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  1. I'll hopefully have a revamped version of my map up over the weekend.
  2. If we use any of the custom monsters/weapons, do we have to actually merge the wad into ours, or is that taken care of when they are merged into the megawad?
  3. Glad you enjoyed it! The whole 'you murdered Grandma' thing is a joke - your 'crime' actually changes depending on the difficulty level being played. :)
  4. Watched MegaBlast's vod - I think I need to tune some of the encounters in my map to be less tedious. Also, is there any way to make moving floors silent besides putting a silent sound in the wad?
  5. Drunken Chessboard by X-Ray Before that, I actually originally wanted a MIDI cover of Hallowed Be Thy Name. But then I realized that was very likely a no-no. :)
  6. If anyone has any custom music suggestions for my map (GPOLE, map 07), I'm all ears. I had one song in mind but couldn't find contact info for the author to get permission. 😞
  7. Yup, I figured that ammo would probably be an issue, especially on the last wave! I think I might trim down the number of knights on the last wave and make another, or merge them into an already existing one.
  8. Here's my submission, The Gallow's Pole. This is a little simpler than most of the other submissions, but this was my first time working with anything more advanced than vanilla. I feel the difficulty may need to be tweaked somewhat. P.S. Try playing on different difficulty levels to see your various sins. :)
  9. I was also going to suggest an AD-style hub.
  10. Realistically, how many players should we keep in mind for co-op?
  11. Sweet. Put me down for the theme 'An Execution'. EDIT: Have some shots of a sketch of a map after a couple hours work
  12. Are there any slots still open? I have a cool idea that fits the theme.
  13. Rolpa

    1993: Has anyone tried playing Doom yet?

    Same exact thing happened to me...
  14. Rolpa

    Top Down Camera Issues?

    Hello everyone, I am trying to use ACS to create a top-down camera similar to the one seen in the game MageSlayer. I found a third person camera tutorial on the Zdoom wiki, and have modified the code in such a way to get a top-down view. I have the camera above the player, and it looks downwards upon the player. However, I have run into a few problems. The first problem I have is a sprite clipping/billboarding issue. The player sprite does not show up on-screen unless it jumps, or if the camera is blocked by something (which is my next issue.) I have sprite clipping set to xy in my prefernces, and all other sprites (monsters, weapons, etc.) clip properly. The other issue I have is that the camera will stop following the player under certain conditions. If the player jumps, the camera stops following. The camera also collides with any low hanging ceilings it runs into, despite it's DECORATE actor having the NOCLIP flag. Once I have dealt with these two issues, this should work without a hitch. I hope you guys can help. The actual script (note I am using GZDoom, hence 0.25 for the camera's pitch): //Top Down Camera Script //Modified from the the third person camera script by solarsnowfall #include "zcommon.acs" #define C_TID 1000 //Default camera tid #define MAX_R 128 //Maximum radius (or distance from the player) #define ADJUST_R 8 //Amount to adjust the camera by #define VIEW_HEIGHT 496.0 //The approximate hight of the player's view #define CAMERA_ANGLE 0.25 bool cam_mode[8]; //Variable for turning the camera on or off. Script 1 ENTER { cam_mode[PlayerNumber ()] = ON; ACS_ExecuteAlways (3, 0, PlayerNumber ()); } Script 2 RESPAWN { cam_mode[PlayerNumber ()] = ON; ACS_ExecuteAlways (3, 0, PlayerNumber ()); } Script 3 (int p_num) { int r = MAX_R; while (cam_mode[p_num] == ON) { int a = CAMERA_ANGLE; //So the camera doesn't turn with the player. int p = 0.25; //The camera's pitch is 90 degrees down. int x = GetActorX (0); int y = GetActorY (0); int z = GetActorZ (0) + VIEW_HEIGHT; int xyr = r * cos (p) >> 16; if (!ThingCountName ("ChaseCam", C_TID+p_num)) { while (!Spawn ("ChaseCam", x-cos(a)*xyr, y-sin(a)*xyr, z+sin(p)*r, C_TID+p_num, a >> 8) && r > 0) { r -= ADJUST_R; xyr = cos (p) * r >> 16; } if (ThingCountName ("ChaseCam", C_TID + p_num)) ChangeCamera (C_TID + p_num, 0, 0); else { cam_mode[p_num] = OFF; print (s:"Camera script failed to initialize."); } } else { while (!SetActorPosition (C_TID+p_num, x-cos(a)*xyr, y-sin(a)*xyr, z+sin(p)*r, 0) && r > 0) { r -= ADJUST_R; xyr = cos (p) * r >> 16; } SetActorAngle (C_TID + p_num, a); SetActorPitch (C_TID + p_num, p); if (r < MAX_R) r += ADJUST_R; } delay (1); } } Script 4 DEATH { cam_mode[PlayerNumber ()] = OFF; Thing_Remove (C_TID + PlayerNumber ()); } Script 5 (int p_num) DISCONNECT { cam_mode[p_num] = OFF; Thing_Remove (C_TID + p_num); } And the Decorate: actor ChaseCam { height 16 radius 8 +NOGRAVITY +NOBLOCKMAP +NOCLIP states { Spawn: TNT1 A -1 stop } }