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  1. I can say I am no longer a virgin to pot now, I'm not that high but it was a nice experience to smoke a little bit with one of my brothers who I found smokes it.

    ITT: Against rules to post that I first tried it?

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    2. Krispy


      I did a marijuana once. But then I heard one kid died from taking two marijuanas so I stopped.

    3. TwinBeast


      I agree, games are pretty awesome when high. One time I got high and was trying Day of Defeat the first time, and it was so awesome that I didn't even get out of the room I spawned into, and had to run out of the real life room and house.

      Later on I've updated my bravery points and have managed to play scary games while high without having to run out of the house.

    4. Coopersville


      Welcome to the club.

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