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  1. jdagenet

    Aubrey Hodges' Final Doom music in Alien Resurrection

    That specific sample in question was designed by the legendary Eric Persing and is featured in his sample CD Distorted Reality 1. In fact all the samples in the PSX Final Doom OST minus a couple of the string sounds all came from that CD. There is one pad sample that Aubrey uses in all four games that was designed by Persing but it’s not on a sample CD.
  2. jdagenet

    Aubrey Hodges' Final Doom music in Alien Resurrection

    The samples came from CD’s, Aubrey just used them. I’m honestly not sure which ones he made himself since about 95% of the samples he used for soundtracks across the three games (PSX Doom, PSX Final Doom, and Doom 64) have been found and their original source has been located. I’ve even found source locations for most of the samples in the Quake 64 OST too.
  3. jdagenet

    Instruments used in PSX Doom soundtrack?

    I've spent quite a number of years studying and hunting down the original samples Hodges used in the OST for PSX Doom (as well as his other console OST's). I've found almost all of them with maybe 1 or 2 being unaccounted for. They're not his samples. Almost all of the sounds and samples used in the OST for PSX Doom come from sample CD's and are NOT made by Hodges himself. I would be interested in hearing a clarification from him on which sounds he actually made. Most likely it was some enemy SFX and such, but the music samples themselves are not his. As far as what the samples are actually comprised of -- most are popular digital hardware synths from that era. Roland D-50 and Korg Wavestation being big ones. Demos of these synths can be listened to and I'm sure you'll begin to hear some familiar tones, ESPECIALLY from the Wavestation since it has a very unique sound to it. Some of the samples are also created by means of a sound design technique called Convolution Reverb (samples in Toxin Refinery and Command Control use this technique). Some of the samples he picked and chose from the CD's were also used in movies as well. The sample used in Limbo for example was also used in the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes. If anyone would be interested in hearing some demos of these original samples I could put some things together to demonstrate their original, untouched audio quality before Hodges compressed the sounds (and to also support what I say).
  4. jdagenet

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/jdagenet Playing through some Speed of Doom for fun. I'm no professional so....
  5. jdagenet

    Novis - Boom compatible map

    Thanks for the comments so far. I’m waiting to hear more weigh in on that certain Archvile so I can kind of gather the majority response and go from there. I’m glad people seem to enjoy the map though and the layout too. I think the one thing that’ll make or break ANY map is the layout so in my opinion it’s very important to focus on this aspect almost all the time and prioritize it.
  6. Novis is a standard, medium sized hell level I designed in just under a month from scratch. Compatibility IWAD: Doom 2 Map: Map01 Tested with: Doom Retro and GZDoom Difficulty Settings: UV only Credits Cowsha - Testing/feedback Impboy - Testing/feedback leodoom85 - Testing/feedback Alfonzo - Music Mechadon - Sky texture -DOWNLOAD- More screenshots
  7. jdagenet

    Bromine - Limit Removing Map

    @ElPadrecitoCholo Appreciate the review. I'm personally not a huge fan of straight up slaughter maps and things of that nature. I'm much more a fan of a map and encounter being difficult in a strategic way that encourages the player to sort of think about their approach and decisions so you'll rarely see slaughter stuff in my maps. Also, an hour and 24 minutes... You definitely took your time playing through it lol but I'm glad you mostly enjoyed it!
  8. jdagenet

    Bromine - Limit Removing Map

    Appreciate the kind words @Wilster_Wonkels, really wasn't expecting that haha. I do have a tendency to make challenging maps in a sense that punishes the player for poor choices more so than just throwing a huge herd of monsters at them. But yeah, thanks a lot! @Degree23 That's actually not a bad idea, or perhaps just place a door somewhere in the central area of the map that is red key locked and has the RL inside. I might play around with this idea a bit, thanks.
  9. jdagenet

    Bromine - Limit Removing Map

    Ah that's a good point actually. I could easily make that change. I feel like I would've gotten to many complaints if I only handed the player an RL like I had originally planned. Thanks. I really like larger maps with focus on flow and interconnectivity, so I personally don't mind a map that just kind of keeps going as long as it's enjoyable at least (which I hope mine was). I really do appreciate the gameplay footage being posted, it's interesting to see just how people approach the situations differently from a fresh perspective.
  10. jdagenet

    Bromine - Limit Removing Map

    Appreciate the feedback so far. The reason I did this was because since you can alert them from the high room above I didn't want those monsters venturing out from that room and over populating the space combined with the other enemies in the area. So, I put monster blocking lines as a way to just kind of force the player to fight just a little bit and earn the Soul Sphere. I tried to keep the map pretty interconnected so some areas are definitely cramped but I tried to make sure that this wouldn't irritate the player too much by regulating what I threw at them and when. A little bit of trivia: The current SSG originally wasn't an SSG placement, it was actually a Rocket Launcher, but based on some feedback I received the RL was a little too difficult to use enjoyably inside those small rooms so I switched some things around and dropped an SSG where it now currently is and moved the RL outside.
  11. Somewhat large Limit-Removing level I designed in about a month and a half. I don't exactly recall what drove me to create this... It just sort of happened and I slowly chipped away at it over time until I made something that I thought was worth while. Map was designed and tested around UV, but difficulty settings are in fact implemented. Screenshots: I nor my playtesters found any bugs while playing so I don't think there's any, but of course if you do find something then please let me know! List of credits is in the text file. -DOWNLOAD LINK-
  12. Having tested the map, I can confirm there’s a Pinky or two.
  13. jdagenet

    Anguish - Custom Doom 64 map

    I honestly don’t have many maps out there, I’m a rather terrible mapper in terms of designing something that I think is good enough to post. I released a little Boom map sometime ago called Galine that was okay. I do have some old old maps for Doom 64 EX I released like 9 years ago but they’re REALLY bad, I’d rather not speak about those lol (you can find some gameplay on Youtube of them though I’m pretty sure). I’ve done some work in the past for some Zandronum deathmatch sets but that was mostly composing music tracks and such, not a whole lot of mapping. I wouldn’t trust myself for a second to actually finish a megawad of sorts, at least not yet heh. Maybe one day it’ll happen.
  14. jdagenet

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    Appreciate the shout out, sir!
  15. jdagenet

    Supplice - Out now on Steam!

    Yeah the Twitter certainly did give it away :D it seems like I’m hearing more and more about games being built with GZDoom and sold these days, which honestly is a good thing. There was a point in time where modding for Doom was purely just a hobby and would very seldom make you money (and this applied to even the most talented mappers and modders), but now GZDoom seems to be opening up the doors for profit to be made and reward the people that have spent hours working with the game. my only complaint is I have to wait even longer for a release :P