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  1. Plus an edit to it to be more..Doomish even tho Prince also composed Blake Stone's soundtrack as well so I say he got inspiration to make a longer version for Doom.

    Original MIDI (originally IMF) rendered via OGG: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/i52hhiw1q0254cp/Blake_E2M8_Soundalike.ogg - Used Merlin Vienna soundfont through Synthfont

    Edit: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6c6in168zskzbtc/Blake_Stone_E2M8_Soundalike.mid

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    2. Armaetus


      Oops, fixed link in OP.

      Yea, that's the song. I love it.

    3. printz


      I swear I've heard this style of dramatic suspense music elsewhere (and I mean not just Doom). Same I can say about the Doom 2 victory music, it sounds kinda symbolic somehow.

    4. Blastfrog


      I wouldn't be surprised if Prince himself did that track, it's too similar not to be a coincidence. He did work on Blake and even used a finished version of one of Doom's unused songs. If only I could have the original midis of it! Unfortunately, Prince doesn't seem to answer fan mail, much (he might not even be at liberty to release more than he has, given that it was contract work). IMF conversions suck.

      Alright, last post for now, busy with other things for a few weeks.