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  1. http://youtu.be/1snCRIl16ks

    How. Fucking. Dare you.

    Bethesda, how dare you make Id butcher their game like this for the secret levels in Doom 2 and fucked up Doom 3 by making it easier with more ammo, reducing FOV to 60, making it brighter and making the flashlight an attachment to the armor the PC wears.

    I may not have purchased this inferior product but I have the original Doom 3 and Doom games, which the latter was severely hampered but I have read on the Bethsoft BFG Edition subforum and Steam subforum for Doom series. First of all, modding is impossible with the included Doom 3 version due to running on Id Tech 5 (Rage's engine) and not Id Tech 4, next you have changes that should have been left alone, such as Sarge's texture changed but the comm videos were not. You also have it stuck to 60 FOV instead of a normal 90 in the original, which is an obvious consolization tweak and narrow field of view. Ammo is also more plentiful and it is brighter thanks to console command r_overbright 2 (default is 1 in D3). All these changes to Doom 3 make it more like an action game instead of a horror shooter like the back of the original game's back of box mentions!

    Now to what is wrong with the classic games, they put back in the random pitch variations from Doom v1.1 which I don't think you can turn off and are highly annoying, the menu is clunky and ugly since they did some changes to it, stimpacks and medikits have a pill icon and not a cross thanks to Red Cross being a bunch of babies whining about the use of the cross icon. The most significant change is to the Doom 2 secret levels, all of the Nazi/Hitler pictures on the walls were removed from the walls, the level's musics and level names were changed (IDKFA and Keen respectively) and there's no SS soldiers, they were replaced by easy zombiemen, both in game and in the Doom2 data file. You'd think they'd only censor it only for Germany, right? Wrong, it's censored internationally!

    For people new to Doom, I highly advise buying the original classics off Steam for $9.99 each while they are still available, because you cannot purchase original Doom 3 on there, it's either this inferior BFG Edition or the Id Superpack for $99.99.

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    2. hex11


      This reminds me of the time D&D 3e came out and everyone was up in arms because they redically changed the game (well compared to how relatively compatible the older editions were amongst themselves), and the old version went out of print. Eventually they sold PDF versions of the older editions, but those too stopped being available, around the time D&D 4e came out. Then a bunch of the 3e fanbois who were laughing at the old edition fanbois got pissed off when 4e came out and made their massive investment of books and supplements obsolete. And I'm sure the same pattern will repeat again and again...

      But, some of the older fans said the hell with all this crazy shit and started making their own versions of the game, based on the spirit of their prefered ruleset (not identical copies, but let's say 99% compatible). It's a bit like Freedoom and other projects like that. At some point the game companies are going to leave you high and dry, and it's up to you to pick up the ball. Well the thing is those companies aren't even the same ones that created the game in question, the IP having been sold (sometimes several times over the years) and most or all of the original developers long gone. At some point you have to realize and accept that those companies aren't relevant anymore, and it's not worth caring about what they do.

    3. Dragonsbrethren


      DoomUK said:

      fuck it, I might as well post a picture of a badger instead:-

      This is the best response to anything ever.

    4. Vile


      I bought the 360 version since I hadn't played it in a while and my PC at the time wasn't fast enough to run it at an entirely enjoyable frame-rate. I'm having an easy time on Veteran but it's still a fun shooter to me.

      I did notice one bug that may be new and I am not sure if it is related to the changed FOV. If I back up against a flat wall, facing away, then look straight up, I can see outside the map. It's as if I can peek into the negative space between areas. :p