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  1. I am done with Brutal Doom, after supporting it since 0.7. Got tired of editing all the unbalancing crap with each version and having all the feature creep and the controversy with the N word comment in the older version as well as Mark telling a suicidal person to off themself (if this is verifiable)

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    2. dg93


      I can careless about the controversies about some of SGTMarkIV's actions. I'm not really that crazy over Brutal Doom anymore. He should have just stopped at version .17 in my opinion. In regard to your youtube channel, I think you made the right decision to deviate away from Brutal Doom. There are plenty of other mods on the internet that have smooth weapon animations and other neat modifications to the gameplay.

    3. StevieWolfe


      My main problem with BD is him constantly adding more stuff to unbalance the gameplay. He's made DoomGuy basically invincible with overpowered you are. To try and counter that all he did was make enemies deal absolutely retarded levels of damange, regardless of what class they are. That doesn't really feel too great to play and doesn't even make a whole lot of sense. There are a few mods that do well to make use of the stuff he's implemented (I've seen a couple of Duke themed mods that looked fucking excellent), but on its own...its just weak.

      I don't really care that he said what he said to one kid about suicide only because I'm honestly not all that surprised someone with a literal gore fetish would say some highly off the wall shit. Look at what he devoted the majority of his time to, not DooM itself, but pretty much doing everything he could to make an already bloody game bloodier than fucking hell and using actual images of gore and shit to do so. That means that he spent time scouring the internet and medical sites for pictures of really messed up injuries and stuff just to make some extra sprites, stuff that would normally...make me puke my own guts out. Obviously someone in that shape's got a few too many of their own issues so sympathy to another person's problems really isn't going to his strong point. We've all made gory maps before, not slighting anyone at all for that in and of itself (I know I've done it), but for Mark I really don't think he made BD just to make a super bloody mod...he just has always seemed the type to dwell on fucked up stuff like that and made it as somewhat of an outlet so he didn't have to constantly internalize it anymore. And there's my armchair psychology moment for the day.

      The most annoying bug I encounter with the mod, which I've never seen him fix, is this bug where you're basically stuck and cannot move until you've burnt through certain ammo. Example, I started E1M2 and couldn't move right after I spawned into the map. I had to literally burn through all of my bullet ammo and the enigmatically I could move again. I seriously don't even get what would cause that, but since the first version I played of this thing (V16) its been there and its never been fixed and it just seems to happen completely at random during a level start. Shit that is annoying and seriously fuck up a gameplay session.

    4. sheridan


      zap610 said:

      If anything, the biggest issue for me with bd is using actual pictures of gore for his sprites. That's tasteless and disrespectful.

      Didn't Kevin Cloud use a picture of his own bloody knee for one of the textures in Doom?

      In fact, a huge amount of the gore in Doom also stemmed from Adrian Carmack's past working as a photo copier in an ER room, where he got to see all kinds of awful injuries.

      Really, the more you think of it the more you realize that using pictures of real gore and stuff is pretty common practice when creating gore in video games. At the very least, I know for a fact that the creators of Dead Space studied photos of the victims of car crashes in detail to create all of the gore in their game. You could argue it's disrespectful if the end results of such work let anybody recognize the source material (ie you can see XYZ's bloody face that was pulled from this photo of an explosion's aftermath), but merely pulling unidentifiable wounds from photos of carnage, cropping them, downscaling them, and editing them into oblivion can hardly be considered that offensive.

      But then, I don't even know what Mark pulled from or what his end product was, so I guess I can't judge in this particular instance.