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  1. Hodapp87

    Signing off

    [sniffle] I can't write this in English. [noise of wet kleenex hitting trashcan] And STAY OUT OF THIS, Bloodshedder, you will ruin its meaning if you translate it with that dinky program of yours. [more noseblowing] And don't yell at me, BBG, or I'll cry. IN MEMORIAM TE TENEBIMVS, LINGVICA. TVVS MAXIMVM OPVS CONSERVEMVS SEMPER. VBI ABES, OPTATVS ERIS MAESTITER. NOLI EXERE! AI!
  2. Just as a point of curiosity, does anyone else play Doom in an otherwise really dark room? The walls of the room light up with whatever's happening on the screen . . . so, essentially, your physical surroundings take on the the color of what's shown on the screen, such to the point that your entire room flickers with a gunshot or fireball, and everything glows red when you get hit really hard.
  3. Hodapp87

    A game is more than just a WAD file

    I agree with not relying on a particular port.... In addition to the main WAD file, why not just make several packages available for download on the page which use various source ports and have premade scripts to do everything for you, as well as any data aside from the main WAD needed to run with the source port? Download the main WAD and choose a source port package to fit your OS and computer speed (we won't want try to load EDGE, for example, on a 486), unzip the 2 packages in a single directory, and you can have a working version guaranteed by running some particular script in the directory that will launch the source port with the items and files necessary for it.
  4. Hodapp87

    GIF overhead views from maps

    Does anyone know of some DOS programs which will make a GIF file of an overhead view of a map, preferably in simple colors (even monochrome) but high detail? Search engines seem not to be helping much.
  5. Hodapp87

    Jovian Stonehenge

    Did you get this: http://www.doomworld.com/pageofdoom/download/jptr_fix1.zip I think it only changes the menu graphics... but you never know. I made an LMP in BOOM of me beating the level after a few practice runs. I didn't get the blue key because I didn't know exactly how though I had gotten each time before; I also didn't need it to beat the level. Mostly I just beat the level as fast as possible, so I didn't explore any areas. I used MIME because I had only about 2K of binary to send. Decode and unzip. Scream at me, moderators, if you would rather not I post stuff like this in the future... So hopefully this demo works... if there's a bug, it should be apparent in that the red door does not open in the demo. --===================== name="e3m1lost.zip" Content-Transfer-Encoding: BASE64 Content-Type: application/octet-stream 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 AgAIAIS9CC152PUC+gYAAHokAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAAIAAAAAAAAABlM20xbG9zdC5sbXBQSwUGAAAAAAEAAQA6AAAAJAcAAAAA --=====================--
  6. Hodapp87

    Reply to Hodapp's Wish List

    Someone replied to my wish list? I'm touched deeply. "(d) There's not really anything I can do about the menu.... So it'll just have to stay ugly." I suppose the menu in some WADs also don't work with any ports. I might as well just make patches myself that fix the menu graphics in some of that stuff, as long as the authors don't kill me. Can you AT LEAST shove the Features item down at the bottom or something? It just looks so ugly nasty blah. "(1) I'm fairly certain Eternity supports specifying the save directory." How? I have tried -savedir as works in BOOM, but it seems to do nothing. "(3) Custom crosshairs are possible, but very low priority." I WANT A DOT! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah "(4) Antialiasing is a complicated mathematical operation that really needs hardware support to be efficient. Also, while it would probably be a fairly simple operation on flat graphics, which are planar and unmasked, DOOM textures are stored in the complicated column-post format and have masking, multiple patches, etc. This would make it a special kind of nightmare in software." Fiiiiiiiiine... Actually I would almost prefer a few jagged edges over graphics that are a bit blurry and slow. Antialiasing sometimes seems to me just to make things less clear, and things just look sharper when unaliased. If I compare, for example, Vavoom and Eternity, Eternity just looks so much sharper and clearer. "(5) Extended height checking -- Joel Murdoch was supposed to send me some code that addressed this, but he seems to have disappeared as of late and hasn't mentioned that code in a long time. Joel, if you're out there, I'm still interested ^_^" My main issue with this is when there's some kind of pit or large drop with monsters in it, and you're on top, and you can't move on top of a monster even if you're 156,000 units above their head. Also with cacodemons, and you can't walk under them regardless of how high they are. "3D floors -- I'm not interested in that; its too ad-hoc in DOOM." Yes, I suppose... few levels use it. How many variations of this are there again? "Decals -- unlikely, as I think they're not very realistic (ie, rocket explosion damage that magically fixes itself later)" Leave it to the BUILD engine. Junk: "(1) Eternity will have its own DDF-like feature, EDF. I don't think its a waste of time, as it'll enable a lot of new, powerful editing features." That's why I said I thought DDF support was _useless_. In response to your third thread: "(1) Save game name replacement issue -- would be difficult to fix due to the way the menu code works in general. I'll take a look at it though." I don't see how hard it exactly would be, then again I don't know... "(2) Extra info in save games is not a terrible idea, but I'm not hot on the mini-screenshot idea -- for one, the space requirements are too high, IMO, and I don't want to have to compress the save files." I'm not too hot on the mini-screenshots either, I was just wondering which game I used to play that had them.
  7. Hodapp87

