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  1. Furries make Doom crash!

    /me hits use3d wit WinME Box WinMe Is The Best Things Since SLiced Bread !! havent had a problem ever, WAAAAAAAAAY more stable then win98 dont start a flame war now :)
  2. Your ZdoomGL wish list.

    alrighty then :D
  3. HTML Work

    not that kinda of help :) but was very helpful site
  4. HTML Work

    Hello People Im Making A Megawad Review Site And Im Horrible At Html, You Guys Have Awesome Sites With Nice Graphics And Stuff Well... I Was Thinking That Maybe Out Of Your Time Dooming And So Could Some One Help Me Out A Bit?? Or Even Make A Site Template Or Even Better, The Whole Site No, I Cant Give You Guy Anything In Return Unless You Wanna Be The Co-Webmaster 1 Or 2 Peeps Max Please
  5. This game kicks ass

    yaa :) what you guys smokin there the same
  6. This game kicks ass

    Hexen is Cool Too But Its More Melee :S Its What, 30 or 40 maps ? Plus its mission pack i have it but dont play it, its to hard for me :)
  7. doom2 GBA

    Yes Everything Is There :)
  8. Captain reds Doom 64 Adventure!

    the 3 atrifacts or for closing the doors so the demons dont come out at the end, saves ya ammo :)
  9. Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    Call It, "Anarki Base" or "Metalic Mennis" or even " Toxio Green" Just Suggestions :)
  10. Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    hehe :) how about that maybe cadman contacted you telepathicly :D
  11. Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    agreed :) cant wait either EDIT and i made the first post on page 8 :D
  12. This game kicks ass

    Alien Vendetta Is Very Good Http://Sparky.suhost.com/doom/wads/doom2/sp_wads/av.zip And Icarus Http://Sparky.suhost.com/doom/wads/doom2/sp_wads/icarus.zip
  13. Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    Just To Point Out That The Name Of MAP 23 By Sphagne "The Living End" Has Already Been Taken By Doom2 Map 29 HEHE :D
  14. Looking forward to Community Chest Megawad?

    cant wait for this to get done :D just itching tp play some :)