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  1. Okay @ALMN how about this: why should we listen to you? What makes your opinion so valuable and credible? You seem adamant to quickly say a map is garbage or should mold in a trashcan but you really don’t back up what you’re saying other than “it’s cramped” and I know you’ll probably repeat yourself and say, “oh he’ll just call me a memer” which still isn’t a valid argument either. Give us a reason to highly consider your opinion.
  2. Looks like GZDoom's high quality resize mode.
  3. Spent pretty much a day on this: Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/xpjgjs
  4. Doom modding or crashing innocent-users sourceports? That’s the thing about it: some people have actually donated to this guy and here he goes injecting malicious code that freezes your port or possibly your PC. if it was just a joke then why did he remove the source code? Was he never going to mention this so-called joke if no one had brought it to light? The guy is just to shady to trust anymore. We already knew he stole and didn’t credit resources, now the new thing will be if his mods crash your game or not. Mod of the year oops?
  5. Mod of the year crashes other mods intentionally. Good job @Sergeant_Mark_IV.
  6. Quake? Colorful? Then you woke up?
  7. Did you seriously just compare a game from 1993 to today’s games? A 2D engine vs a 3D engine? Lol you’re funny.
  8. Which isn't a bad thing. Most (G)Zdoom maps/mapsets follow a similar pattern where they feature just about every single advanced feature there is. 3D floors, 3D slopes, dynamic lights, portals, scaled textures, etc etc, and even then the maps still suck. They're traditionally HUGE fucking levels (usually on a space ship or something) jammed full of monsters with bland layouts that make it so obvious that the author just ran out of ideas. The (G)ZDoom mapping cliche is: Huge ass rooms with every advanced feature utilized terribly.
  9. Scripting is way more convenient than dummy sector hacks. With the amount of functionality in the popular source ports, there's literally no reason to use 1996 mapping hacks and tricks anymore.
  10. Looks like someone got offended over Decay's image, poor fella.
  11. Another option: Design an actor that plays the sound at different instances using state jumps rather than a script.
  12. Yeah you’re right you made a mistake, the eye and teeth aren’t preserved they’re literally holes. Also he said he didn’t want a silhoutte. Double oops.
  13. Worst map: every map
  14. Also I guess my post about wheelchair battles triggered Decay so much that he had to come into TS at 12 am and say that Alfonzo duels more than me rofl poor fella, I guess he likes his tea party friends more than what he made it seem at first... His time at Doomworld has also dumbed his skills down, Mobius beat him at Judas 25 to 16. Poor. Fella.