    Alternatives to y-shearing?

    Someone mentioned that y-shearing was really bad for whatever reason (I'm guessing distortion is one) and all that stuff about using tangents instead of degrees, causing problems with the crosshair abd aiming with the mouse. If I understand right, y-shearing basically tranlates the viewpoint up and down instead of actually rotating up or down. I have noticed that distortion is very evident in ZDoom because you can mlook farther up and down; squares start to become parallelograms with smaller angles, and you can see things morphing in and out of the distorted shape if you move left and right. I am wondering simply, what alternatives to y-shearing are there? The only one I know of is GL up\down but since that would involve some ridiculous code changes and basically an overhaul of the entire engine (and don't levels need to be broken down into polygons and vis data for GL, which can be very slow?), I think that's out of the question.
  8. Hodapp87

    'Obituary' WAD doesn't work

    For whatever reason, the WAD Obituary by TiC doesn't work. I didn't want to mess with merging stuff with my IWAD at first, and I knew basically no source ports reguire you to add sprites and flats, so I simply added in all the files. When I would attempt to start a game, I would get "Not a level: F_END". If I did 'MAP MAP01' it would start okay. If I merged the PWAD with the IWAD as it said to do, it would still do that as well as bomb to DOS if I triee starting MAP01 manually. With BOOM, and I'm guessing many other engines, it works fine. Using NWT, I looked at the PWAD with levels in it, and it seemed to be a bit fragmented or something - there was a block of data under nothing, then MAP03, and more data, and so on. I think this is caused by Eternity's insistence to start at whatever levels are replaced... but where did F_END come in? Considering the hundreds of WADs I have played with Eternity without any trouble, I think I can say this isn't a bug the Eternity engine, but rather in Obituary. Does anyone know any quick remedies to this? I would almost accept "Obituary is a piece of shit, why do you bother playing it" if anyone thinks it is really that bad.
  9. Hodapp87

    Revised list of gripes

    "Oh, and I think you'll find the AV menu graphics don't work properly, because AV does the exact same thing as HR2 :)" AV works fine for me...? Somehow, I forgot these: * It gets a bit annoying to have the name of your saved game cleared when you save it... Could you change that? * Also, could you put some information near each saved game, such as what level and what WAD, and maybe what time you saved it at (whether how much time elapsed or the time of day)? If you have a lot of saved games, this can be very useful. [that reminds me, what was that game that had reduced screenshots that appeared at whatever saved game the cursor was on? Was that ROTT? DN3D? Descent?] * Add in options for -left and -right once the multiplayer thing is up and running... as in the feature DOOM used to have and that Legacy has, though my PC doesn't like Legacy... PLEASE?!?!?!?! * Is support for 16-bit and 24-bit color in the works anywhere? Just wondering... might that be easier than palettes, and allow better graphics? And THEN we can brag to ZDoom people that we have beautiful illustrious sparkly high color while they're stuck with lousy crappy 8-bit? * What about support for 2 mice? Seems like it would be harder under Windoze, but Legacy does it fairly well with both DOS and Windows. My main idea was one mouse for aiming all around the screen, turning, firing, and moving forward (and backward if you have 3 buttons), with the other mouse for strafing and moving with analog control, which is just so nice for precision. * What about an option for arcade mode? Sephiroth (I think that's how it's spelled) professed his want for a DOOM-only arcade machine. Maybe this will satisfy him. That is part of why I want the -left and -right options. Have the 2 trackballs and a few keys for firing and changing weapons, as well as several lives in place of the ability to save games (award points for beating levels according to how high it is, award something based on an enemy's hitpoints when you kill them, and dish out lives every XX points), and maybe a time limit. That would be simple enough for most people... and cheap. * LINUX SUPPORT! <ducks as someone throws a copy of the source code at him>
  10. Hodapp87

