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  1. Yea, I had a scuffle with some asshole on Youtube flagging a video simply because they do not like it and I argued how they would feel being false flagged themselves (a measly 3 videos). However I got a reply saying they would do the same to me, despite I did not stoop to their low level of idiocy.

    I doubt this person has the time to try and fake flag over 680 videos.

    What exactly could I do if I have some videos removed from fake flagging despite none violate the rules of Youtube?

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    2. Coopersville


      If they have people to check the legitimacy of videos that go over 299 views, I think they'd have people who investigate reports.

    3. StevieWolfe


      This sort of thing happens on YouTube thousands of times a day my friend...

    4. exp(x)


      Quasar said:

      Yeah Google only makes billions a year but, poor babies, they can't afford real customer support.

      Since when were YouTube users customers?