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  1. lol, Angry Joe is bleeding subscribers. 5,000 in two weeks and ongoing.







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    2. geo


      A lot of Youtubers that have angry content have increasingly toxic fan bases. I can't imagine anyone with 2 million subscribers and nearly a decade of content being doomed.


      So the issue is he's reviewing movies now rather than games? I can imagine a 90 minute movie is easier to do than an 8 - 40 hour game.


      Spoony supposedly has had mental health issues due to the fame, on the plus side he still makes that sweet Patreon money. I'd say he's proof that your fan base never goes away. I never watched him, but he was one of the first to the Youtube game, comedy trough.

    3. Marcaek


      lol, a the majority of a guy's fanbase is supportive and a couple of angry gamers unsub, front page news material

    4. Armaetus


      @Man of Doom They just took a 2 month vacation.