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  1. jdagenet

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    Bethesda will find some way to screw up the game, gez hit the nail on the head. I have no faith in them staying faithful to the original. Whether it be requiring a Bethesda account to play, censoring graphics, different engines (which in turn causes other problems as seen in the switch titles), etc. Fact of the matter is Doom 64 has already been ported to PC in several different ways, all of which are very good despite the differences between the releases. This is nothing more than Bethesda looking for more easy cash (and I expect the Playstation titles to come next). As for said ports, I would imagine Bethesda is going to try and have them taken down unfortunately. This is really reminding me how smart I was keeping my N64 and all the games including Doom 64.
  2. Screenshots are looking real nice.
  3. jdagenet

    [Released] NeonDM

    Glad to see this project finally turning the corner and heading towards a final release after being in development FOR SO LONG. Excellent work.
  4. jdagenet

    [WIP] Trinity - New School Megawad

    Ivan and I have been busy as of late with other things. But we do still update each other regularly with progress.
  5. jdagenet

    [WIP] Supplice

    Looks great as always, keep up the great work.
  6. jdagenet

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Yep, getting gameplay mechanics finalized first should make the detailing phase a lot smoother since I don’t have to worry about a certain gameplay element fitting somewhere — it’s already there. There’s still a few areas (dead ends) that need some work layout wise (I’m sure you can actually see them from the editor shot) but for the most part this is it.
  7. jdagenet

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Placing items inside my layout and testing to perfect gameplay first before I start detail work. I do like the layout considering I just hopped right into DB and made it :P
  8. jdagenet

    Master of Space

    Size and scale are important, and testing a map as many times as Romero did will surely let you know exactly what your scale is going to be. Is my map too large? Is it too small in places? A good practice is to also bounce between these two ideas throughout your level and not stay locked on one mindset for too long.
  9. jdagenet

    [WIP] Trinity - New School Megawad

    Here's some screens from a map I've been working on for this: a hellish themed, medium-large sized map that the OTEX pack capitalizes on really well.
  10. jdagenet

    Argent Agent's "Sky-Fi" Skybox/Sky Texture Archival Dump

    Skies look great, that red one especially.
  11. jdagenet

    [WIP] Trinity - New School Megawad

    Got any progress updates?
  12. jdagenet

    [WIP] Trinity - New School Megawad

    Where's the Boom compat patch
  13. jdagenet

    LAN in Prague

    Make more maps regardless. The type of maps you made for pl2 are one of a kind, I’d love to see more of those maps.
  14. jdagenet

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    @Medis Honestly, I'm not sure if I just watched footage of GZDoom or this new update but holy cow!! Those features look beautiful!! The sharks (shark week?), the zooming (terminator?), waterfall effects (natural?) all look amazing, great work!
  15. jdagenet

    [WIP] Elementalism - a 32-map UDMF megawad

    @Dragonfly Doomkid has heard some of my music and he’s a big fan of it, so I wouldn’t say he’s exaggerating lol. But yes, I’d be willing to provide some music work, we could discuss in detail about it if you’re interested. I’m in your Discord as well as the multiplayer Doom Discord under the same name so feel free to shoot me a pm sometime!
  16. jdagenet

    [WIP] Elementalism - a 32-map UDMF megawad

    Man looks amazing. The thing about it: GZDoom could do a lot of this stuff for awhile now, but everyone maps for Boom format..... yuck. Glad to see someone finally pushing the port to its limits. by the way, what about music? What are you guys using? Please God I hope it’s not MIDI...
  17. jdagenet

    Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    Okay @ALMN how about this: why should we listen to you? What makes your opinion so valuable and credible? You seem adamant to quickly say a map is garbage or should mold in a trashcan but you really don’t back up what you’re saying other than “it’s cramped” and I know you’ll probably repeat yourself and say, “oh he’ll just call me a memer” which still isn’t a valid argument either. Give us a reason to highly consider your opinion.
  18. jdagenet

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    Looks like GZDoom's high quality resize mode.
  19. jdagenet

    Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    Spent pretty much a day on this: Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/xpjgjs
  20. jdagenet

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Doom modding or crashing innocent-users sourceports? That’s the thing about it: some people have actually donated to this guy and here he goes injecting malicious code that freezes your port or possibly your PC. if it was just a joke then why did he remove the source code? Was he never going to mention this so-called joke if no one had brought it to light? The guy is just to shady to trust anymore. We already knew he stole and didn’t credit resources, now the new thing will be if his mods crash your game or not. Mod of the year oops?
  21. jdagenet

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Mod of the year crashes other mods intentionally. Good job @Sergeant_Mark_IV.
  22. jdagenet

    ''Military shooters are too brown and grey''

    Quake? Colorful? Then you woke up?
  23. jdagenet

    Why don't people just use UDMF format?

    Did you seriously just compare a game from 1993 to today’s games? A 2D engine vs a 3D engine? Lol you’re funny.
  24. jdagenet

    Why don't people just use UDMF format?

    Which isn't a bad thing. Most (G)Zdoom maps/mapsets follow a similar pattern where they feature just about every single advanced feature there is. 3D floors, 3D slopes, dynamic lights, portals, scaled textures, etc etc, and even then the maps still suck. They're traditionally HUGE fucking levels (usually on a space ship or something) jammed full of monsters with bland layouts that make it so obvious that the author just ran out of ideas. The (G)ZDoom mapping cliche is: Huge ass rooms with every advanced feature utilized terribly.