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  1. Armaetus

    Megalyth Brendt Pantley R.I.P

    Oh shit, this is most unexpected. You have my condolences, though I did not know him that well but he has been a longtime member of the Doom community. RIP.
  2. We'll miss you, dude. I may not have known you that well but rest well.

  3. As others said, replace them with another zombie type, a burst fire weapon instead of a slower chaingunner firing rate. Faster than chaingunner but keeping the same spread it has, could be a good mid level zombie between sergeant and chaingunner.
  4. Seeing the map set title name, you don't happen to be a Morbid Angel fan, are you OP?
  5. Not exactly one of my best works but I did want to make a literal Tower of Babel as seen from the intermission screen. Appreciate the criticism, wasn't too sure how to proceed on progression when ascending. Not so sure how I will do fight progression if I ever redo this sort of experiment again. I have better maps at my disposal in my "About" section of my profile, however. :)
  6. Armaetus

    Dead Space Remake Confirmed---Currently in Production

    Excited, will keep an eye out for this.
  7. image.png.517b1855b7082a272813dfc433acbabc.png
    Been playing so much since Sept '19, though got game in Nov '17.

  8. Armaetus

    What Are We Drinking?

    At the moment? Regular Monster (16 fl oz) as well as a nice big jug of water on the side. Probably some Mug root beer later and/oor some of the V8 black cherry energy drinks (8 fl oz cans)
  9. Oh, a clickbait type thumbnail. I wouldn't even bother watching something if I cannot take the thumbnail seriously in many cases. More exposure for Doom to likely a younger 20s crowd, maybe younger than that. Even if 2 out of 10 play and stick around in the community, I consider that a good gain.
  10. Armaetus

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Sounds like a quote from a video game, anime or manga.
  11. Armaetus

    Heavy Metal

    Dear oh dear oh dear, where do I start? My preferences are Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal and some Heavy Metal. Given I have over 100 GB of music and at least 90% of it is metal, that is something there. Below is a smaller listing of what I have on disk and are more listened to. Black Metal, where everyone thinks it's straight up screeching (mostly true) but there's some using a slightly more audible voice. Death Metal. The 'melodic' subgenre is a big part in my collection.. Doom Metal. Plenty in this category, including a lot of Funeral Doom.. Heavy and Thrash. This is getting long enough so I am sticking both genres here. Uncategorized/Non-metal. Just felt like listing these.
  12. I prefer each level have a different song, given using OBSIDIAN's music randomizer to use lumps in a music WAD replacing everything and mixing everything around, I'd rather not run into that time a following level uses the same music again. This also applies to user made maps, especially megawads, episodic or multi-map releases. Variety is the spice of life, after all.
  13. Armaetus

    Doom's soundtrack and Youtube Copyright

    There was this one time years and years ago on my channel that a segment of someone's cover of E1M6 during gameplay I got some claim that that bit was by some Jazz or Blues Rock tune from the 60s or 70s. I supplied adequate evidence and the claim was rescinded. Like Doomkid said, YouTube needs to add that fifth option in response "This claim is fraudulent and the entity does not own the rights to this content."
  14. Armaetus

    DOOM's music remastered in OPL3

    That E1M1 OPL2 vs. OPL3 of yours is night and day comparing to the original.
  15. Well shit, that's definitely one of my oldest mods on /idgames/. 22 years now! My maps were more entertaining back then, even the pre-00 or pre-2010 maps which were under alias "Mr. Chris"