it.
  8. bloodfalls

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

    The map and the atmosphere were better in the ultimate doom compared with doom II. Most will agree. But I end up playing doom II more, just because of the new monsters. When I play the first doom, I realy miss them. But then: I played doom and doom II years after they were released. I played the full version of doom and Doom II at the same time so I never realy experienced the full version of Doom one before Doom II was released. Maybe that makes quiet a difference
  9. bloodfalls

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Nice findings! That explains something. I remember seeing demon-infighting two times in all the years of playing: once in a sharewaregame, and once in psx-doom.
  10. bloodfalls

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Are you realy sure about that? I never heard that before.
  11. bloodfalls

    Massive PSX levels?

    It gave texture cache overflow, my bad. It does not happen very fast. You can play the map without trouble on uv, but when you lure a lot of monsters to one place for infighting, it might happen.
  12. bloodfalls

    Massive PSX levels?

    I know that you can get a black screen with a text that says something about memory violation when you play ┬┤suburbs┬┤ on ps1, and make a huge infight around the oozepool with the key.
  13. bloodfalls

    Most dreaded maps/wads

    The hardest wad I have ever played is ''speed of doom'' especialy the last 5 maps. (Still didn't complete map 30, because I have no idea how:p)
  14. bloodfalls

    Doom images by Farazparsa

    fun :p
  15. bloodfalls

    Collecting Doom

    Final doom for psx is not that easy to get I believe, I was lucky to find it on an online marketplace. Great places for rare stuff.
  16. bloodfalls

    Getting into multiplayer?

    ah thank you:)
  17. bloodfalls

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I love Scythe but I never completed it because of the ''run from it'' map. It's very anoying.
  18. bloodfalls

    Getting into multiplayer?

    I tried to play offline coop with bots but they won't shoot at enemies, they are just running around and get killed. Is this mode ever finished or am I doing something wrong?
  19. bloodfalls

    Map names I don't realize

    It's the name of the last map of ps1 doom (containing the spider mastermind)
  20. bloodfalls

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    Ep1: I love them all! Ep2: M6:, I play this map for years and I still forget the spot of the red key. M9: Boring and ugly, looks like its made in 10 minutes. Ep3: M1: Not a good map to start a episode. M2: I hate this one because the lack of ammo. M8: Boring and simple bosslevel. Ep4: M4: too short and easy to fit in with the other Ep4 maps. DOOM 2: M4 and M5 because they are boring and just not fun to play. M12: Ugly design, boring to play. M17: Ive never liked this map I don't know why but I just don't like it.
  21. bloodfalls

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    Doom 1 I really hate ''Halls of the damned'' Doom 2 I hate the maps: the chasm, the factory and tenements
  22. bloodfalls

    co-op nightmare?

    Ive tried to complete episode 1 on nightmare with a friend of my, but it was not working. It's great that you can spawn again when you died but when the health and shields are used it's almost impossible to complete the level.
  23. bloodfalls

    Doom II is actually pretty great :-)

    Things I like about doom 2: New enemies Super shotgun Awesome levels (The Pit, Tricks and Traps, The living end etc The atmosphere of the first Siks levels Things I do not like: Hell levels are not as great and creepy as the hell levels of doom 1 Chaingunners
  24. bloodfalls

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I hate the maps: the factory, the spirit world, the chasm and e3m2 I prefer the controller (ps1, xbox) above the mouse/keyboard. I save while playing. I hate the password system on ps1 I never completed the final doom.
  25. bloodfalls

    doom is unrealistic

    Why are there useless secret doors and area's in men made bases?