    Revised list of gripes

    (c) HACX, Twice Risen, AV, and a number of other WADs that change the menu do perfectly well with it, despite the Features item sticking out... what did HR2 do differently? (e) Oh well, it just makes more sense to use a cursor on the side instead... (2) Letterboxed resolution is okay for me at the moment. I suppose generalized drawing code might need a fix eventually... (3) Whatever... (4) I don't think it would be too hard or slow to lightly antialias the edges of walls and floors... I'm not talking about antialiasing all the graphics. (5,6) Maybe this will all be easier once world peace has been established.
  11. Hodapp87

    Revised list of gripes

    (a) If I have The Ultimate DOOM loaded, but nothing else, I can select an episode. If I have any add-on loaded with it, levels or otherwise, the menu to select an episode never appears - it just starts at E1M1 or the first level that has been replaced. I believe Quasar said this was a known problem and he would have it fixed in the next release, so I don't know we're doing differently. (b) "I worked out 1/4 unused 4:3=16:12 16:9 16:12 9/12 = 3/4 = Size of letterbox in pan and scan (ugly ugly ugly) format." I don't think everything is toooooooooooo messed-up. I have looked in SMMU with letterboxed 640x480 and it is visibly somewhat distorted, but everything looks okay. Something like, say, 360x480 might have a few problems though. Where did you get 16:9? Eternity runs in 320x200 and 640x400, correct? 320x200 or 640x400 = 32:20 = 16:10, not 16:9. 4:3 (320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, etc.) = 16:12. (16/12)/(16/10) = .833_ = 5/6 = 1/6 unused. For another example, suppose you letterbox 640x480 to 640x400. That leaves 80 horizontal lines unused. 80/480 = 1/6. Or suppose you letterbox 800x600 to a 16:10 resolution of 800x500. That leaves 100 horizontal lines unused. 100/600 = 1/6. Or suppose you... yeah you get the point. It obviously won't work with 1280x1024 though (5:4). Okay? I'm pretty sure I'm correct. I don't know where you got 16:9 because it does not run in 320x180 or 640x360.
  12. Hodapp87

