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  1. Fuck it.

    Not gonna bother with that certain ModDB page anymore. Too many idiots who blindly defend or indiscriminately attack without good reasons most of the time.

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    2. Phml


      I think Glaice was talking about ModDB, there's no post ratings on ZDoom forums that I can see.

    3. Avoozl


      The problem with ModDB is that you get voted down even for constructive criticism, most likely by idiotic fanboys of whatever game the page is for.

    4. geo


      Glaice said:

      Yea, you guessed right. I put down the very same complaints I wrote down on the ZDoom forum for and overnight it got voted down to -12. lol

      Just like whenever I write a not recommended review on Steam. No matter how valid the points are or even if its a glowing review that I throw in the not recommended section for the laughs, it'll get down voted to oblivion. Then for laughs I flip the not recommended to recommended and watch it skyrocket.