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    Let me tell you how I don't like Brutal Doom

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  1. I love how anons just 0 rate my works simply because I am associated with being a Brutal Doom user, well not as often as I used to be.

    If you're gonna 0 star it, at least write why it is and not some cop-out "This is shit" and no further detail.


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    2. Krispy


      If that was your title I'm sure they'd leave you alone.

    3. printz


      Too bad SMIV was banned from his home forums (ZDoom) because of people being sensitive. I thought the double-monitor would give you enough shield against someone's malice.

      Seriously, I've never played Brutal Doom, but the people who make drama out of it and judge people based on it are the worst no-life offenders (or alternatively, kids/teenagers who don't know better yet. Youth…).

      Mr. Chris said:

      They probably don't, they probably think I'm some SgtMarkIV dick sucking fanboy or some shit like that.

      Seriously, they should lighten up.

    4. Armaetus


      I don't support Brutal Doom as much as I once have, some of the new things added are unnecessary and move further away from Doom's gameplay.