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  1. Armaetus

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    Too close to Vavoom.
  2. Armaetus

    Interest in mapping tutorials?

    Definitely could use a new round of tutorial videos, as Chubz's videos are a bit aged at this point.
  3. Armaetus

    Do's and Don't's when making your first WAD

    If you're going to add music, please use a smaller music format such as .XM, .IT, MIDI or MUS! You don't know how annoying it is for some people to see a 20 MB download to see it's a 150 KB map and a 19 MB MP3/OGG music track bloating the WAD file.
  4. Armaetus

    PSX Doom themed wads?

    I know they're not user made levels but they have user made assets that make up the level bits, but ObAddon (for OBLIGE) added PSX Doom/Doom 64 style colored dynamic lighting not long ago. If you're looking for something completely random and new and want to burn some time, try this.
  5. Armaetus

    "weapon reskin" mod?

    If it's just the stock weapons: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=32628
  6. Armaetus

    idgames Archive 2019-07-01

    Oh, it's the zip files and such. If it was the wad and text files, it would.
  7. Armaetus

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    Theta? Epsilon?
  8. Armaetus

    idgames Archive 2019-07-01

    How much space would have been saved if you used 7Z instead of ZIP?
  9. Armaetus

    Hey a beta for Black Mesa Xen is out

    Xen was my least favorite place in Half-Life.
  10. Armaetus

    SIGIL James Paddock MIDI Remasters WADS

    Do you know what's being used? If it's just a rerender with another soundfont, it should just be renamed from "Remaster" to "Rerender" or "supermarioultra's SIGIL tracks"
  11. Armaetus

    SIGIL James Paddock MIDI Remasters WADS

    Compressing it to OGG would reduce the audio file sizes six to tenfold, depending on quality chosen. Something like that.
  12. Armaetus

    SIGIL James Paddock MIDI Remasters WADS

    Why is the music in waveform format? Why not use high bitrate MP3 or OGG? This is what is bloating the filesize into the hundreds of megabytes.
  13. Sunder MAP10 (The Hags Finger)
  14. I didn't have much interest for Ion Maiden but Iron Maiden themselves got put on my shitlist. Stop fucking with the little guy.
  15. Armaetus

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    Oh, I forgot this one: Intro, intermission or ending cutscenes/credits using some semi or licensed music track which completely fucks up Let's Players when recording the game.