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  1. Yep, you know who I am speaking of. I answered some of his questions on my videos in the past but I really don't care to answer anymore and am getting annoyed. He even tweeted to me asking the same goddamn things.

    I am contemplating two options: 1) Removing his stupid "What do you think of XYZ WAD(s)" comments not relevant to the video posted on or blocking him entirely.

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    2. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Stupid question, but is BDL his real name? Not that I think it is, but given there was a rather BDL-ish post in the shitbook group earlier, I can't help but wonder :P

    3. dew


      This and this predate his rise (in notoriety) in the Doom community and you know it's him. It just has to be. It's one step away from asking the guy to rate this month's weather.

    4. Blastfrog


      dew said:

      You mean like he was repeatedly "silently blocked" from this humble place of congregation and totally called it a day after realizing the folly of his ways? Just ask kmx for a few ladespotting stories, heh.

      Heh, well, I'm not that familiar with Mr. Delayed. Even as dumb and persistent that this guy is, are you certain he'd want to go through the trouble of setting up new YouTube accounts (a far more intensive procedure than in years past)?

      As long as he's blocked from the channel with no responses toward his crap, I can't imagine anybody trying more than 10 times. AFAIK, YouTube does not indicate to users when they've been blocked and will still let them post, but those posts won't be visible to anyone else. As long as they don't investigate, they might just think that nobody bothers to interact with them.