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  1. I demended an explanation on why picklehammer, kinkyfiend and melfice were banned from the forum (Melfice simply stated that the forums were getting boring, and the other two were supporting his claim, then suddenly they went POOF* [banned]. What the fuck, I ask for an explanation niely and I got a snobby reply in both PM and email. Grow the fuck up Mr. Mull, I can't stand people who talk or treat people like that!

    To: [removed]
    Subject: Original email and PM from Phoebus

    Subject: Re: Explain bannage?
    To: Chris Pisarczyk <xxxxxxxx@optonline.net>

    Because they deserved it; it's over and done with and they won't be unbanned.
    Don't bring that back up again.

    --- Chris Pisarczyk <xxxxxxxx@optonline.net> wrote:
    > Can you explain Melfice/picklehammer/kinky's bannage plz?

    the PM to him

    Re: Erm..

    Yeah, you are done.
    And I'm done with your little comments and non-comments. Don't dredge up anything, or question me about any action I take on the forums again, because I'm telling you right now, in case you didn't get it the first time, your next one's going to be your last on these forums.
    No response is necessary, or expected.

    Mr. Chris wrote on July 18th, 2003 08:15 PM:

    I expected a better reply besides "Because they deserved it"

    I'm done

    Here is a parody of the incident a friend did

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    2. toxicfluff


      Ahh right. I see. Well, I stick around at newdoom because there is some pretty decent people there, but wmull is a nazi. You basically cannot say anything at all controversial, and especially about newdoom. I mean, someone was starting a mod (was it you Striker?) and I told them to come and post about it here too because there is more people (which is an absolute fact) and I get a warning email from wmull that it was inappropriate. I was only trying to help the guy publicise his project ffs.

      It's just... ultra-sanitised. Over here there's more bitching and mild flames and stuff, but it often results in humour. Over there, it's squeaky clean, with no real action.

    3. kinkyfriend85


      Yeah legacy sucks with such a ruler

    4. Shaviro


      Way to bump!