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  1. Sometimes my edited weapon sprites won't show up, the changes that is. I changed the chaingun sprite to a edited ripper sprite from DN3d, its in png format. i give it the correct name (CHGGA0, etc) then i save my wad. When i play my wad the sprite looks like the normal Doom chaingun. This happens with other weapon sprites i edit too. Whats going on?
  2. Sonic SG

    Skulltag port forward problem.

    I still see some SkullTag servers in IDE. I heard Zandronum now has a master server and skulltag servers are migrating over to it. So is there anything extra i have to do to get my Server up on there master server list? Or should i wait until more work on Zandronum is established?
  3. Sonic SG

    Skulltag port forward problem.

    No there not on my LAN. External IP? How would i go about finding that?
  4. Sonic SG

    Skulltag port forward problem.

    I'm having some issues with getting my ports opened on Skulltag I managed to forward port 10666 (skulltags server port)and then i create my server but it won't appear when i refresh the IDE server list unless i check "show on my network" which means its LAN. My friends can't find it on the IDE server list either. I'm hosting on a windows XP i have and i put in its IP Adress I got the IP Address from Ipconfig What could be wrong? Why is my server not showing up on the server list?
  5. Sonic SG

    Doom 2 XBLA Sound font Patches for skulltag?

    hey thanks for the doom and doom 2 xbla slowed down midis
  6. Sonic SG

    Doom 2 XBLA Sound font Patches for skulltag?

    i found a gus patch told timidity++ to use it and now i have doom 2 xbla sounding muic for skulltag! while i'm on the subject..would anyone happen to know ifs its possible to slow the mus playback down to how doom 2 xbla had it?
  7. After installing Timidity and playing around with skulltags feutre to use it to play back midis with difrent soundfont.i read that someone over at the skulltag fourms got Doom 2 XBLA sounding music working. since i personally find the music in Doom 2 XBLA sounding better the the original midi i'm wondering if anyone has those same patches,sf2 soundfont files (or at least knows what the patches names are) etc to get it working with timidty
  8. Sonic SG

    Text screen editor?

    this may be a very noobish question to ask but i have searched around the net a bit with no results. does anyone know any good text screen editors that edit the text screens at the end of a doom episode or before certain levels in doom 2 (more specifically i'm looking one that work for doom 2)
  9. Sonic SG

    Doom SNES music wad

    i created this in my spare time using SLumpED it replaces regular doom music with music from the snes port of doom at the moment only knee deep in the dead is done but if i feel there is some interest in it or i feel like working on it again i will do the other chapters as well. download it here EDIT: thank you Mr. Chris for letting me know about the snes music for central processing. wad link updated. http://www.mediafire.com/?xy60q7xuxn060le please note that level Central processing was not in the SNES version of doom thus it is set to use level 1's music enjoy guys
  10. Sonic SG

    Music Wad...

    great music mod man the 3do version had some pretty neat remixes