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  1. When I post in the Doomworld Facebook group, I don't expect irrelevant shitposting in the topic. I'm not asking for one to be 100% in line but don't be posting irrelevant memes or Halo material in a Doom group for the sake of getting reactions of others. It looks immature and childish in my eyes.

    Some joking/funny relevant material can be OK but don't unload crap onto my topic because a select handful (which got shitcanned from the group) did and thought they could get away with it.

    That is what /b/ and other places is for, not the Doomworld FB group.

    ..Maybe I'm just getting too old (lol 33) for the immaturity I saw the other day.

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    2. Coopersville


      My town's mall got a Spencers a few months later and they weren't selling them anymore, and the ones they have on the website look like ass. Shit sucks.

    3. SavageCorona


      I haven't got any Doom related nerd memorabilia :(

    4. Danarchy


      I have a Doom movie poster...one of the ones they actually put up at the theater(made to be put in front of a light board). Movie wasn't that great, but the poster is awesome. I also still have my poster from The Ultimate Doom, though it's in pretty terrible condition.