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  1. jjbluesam

    Doom-Slayer HUB ideas

    Maybe it's just the cod zombie fan in me speaking, but I'd kill for an infinite waves mode.
  2. jjbluesam

    Heaven in Doom Eternal

    Remember how they're trying to get the demons to live with the humans? I think what's going on is Heaven doesn't want doomguy to kill the demons because it's either: 1) The demons have expressed that they're sorry for what they've done and just wanna live among humans. This is obviously false, but Heaven doesn't realize this (deceitful nature of demons) and thinks they can give penance. 2) Heaven knows the demons will try to kill humanity but wants humanity to learn their lesson, eliminate all demons, and never mess with hell again 3) False heaven made by the demons. I don't think it's made by Hayden as someone said, because he seems like he just wants to leave hell alone and I don't think he'd stand for what's going on in Eternal. I can't quite wrap my head around 2, as if Heaven wanted humanity to eliminate all the demons, you'd think they d want Doomguy to help, so that's out. I think maybe it's 3 or 1.
  3. jjbluesam

    DOOM 4 Will not be a "Reskinned RAGE"

    I realyy hope DooM 4 comes out before the next decade.
  4. jjbluesam

    DOOM 4 Will not be a "Reskinned RAGE"

    Okay, anyone think that they will make try so hard to make the graphics good that the graphics will just ruin the game? Or Doom 3 graphics mixed with old school graphics?
  5. jjbluesam

    DOOM 4 "Officially" Officially in Development

    They should use a alot of creativity in Doom 4. They got better graphics, they can't just tell a story every once in a while. (Like in Doom and Doom 2, but i still they Doom and Doom 2 are some of the best games ever)
  6. jjbluesam

    DOOM 4 "Officially" Officially in Development

    This one guy in another thread thinks that it will be a sequel to doom 2, anyone else agree? (By the way, I agree) Doom 3 did not have the run and gun feel of the other games. I mean, didn't it seem like the marine served more as a medic than a marine?
  7. jjbluesam


    My computer thinks that XWE is a DooM WAD. Help?
  8. jjbluesam


    thanks, greyghost.
  9. jjbluesam


    I need help. Howcome when i try to test a DooM map it says i need to fix the lines? What do I do?