    Revised list of gripes

    The revised gripes I have about Eternity engine: (a) The thing with the crosshair and not aiming right and all that... (b) Not being able to select an episode when add-ons are used with the Ultimate DOOM. (c) The menu is very messed-up with some WADs. WADs like HACX work just fine with the menu... why is it so FUBAR with HR2? (d) The 'Features' menu item sticks out in a nasty way in WADs that change menu graphics. (e) In the Options menu, you can't see which item is selected when some WADs that change fonts are loaded (such as HACX or Hell Revealed 2). When I look at some of these problems...well, most of these problems... OkAy, ALL of these problems... they're in the SMMU engine as well. What I see as the simplest solution: (a) As I probably have said before and everyone has read, adjust the crosshair slightly according to how far up\down you aim. (b) As you have it now, it is very handy to have the game start on any levels that were changed automatically. Could you simply enable the episode selection menu regardless of if a PWAD is loaded or not? If only a single level is replaced, add on option to start there too? (c) I don't know, is it even your fault that HR2's menu doesn't work right? (d) Put the 'Features' item elsewhere... I just don't know a suitable 'elsewhere' except the Options menu, but they're Features, not Options! Bleah. (e) Use some kind of cursor to the side instead, or a font that WADs can't modify. Junk I want to see: (1) An option to specify saved game directory, like -savedir in BOOM? (2) High(er) resolution, even if letterboxed. It doesn't look too disgusting to me considering the wrong aspect ratio. Could you use the extra (ypixels/12) pixels on the top and bottom for stuff like the status bar, moved down, and a mini-console? Rotating automap? Timer? Various level stats? FPS meter? Any random gadget I can conceive? You've got exactly 1/6th of the screen area unused if you letterbox a 4:3 resolution - you might as well use the unused space. (3) Customisable crosshairs? (4) Some light antialiasing at the edges of walls and flats. There's no point in antialiasing the entire view when the only things that look really jagged are the edges of things... (5) Height checking, 3D floors, or flattened sprites? Some are a bit useless, but some might be good. Many engines have height checking, some have 3D floors but mostly incompatible variants of it, and I don't know any with flattened sprites. And I suppose the only use I can think of for flattened sprites is to simulate 3D floors. Can't you already simulate a lot of the simpler functions of 3D floors, such as spiral staircases, even if not totally solid, or the bridge on the start map that leads to nightmare mode? Whatever... the only engine with room-over-room that doesn't crash on my box is rorDOOM, based on BOOM and now abandoned, but I think with source out. I guess a lot of engines with 3D floors have source out - i.e. Vavoom, DOSDoom, maybe EDGE, maybe Legacy. Wow, I guess I'll shut up now. (6) A compatible interface among _all_ the engines besides the DOOM\BOOM interface, though World Peace is slightly more likely to happen. Whatever, Eternity supports BOOM, SMMU, MBF, and some ZDoom stuff, which is good enough for me. I guess what I meant was the elimination of requiring a certain engine for a certain WAD, aside from maybe BOOM. Junk I see as pointless: (1) DDF support... sorry Railgunner... leave that to EDGE (2) Support for MD2 models... it's just not DOOMish enough. (3) Other ridiculous visual and graphical stuff. That's what Vavoom and JDoom are for, or any engines that have 'GL' in their name. Also, I don't believe most levels were designed mith a lot of those features in mind. Because I could only think of 5 gripes about the engine, I'll have to make up for it with stupid questions: -What objectives or focuses did you have in mind with the Eternity engine? -What is currently in plan for the future, besides ExtraData, EDF, and whatever? -What is this 'polyobjects' thing mentioned as a long term goal? -Considering how long it has been available, why have I only recently heard about it or seen it on DoomWorld's source port page? -What are some examples of the use of fragglescript? -What are some potential uses of ExtraData and EDF? Well I suppose you already said EDF was for adding items...
  13. Hodapp87

    A new course for GIjOE TC.

    Could I bug you into making it for Eternity, or something similar that supports allies, so that it's more realistic than one man fighting an entire side of a war?
  14. Around 4 years ago, I found a 9-level WAD from some Ultra DOOM CD which basically had lots of DOOM crap, called the Apocalypse Project, by Daniel Hornbaker. (originally I had to play all the levels using a shareware DOOM EXE with the WAD from Chex Quest, which was awful, but that's another story... but I think it was still rather stupid to have the full version of DOOM on that CD with 5 levels and all the textures changed. Is that even legal?) I played through it and I thought some of the levels were pretty spectacular. However, there were a lot of minor details and errors present, mainly mismatched textures. Also, E1M9 bombs to DOS on BOOM, Eternity, ZDoom, whatever, when you get to a certain point in the level, though it works okay with normal DOOM (I think.....) A few years ago, I also started to mess with the WAD a little bit on my own... I tried to fix it up a bit, and I added some start and intermission screens. Right now it's floating around in the bit bucket because the hard drive crashed where I had all my work. So, I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else had played this WAD... Anyway, the file is at: ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/levels/doom/a-c/apocalyp.zip
  15. Hodapp87

    I almost died again

    Toby? Remember me? My Crazy World BBS in Dayton, Ohio? Didn't think so. But I got bored and played your Oremor WAD.